Faith in God, what is it. Quotes about faith in God and in man

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Faith in God, what is it. Quotes about faith in God and in man
Faith in God, what is it. Quotes about faith in God and in man

Video: Faith in God, what is it. Quotes about faith in God and in man

Video: Faith in God, what is it. Quotes about faith in God and in man
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Why does a person live? This question worries many. Perhaps every person, sooner or later, is looking for an answer, because he is dissatisfied with real life, wants to change it. But in search of earthly goods, he continues to experience a feeling of dissatisfaction.

What will help satisfy the agonizing thirst when you have to drink the s alt water of worldly life all the time. Only faith in God comes to everyone in a difficult and happy moment. It will help you overcome all life's adversities. Consider in the article quotes about faith. Let's start with this:

Nothing needs a person more than faith. On it depends not only the bliss of the future life, but also the well-being of the present life, and not only the well-being of each of us, but also the well-being of entire societies.

(St. Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow).

In Search of Faith

The great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov claimed:

"A person must be either a believer or a seeker of faith, otherwisethis is an empty person".

His stories clearly reflected the search for a man of his highest destiny, the suffering of conscience, the vague languor of the spirit in an effort to gain true faith in God. Here is what the younger brother of the writer MP Chekhov writes in his memoirs:

…he didn’t spend a single Easter night in bed and went to wander around the churches, listening to the Easter chime and festive service…

However, a thinking and spiritually educated person understands that love for church rites, for their beauty and aesthetics, is completely insufficient for true faith. This is important to understand.

everyone needs faith in God
everyone needs faith in God

The need for faith and quotes about faith in God

What does need mean? So, human life becomes meaningless if a person loses or cannot acquire faith in the Lord. Because it is faith that gives real joy and fullness of being, for example, that God created us in order to be happy.

Jesus Christ said:

I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live. And everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.

(Gospel of John).

In the human soul, the need to believe in God was originally laid down.

This is especially noticeable if you watch children who sincerely and unconditionally accept the faith, without any doubt waiting for miracles and the fulfillment of commandments. After all, children do not know how to lie.

This is confirmed by quotes about faith. The famous learned astrologer Galileo Galilei said:

The Holy Scripture nevercan neither lie nor be wrong. Whatever it says is absolutely immutable. Both it and nature are created by the divine Word: the Bible - by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and nature - for the fulfillment of Divine decrees.

a child's prayer is miraculous
a child's prayer is miraculous

Modernity and Faith

In this age of advanced technology and the threat of impending wars, faith in God takes on a special meaning.

Only people who care about cultivating a he althy morality can really perceive faith as the main achievement in life. This is a special ability.

Another quote about faith in God as proof:

In prayer, a person is assured of a direct influence on the divine will, and thereby joins the divine omnipotence.

(Mark Twain).

Scientists who have learned many scientific truths, as a rule, discover the secrets of faith in God. Here is what the great French mathematician, philosopher and scientist Blaise Pascal wrote:

Only God can fill the vacuum in every person's heart. Nothing created by man can fill this vacuum. Only God, whom we know through Jesus Christ, fills this void. Knowing God without knowing your own sinfulness leads to pride. Knowing your sinfulness without knowing God leads to despair. The knowledge of Jesus Christ leads to the right path, because in Him we find God and our sinfulness.

We acquire love for God through communion with God, prayer and through love for people. John the Theologian, the apostle of love, as the Church calls him, says: do notwho loves his brother whom he sees, how can he love God whom he does not see?

(1 John 4, 20).

And more:

He who does not love does not know God; because God is love.

(1 John 4, 8).

British writer Clive Lewis, who wrote the world-famous "Chronicles of Narnia" with a circulation of more than 100 million copies, called his books dedication or tales of God.

On the photo: the author of the Chronicles of Narnia and his quotes about faith:

Storyteller about faith in God
Storyteller about faith in God

Preparing for eternity

All people are mortal, this is how the earthly world works. Therefore, throughout life, a person must prepare for a meeting with eternity.

Without faith in God, it is impossible to realize that good deeds and spirituality will lead a person to the Kingdom of Heaven. After all, everything that is done here on earth has meaning and higher meaning only from the point of view of eternity.

Therefore, the more a person knows himself and God in himself, the deeper and stronger his faith. After all, it is a life-giving source of a person's spiritual life.

Remembering quotes about faith in a person, it is necessary to bring one more. From Albert Einstein:

Believing is better than not believing, because with faith everything is possible.

If for some reason a person is not accustomed to religious education in childhood, then nothing prevents him from coming to God in adulthood.

But we must remember that in search of spiritual development, in anticipation of help from God, you yourself will have to make efforts: to grow a beautiful flower of faith, receiving in return notless beautiful spiritual fruits: hope and love.