Leonid Golubkov: biography, photo

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Leonid Golubkov: biography, photo
Leonid Golubkov: biography, photo

Video: Leonid Golubkov: biography, photo

Video: Leonid Golubkov: biography, photo

Leonid Golubkov is one of the most famous characters in domestic advertising of the early 1990s. From 1992 to 1994, he appeared in commercials for the joint-stock company MMM. His role was played by actor Vladimir Permyakov. People first developed a universal love for his character, and then hatred.

Mini-series about the lives of ordinary people

Biography of Leonid Golubkov
Biography of Leonid Golubkov

This is how many people evaluated the series of videos about Leonid Golubkov, which was filmed by director Bakhyt Kilibaev for three years. A total of 16 episodes were released during this time. Their total duration did not exceed 10 minutes.

In the early 1990s, everyone in Russia knew who Leonid Golubkov was. Later, artist Vladimir Permyakov said that they gathered everyone for shooting once a month, paid 200-250 dollars per day of work. The actor liked the character, so he enjoyed his work.

The customer of the commercials, the founder of the joint-stock company MMM Sergey Mavrodi, believed that Leonid Golubkov embodies the image of an average Russian, which is why he is so popular among the people.

The fate of the character

Photo by Leonid Golubkov
Photo by Leonid Golubkov

On the biography of Leonid Golubkov can only be judged by short commercials. From them it becomes known that he has a wife, whose name is Margarita. In separate episodes, his brother Ivan appears, working as a miner in Vorkuta, as well as relatives named Gennady, Nikolai and Sergey.


Who is Leonid Golubkov
Who is Leonid Golubkov

In the very first video, Leonid Golubkov decides to invest in MMM. In two weeks he gets 100% profit, says he will buy boots for his wife.

Here are brief descriptions of the rest of the commercials:

  1. Lenya, as promised, buys boots, now saving up for a fur coat.
  2. The main character on the table explains to his wife how the welfare of their family will grow. After that, the spouse begins to make plans to buy furniture, a car and a house.
  3. Lenya and his brother Ivan drink vodka. The miner scolds the protagonist for making dishonest money. Golubkov explains that he received all the money by investing in MMM. At the end, he utters a phrase that has become winged: "I'm not a freeloader, I'm a partner."
  4. Lenya and his brother are going to the World Cup in the USA. They attend the game Russia - Brazil.
  5. The brothers walk around Los Angeles.
  6. Lenya and Ivan inspect San Francisco.
  7. Leni's wife talks about the state of the family to Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo, the main character of the then-popular series "Just Maria".
  8. Lenya presents another plan to increase the well-being of his family.
  9. Ivanperforms on TV.
  10. Relatives from the village come to Lena and ask them to teach them how to earn money.
  11. The whole Golubkov family tells how profitable it is to invest in MMM.
  12. Lenya and his wife are happy with their earnings.

As you know, in 1994 MMM actually ceased to exist, the financial pyramid collapsed. After that, the advertisement went off the TV screen.

The last three commercials appear in 2011. When Mavrodi, having been released, decided to restart his project.

In the first video, after a long break, Golubkov asks the portrait of Mavrodi why the pyramid collapsed. He claims that MMM will be reborn.

In the next episode, Ivan calls Lena, talking about the restart of MMM. Finally, in the last 16th video, the gloomy Golubkov talks about the fact that he and his friends had to sell the excavator.

Vladimir Permyakov

Vladimir Permyakov
Vladimir Permyakov

For the artist Vladimir Permyakov, this role has become the most famous in his career. From the photo of Leonid Golubkov, he is still recognized.

Permyakov was born in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Now he is 66 years old. He made his film debut in 1982 in a cameo role in Oleg Fialko's film The Return of the Butterfly. Then there was a break of 10 years in his film career.

In the early 1990s, he came to Moscow, where he soon got a role that brought him fame and success. In the same years, he appeared in small roles in the films "Running on the Sunny Side", "American Grandpa", "General".

In the 2000s, he was often invitedplay Lenya Golubkov in TV series. In this image, he starred in "My Fair Nanny", "Happy Together", "Daddy's Daughters", "Zaitsev+1".

In 2010, he played a cameo in Eldar Salavatov's crime drama "PiraMMMida", which was based on the story of the same name by Sergei Mavrodi. This film told the story of MMM from the point of view of its creator.

In recent years, Permyakov occasionally returns to the screens. For example, in 2018 he played the role of a traffic police officer in Ilya Sherstobitov's comedy "President's Vacation".

Periodically plays in the theater. In particular, he was seen in the productions of the experimental studios "Mel", "Beginning", the theater "Zong".