Vanessa Paradis: filmography and biography

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Vanessa Paradis: filmography and biography
Vanessa Paradis: filmography and biography

Video: Vanessa Paradis: filmography and biography

Video: Vanessa Paradis: filmography and biography
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The filmography of Vanessa Paradis is quite extensive. The very same personality is incredibly multifaceted, she showed herself in different areas: starting to work as an excellent model, ending with the creation of a family. The successful woman is still making her fans happy, so it's worth getting to know her life a little more.

Early years

The biography of Vanessa Paradis began on December 22, 1972 in a Parisian suburb called Saint-Maur-de-Fosse, which is located in the department of Val-de-Marne. Vanessa Chantal was brought up in the creative family of directors Andre and Corinne Paradis, she took care of her sister Alisson.

vanessa paradis biography
vanessa paradis biography

As a child, the girl was very restless. The main hobbies were singing and dancing. Vanessa's uncle, Didier Payne, who is also a well-known producer, noticed the developing talent and decided to direct everything in the right direction. So, at the age of seven, the young lady conquered French television with her appearance at a television competition with the composition of Emily Jolie. This was a big step towards a brighter future.

Career start

In 1987, when Vanessa turnedfourteen, the first song "Taxi Driver Named Joe" was released, which brought her unprecedented popularity. Literally a year later, the world saw the debut album of the singer M & J, which later became platinum. The discography of the lady consists of the following records:

  • Variations sur le meme t'aime;
  • Vanessa Paradis;
  • Bliss;
  • Divindylle;
  • Love songs.

Around the same time, the girl decided to work in the modeling business. Paradis signed a contract with the famous brand Chanel and began her modeling career advertising a wonderful perfume called Coco.

vanessa paradis husband
vanessa paradis husband

But do not forget about the main field of activity of a celebrity - cinema. The filmography of Vanessa Paradis includes more than twenty works. And her contribution was appreciated by many nominations and awards.


The actress made her film debut in 1989. She did not get any episodic role, Vanessa played the main character in the film "White Wedding" by Jean-Claude Brissot. Only after that, the girl did not appear on the screens for more than five years.

Returned to the film industry in 1995. Then she got a role in the drama "Eliza". The shoot featured a fruitful collaboration with famous actor Gerard Depardieu and spicy scenes.

vanessa paradis movies
vanessa paradis movies

A couple of years later, the celebrity took up comedy films. The first work in this direction was the mystical comedy "Magical Love" with Jean Reno.

Vanessa Paradis filmography includes suchpattern:

  1. "One Chance for Two" (1998) as Alice Tomaso.
  2. "The Girl on the Bridge" (1999), starring Adele.
  3. "Atomic Circus: The Return of James Battle" (2004), portrayed Conchia.
  4. "My Angel" (2004) - Colette.
  5. "Heartbreaker" (2010) - got a character named Juliette.
  6. "Cafe de Flor" (2011) - Jacqueline.
  7. "Yoganists" (2016).
  8. "Hoarfrost" (2017) and others

As mentioned earlier, Vanessa has received numerous awards for her work. Her arsenal of awards includes victories in the following categories:

  • Cesar - Most Promising Actress (1990);
  • Romy Schneider Award (1990);
  • Cabourg International Romantic Film Festival (2012) - Golden Swann.

For a wonderful performance in the film "Cafe de Flor", the actress was twice awarded in the category "Best Actress" at the "Gini" and Jutra Awards.

Private life

As it happens, the common professional activity connects people. So, the first husband of Vanessa Paradis was a colleague in the shop - Johnny Depp. The couple was married for a happy sixteen years. The former spouses have two children: daughter Lily-Rose Melody Depp (famous model) and John Christopher Depp. Vanessa has been married to director Samuel Benshteri since June last year. Before marriage, the current couple dated for almost two years.

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp
Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp

The filmography of Vanessa Paradis is replenished with new films every year, which is good news. Anyone who is not familiar with her work should already begin to enjoy viewing. It is worth starting with the most famous work of Paradis "Cafe de Flor", aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed!