Our nyasha. Rhyme for the name Masha

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Our nyasha. Rhyme for the name Masha
Our nyasha. Rhyme for the name Masha

Video: Our nyasha. Rhyme for the name Masha

Video: Our nyasha. Rhyme for the name Masha
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A postcard is a good option for congratulations. You can leave something on it that you can’t say in the presence of strangers. She will remain after the solemn event and will remind you of it with warm words. It is best to compose appropriate verses for the occasion.

For congratulations in verse, the most important thing is to choose a rhyme. There are names that rhyme easily with many words. But the rhyme to the name Masha can cause difficulties. However, if you take it seriously, everything will work out.

First of all, consider what principles exist in the selection of rhymes for a word and how to apply them.

man thinks and writes
man thinks and writes

How to choose a rhyme for the name Masha

Let's consider the name Masha as a word consisting of syllables. There are two of them. The emphasis falls on the first. This means that the rhyme must contain at least two syllables, and the penultimate vowel "a" must be stressed. There are very few such words in Russian:

Your, our, porridge, bowl, curdled milk, nyasha.

You can use the genitive case of masculine nouns ending in -ash:

Pita, bandolier, Chuvash, jumble.

There are more wordsformed by the suffix -asha-, but they have a diminutive form:

mommy, daddy, cutie, muzzle.

With a strong stretch, you can use the words:

Marsha, minced meat, yarn, guards, sale, luggage, soot, loss, theft, crap.

As it turned out, there are few exact rhymes for the name Masha.

Maria Kanelis
Maria Kanelis

What rhymes are allowed

When finding the exact rhymes doesn't help, you have to resort to a slight word change. The name Masha can be modified:

Manya, Manyunya, Masha, Maria.

Define the words that will rhyme with these name forms:

  • Shaman, foggy, dope, stone, wounding, edges, fabrics, bathhouse, nanny, sleigh, bawling, chasing, ramming, tyranny, trash, wounded, blush, drumming, hooligan.
  • June, shampoo, barber, petunia, dancer, grumbler, jumper.
  • Cheburashka, chamomile, nun, birdie, cutie, curly, poor thing.
  • Dramaturgy, euphoria, cooking, Russia, elements.

When writing poetry, you can use several forms of the name. Then more rhymes can be used, and their meanings will be wider.

Funny poems

When friends congratulate a girl, it is permissible to use the form of the name Masha. So you can pick up more funny rhymes for the name Masha. For example:

Who doesn't know our Masha?

This cute curl.

Won't hurt even a bug, He even loves a cockroach.

Freezing bird

Take the poor thing home.

And in her runabout

There is a place for any mutt.

Herewhat is our Masha, Virtuous cutie.

Or, alternatively, use the form of the name Manya:

Woman Mary
Woman Mary

Your ticket is rattling, Manya said to the teacher:

I'm having a bath today, Mommy is waiting for me to go home.

Quickly put "five", And I will go home to do laundry.”

Teacher, chasing words, Slightly noticeable Don Juan, Speaks, blurring the lines:

I offer instead of a bath

You should sit in the sleigh with me.

And rush, ramming snow, Down the hill, bellow song .

He looked, misty eyes.

And Manya could not stand it.

Went to marry him

And found my love.

Beautiful poems

For serious congratulations, beautiful rhymes to the name Masha are needed. In such writings, it is inappropriate to call the girl Masha. It is better to use the full form of the name Maria:

Beautiful girl this Maria.

Russia is rich in these girls.

The vocation of Mary is not cooking, Only dramaturgy - Mary's element.

And if Maria enters the stage, The viewer immediately takes euphoria.

Maria Juarez Reyes
Maria Juarez Reyes

This poem can be corrected. Mary's profession can be any word, because it will not be at the end of the line. And therefore, does not require rhyme. The same applies to the words "stage" and "spectator".

In the event that Masha is congratulated by relatives, you can use the name Manyunya:

Our Masha is not a grouch, Adancer and singer.

On this hot June day

Manyunya will sing for us now.


After applying these few tricks, you can write poems with a rhyme to the name Masha. But if it is still difficult, you will have to put the name at the beginning of the line, then you will need to look for the rhyme to another word. Try it and you will succeed.