Maria Shukshina: series with the participation of the actress, biography and interesting facts

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Maria Shukshina: series with the participation of the actress, biography and interesting facts
Maria Shukshina: series with the participation of the actress, biography and interesting facts

Video: Maria Shukshina: series with the participation of the actress, biography and interesting facts

Video: Maria Shukshina: series with the participation of the actress, biography and interesting facts
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Films and series with Maria Shukshina carry warmth and worldly wisdom. Basically, she plays strong and purposeful women, her heroines are beautiful and successful. She is currently one of the sought-after film and television actresses.

Early career, or you will not escape fate

Maria Vasilievna was born in Moscow, in the family of the famous writer and film director Vasily Shukshin and no less famous actress Lidia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina. This event happened on May 27, 1967.

From a young age, the father has already started filming his daughter in films. The debut took place in the film almanac "Strange People", when Mary was only one and a half years old. A little later there was a picture "Stove-shops" (1972), where Vasily Shukshin decided to shoot his youngest daughter Olga. The sisters played the role of the daughters of the Rastorguevs.

A couple of years later, the filming of the film "Birds over the City" took place. The work was already with director Sergei Nikonenko.

Maria Shukshina
Maria Shukshina

Despite this, Maria did not plan to become an actress,enrolling after school at the Institute of Foreign Languages named after M. Thorez. For some time after his graduation, Shukshina even worked as a secretary-translator, but, as they say, you canโ€™t escape fate. Filming has resumed since 1990.

At first, Maria Vasilievna worked in the drama "Eternal Husband", where her mother played the main role. Then Maria Shukshina herself gets her first leading role in the film "American Daughter", which premiered in September 1995. The film was a success.

There was work in the films "What a wonderful game" and "Russian roulette". Filmed serials with Maria Shukshina, such as "People and Shadows", "Perfect Couple", "Dear Masha Berezina", "Brezhnev" and others. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

The Bloodhound series with Maria Shukshina

Alexandra Anatolyevna Marinets, the new head of the "murder department" of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the city of St. Petersburg, is an attractive young woman who needs to step over all the negativity that hit her with a new position. The subordinates greeted the new boss with bewilderment, expecting that at least a man capable of decisive action would be sent from Moscow to such a major post, but not a woman at all.

The series "Hound"
The series "Hound"

The heroine of Maria Shukshina had a hard time. The men's team, in which she ended up, was skeptical about her appointment, many interfered with her, even frankly set her up and rejoiced at her mistakes. Not everything goes smoothly in the personal life of the heroine. But,despite this, already from the first steps, the newly minted leader makes it clear to many that she is not a temporary figure in this position.

Gradually, subordinates are convinced that Lieutenant Colonel Marinets is not just the owner of a model appearance, but a person with a strong character, perseverance in work and a completely unfeminine mind, and the "hound" is always used to completing the work begun.

Who if not me?

A series in which Maria Vasilievna played the role of a rather successful Moscow lawyer Nina Berkutova. Family and favorite work are the main values in the life of the heroine. She loves money, gifts, attention and prefers not to deal with poor clients in her work. But, life is an unpredictable thing, and in an instant everything starts to collapse. Nina is betrayed by her husband, he leaves for another woman. The children, as they grew older, began to move away. And, to top it all off, she is fired from her job, depriving her of her only source of income.

It all happened when the woman was 42 years old. It seemed to her that all the goals had already been achieved, life had developed, and there was stability in everything.

The series "Who, if not me"
The series "Who, if not me"

Under the influence of circumstances, Berkutova herself has to change, to look differently at her principles, at the life of her clients. From an almost negative heroine, there is a gradual transformation into a person who, achieving success in his next business, rejoices that he could help someone. The clients of the heroine Shukshina are now people from disadvantaged segments of the population. "Who, if not me?" says Nina Berkutova, helpingthose who cannot afford an expensive lawyer.


The series "Take me with you" tells the story of three school friends - Margarita, Galina and Tamara. They have always been close, but life is different for each.

Maria Shukshina played the role of Rita in this film. Despite the fact that her heroine bathes in luxury, receives expensive gifts from numerous admirers, she feels at the same time the most unfortunate woman. Rita begins to enjoy life only when she gets to the orphanage, where orphans captured her attention.

Galya is constantly watching her husband. She is tormented by suspicion and jealousy, and one day she discovers that her husband really has another woman. Galina painfully experiences betrayal and decides to take revenge, planning to have a lover.

The third friend is Tamara. This is a strong personality, accustomed to independently build his life. She has no husband, no children, not even a hint that they will be in the near future. And Tamara is already almost 40 years old, at times she wants close relatives to be nearby with whom she can share her problems. It's good that she has friends, but each of them has her own way to happiness.

Other works

In addition to the above, there are also films and series with Maria Shukshina, such as:

  1. "Dear Masha Berezina".
  2. "Terrorist Ivanova".
  3. "Bury me behind the baseboard".
  4. "Deli Case 1".
  5. "Bag with a bright future".
  6. "Guilty without guilt".
  7. "Yolki 5".
Actress Maria Shukshina
Actress Maria Shukshina

One of the last serials with Maria Shukshina is a picture of a joint production of the USA and Great Britain called "McMafia". The first season premiered last January (2018). The geography of filming is very extensive: England, Egypt, India, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Israel. This crime drama is expected to continue.