Film "Unknown" (2011): reviews, actors and roles, plot

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Film "Unknown" (2011): reviews, actors and roles, plot
Film "Unknown" (2011): reviews, actors and roles, plot

Video: Film "Unknown" (2011): reviews, actors and roles, plot

Video: Film "Unknown" (2011): reviews, actors and roles, plot
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"The Unknown" is a 2011 thriller film directed by American director Jaume Collet-Serra. He is also known for such paintings as "Child of Darkness" and "House of Wax". The painting was based on the book "Beyond Myself" by French writer Didier van Koveler.

Description of the film "Unknown" 2011: the plot

A doctor named Martin Harris arrives in the capital of Germany to attend an international congress on biotechnology. However, everything does not go according to plan when the main character during the trip gets into an accident, resulting in a fall into the water. Martin gets injured and goes into a coma for 4 days.

After waking up from a long sleep, he realizes that he has partially lost some of his memories. His documents are lost along with his memory. Upon returning to the hotel, the protagonist realizes that his own identity belongs to a completely different person. Moreover, Harris's wife is next to the unknown, who for some reason does not recognize her own real husband.

Martin Harris
Martin Harris

Development of events

For lifeMartin is assassinated several times, he makes the assumption that his existence interferes with someone. To try to understand the incomprehensible situation, Harris seeks the help of a taxi driver named Gini, as well as a former Stasi agent. Thanks to them, memories gradually return to him. Now a new difficulty is on his way - the search for at least one person who could confirm the identity of the doctor.

Episode from the movie
Episode from the movie

The main character is on his way to the airport, where his suitcase with documents is located. He manages to remember the password from him with difficulty. After Martin Harris says goodbye to taxi driver Jeanie, he meets up with his old colleague Professor Cole. In front of Gini, the protagonist is kidnapped by his old acquaintance. A taxi driver steals a car and secretly follows them.

chase episode
chase episode

The kidnapper Cole brings Martin to the parking lot and tries to explain to him that he is not a doctor at all, but in fact a professional killer who came to Germany to eliminate Professor Bressler during a biotechnology congress. Cole was the leader of this illegal operation. The professor's studies, which consisted of trying to develop a new variety of cereal, would subsequently have de alt a severe financial blow to the food market.


Further, the plot of the 2011 film "Unknown" unfolds even more interestingly: Cole tells Martin that as a result of the accident, the fictitious legend about the scientist overshadowed his real personality. Because of this, representatives of the terroristthe groups were forced to replace Martin with another killer, whom the protagonist mistook for the person who appropriated his biography. However, the operation was not canceled and the scientist was in danger.

Repentant Martin decides to prevent a terrible act, but before that he needs to hide from his pursuers. Thanks to Gina, he gets rid of ill-wishers and eliminates the threat to the professor, which he himself planned a couple of months ago.


The film "Unknown" 2011 ends auspiciously. The protagonist, together with Gini, make new passports for themselves and leave to build a life from scratch.

Actors: the roles of the first plan

Liam Neeson is the starring actor of The Unknown (2011)

The actor is also known for such heroes as Oscar Schindler ("Schindler's List"), Brian Mills ("Hostage"), Daniel ("Love Actually"), Jean Valjean ("Les Misérables").

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

The filmography also includes serial films: "If Tomorrow Comes", "Big R", "Life's So Short" and "Miami PD: Vice".

In 1996, Liam Neeson was awarded the Volpi Cup for Best Actor in Michael Collins and was nominated for an Oscar for his work in Schindler's List.

Dian Kruger played the main character's assistant - Gini

Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger

The actress did a good jobnot only with a role in the film "Unknown" 2011, according to the audience, but also with other works. So, in 2003 and 2017, she received two awards from the Cannes Film Festival. The first prize was given by the Chopard company as the best young actress, and the second one was for the Best Actress.

Best film shows with her participation: "Troy", "Merry Christmas", "Obsession", "Mr. Nobody", "Inglourious Basterds" and "Obsession".

Supporting roles

January Jones played the wife of the protagonist

January Jones
January Jones

January Jones is also known for other projects: "X-Men", "Covenant of Love", "Rock Wave" and "Real Love" (starred with Liam Neeson).

The actress was nominated twice for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress on TV in 2009 and 2010.

Aidan Quinn is Martin's "understudy" after losing the former's memory

Aidan Quinn
Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn starred in such films as "Legends of the Fall", "Benny &Joon", "Hey Julie", "Song for the Outcast" and others.

Frank Langella played the anti-hero Cole

Frank Langella
Frank Langella

The actor has been nominated many times for honorary nominations throughout his long life: Actors Guild Award, Saturn, Oscar and Golden Globe.

Known for movies like Frost vs. Nixon,"Lolita", "Ninth Gate" and others.

In total, about 42 artists of a diverse nature starred in the film.

Seven interesting facts

1. According to the passport details in the film, Martin Harris' date of birth was June 7th. It is noteworthy that the actor Liam Neeson, who played the main role, was born on the same day.

2. In the episode where the characters travel in a taxi for three minutes, they drive past a T-34 tank.

3. Oliver Schneider, who played the bespectacled villain, also acted as a stunt coordinator, however, not only in this film, but also in the film "Hostage", where actor Liam Neeson also took part in the filming.

4. One of the arguments that Diane Kruger agreed to play in the thriller was the fact that Liam Neeson was present. The fact is that she considers this actor one of the most talented artists of our time.

5. The main actor saw the ending of the picture only a year later, when he himself had already forgotten most of the episodes of the plot. As a result, Liam, judging by his reviews of the 2011 film "Unknown", was amazed and shocked by the unexpected ending.

6. During the scene where the main character is stamped in the airport at the airport, the mark of the Ukrainian city of Odessa is visible opposite it.

7. In 2017, a television series with the same name as the film "Unknown" 2011, by Russian director Vladislav Nikolaev, is released.

10 Bloopers

1. In the episode when Elizabeth Harris tries to enter the password, the correct sequence isUmbellularia Californica, but instead of this code, the girl dials Umbellurlaria Californica.

2. Judging by the episode at the airport, the events of the film take place in the last month of autumn. At that time, police reform began in Berlin, as a result of which the symbolism and colors of the service itself changed: instead of gray-green to blue. However, in the film, the police department wears old uniforms.

3. When the protagonist is at the hotel, the guard informs him that the American Embassy is closed due to Thanksgiving. This is a real fact, but the scriptwriters did not take into account the fact that even after hours and holidays there is a special duty officer who receives emergency calls.

4. When Elizabeth inserts the flash drive into scientist Bressler's laptop, she zips the carry bag all the way up. However, in the next episode, the bag appears to be partially open, revealing the flash drive as well.

5. After Gina breaks the rear window of the car, water begins to enter her, however, in the previous scenes, the cab was already flooded.

6. The taxi driver speaks English with an Eastern European accent, however, when she starts speaking German, her pronunciation disappears somewhere.

7. When there is a car chase, the Mercedes crashes into the truck, causing the trunk of the car to open. But in the next episode, the rear of the car is intact and tightly closed.

8. Also during the chase, another movie blunder happens when the main character pays attention to the speedometer showingnumber 60. In the German capital, speed is measured in kilometers per hour. But 60 kilometers is the legal maximum pace. However, throughout the episode, the car moves at an incredible speed, and the roar of the engine is so loud, as if it were its ultimate limit.

9. When the hotel explodes, police cars arrive at the scene, but fire sirens sound.

10. During the first chase, the protagonist descends into the Berlin subway at a station called Voltastrasse, but, finding himself at the very point, for some reason, other signs hang there - Platz der Luftbrucke.

Reviews of the film "Unknown" 2011

The picture has very successful ratings:

  • Russian-language service "KinoPoisk" rates the picture at 7.4 points out of 10;
  • Ivi online cinema rates 7.8 out of 10;
  • on the website of the film is awarded 7.7 out of 10;
  • According to the viewers of the world's largest IMDb database, the picture is awarded 6.9 points.

Determining the average rating from reviews, the film "Unknown" in 2011 has a fairly high rating (considering the abundance of pictures on the market), which should be advised to all fans of the thriller genre.