Films with Serebryakov's participation: all acting roles

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Films with Serebryakov's participation: all acting roles
Films with Serebryakov's participation: all acting roles

Video: Films with Serebryakov's participation: all acting roles

Video: Films with Serebryakov's participation: all acting roles
Video: Серебряков - об эмиграции и законе подлецов (English subs) 2023, September

Very soon, the famous and popular actor Alexei Serebryakov will celebrate a beautiful date - his fiftieth anniversary. His path to cinema began already at the age of fourteen, when he, an excellent student and the best accordionist of a music school, "lit up" in a photo in the latest issue of the newspaper "Evening Moscow", and was noticed by filmmakers, unexpectedly for himself, starring in the main children's role in the picture " Late Berry", which opened the score of films with the participation of Serebryakov.

In the same year, Alexey played Dimka Savelyev in the cult Soviet television epic "Eternal Call", which actually opened the way for him to big cinema. The young actor grew and matured, and with him his roles became more and more serious. In the 90s, Alexei was in great demand. With the advent of the 2000s, significant roles became less and less, and only starting from 2014, when the sensational drama Leviathan was released, did the actor confidently enter the period of his second creative birth,having marked several outstanding roles at once.

Let's make a list of all films and series with Serebryakov's participation, and also remember his best roles.

All acting works of Serebryakov

To date, the actor has more than one hundred and thirty works in the cinema and five more in the work. The beginning of his career was marked by the following paintings:

  1. "Late Berry".
  2. Eternal Call.
  3. "Father and Son".
  4. "Scarlet shoulder straps".

In the photo below - young Serebryakov in the TV series "Eternal Call".

Image"Eternal call"
Image"Eternal call"

In the period from 1980 to 1990, Serebryakov could be seen in films:

  1. "Last Escape".
  2. "Look out!".
  3. Quiet Outpost.
  4. "The wedding is accused."
  5. "Fun for the Young".
  6. "Armchair".
  7. “After the war, peace.”
  8. "Random W altz".
  9. "Fan".
  10. "Humble Graveyard".
  11. "Decay".
  12. Rooftop.
  13. Return to Zurbagan.
  14. "Sea Wolf".

On the photo below - Alexei Serebryakov in the film "Fun of the Young".

Image"Fun for young people"
Image"Fun for young people"

Over the next ten years, such films with Serebryakov's participation were released:

  1. "Nude with hat".
  2. "Kremlin secrets of the sixteenth century".
  3. "Afghan kink".
  4. Kaminsky.
  5. "The highest measure".
  6. "Patriotic comedy".
  7. "Squadron".
  8. "Key".
  9. "Dancing Ghosts".
  10. "Methodmurder.”
  11. Question Night.
  12. "I am Ivan, you are Abram."
  13. Lube Zone.
  14. Hammer and sickle.
  15. "The arrival of the train."
  16. "More Vit".
  17. Ghoul.
  18. "Tough Times".
  19. "Tests for real men".
  20. "Thin thing".

Below in the photo you can see the actor in a completely unbanal for Russian cinema of the 90s role of a vampire slayer from the film "Ghoul".

Film "Ghoul"
Film "Ghoul"

From 2000 to 2010, viewers saw the following films with Serebryakov's participation:

  1. "Landing".
  2. “Gangster Petersburg. Movie 2.”
  3. Empire Under Attack.
  4. "Paris Antique Dealer".
  5. "Tomorrow will be tomorrow."
  6. “Connecting Rod”.
  7. "Antikiller 2: Antiterror".
  8. "Bayazet".
  9. Black Mark.
  10. "Penal Battalion".
  11. "Second front".
  12. "Illegal".
  13. "Escape".
  14. "Cherub".
  15. "Blind Man's Bluff".
  16. "9 company".
  17. "Children of Vanyukhin".
  18. "Random glance".
  19. The Princess and the Pauper.
  20. "Evil Charm".
  21. "Bloody circle".
  22. "Tin".
  23. "Nine months".
  24. "Drawn".
  25. "Letter".
  26. “No extradition from Don.”
  27. "The Tale of a Woman and a Man".
  28. "Canned food".
  29. "Cargo 200".
  30. Gloss.
  31. Apocalypse Code.
  32. "Law of the mousetrap".
  33. Vise.
  34. “Your children.”
  35. "Death to spies!".
  36. Inhabited Island.
  37. "Four Ages of Love".
  38. "Hills and Plains".
  39. "On the roof of the world".
  40. "One day".
  41. "Terrorist Ivanova".
  42. "Studs".
  43. "Flock".
  44. "The man in my head."
  45. Inhabited Island: Skirmish.

On the photo below - a frame from the painting "Cargo 200".

Image"Cargo 200"
Image"Cargo 200"

From 2010 to 2015 Serebryakov could be seen in films:

  1. "Caravan Hunters".
  2. "Fairy tale. Yes.”
  3. "Capercaillie in the movies".
  4. Golden Ratio.
  5. "Link of Times".
  6. "Cadence".
  7. "Ivanov".
  8. Military Hospital.
  9. "PiraMMMida".
  10. Diamond Hunters.
  11. "Once upon a time there was a woman."
  12. White Guard.
  13. "Dragon Syndrome".
  14. Forgotten.
  15. Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg.
  16. "Follow you".
  17. "Comrade Policemen".
  18. "Three Comrades".
  19. "Sniper 2. Tungus".
  20. "Saxophone solo".
  21. Antalya.
  22. "Agent".
  23. Ladoga.
  24. Leviathan.
  25. "Dive".
  26. "Method".
  27. "fartsa".
  28. “Moscow never sleeps.”
  29. Clinch.

In the photo below - the actor in the role of the Arrow from the series "Method".

Series "Method"
Series "Method"

The last films with the participation of Serebryakov were:

  1. Quartet.
  2. "Wall".
  3. "Our Happy Tomorrow"
  4. "Dr. Richter".
  5. "Legend of Kolovrat".
  6. "How Vitka Chesnok took Lekha Shtyr to the nursing home."
  7. "Van Goghs".
  8. Coma.
  9. McMafia.
  10. "Pilgrim".

Below in the photo you can see a frame from the painting "The Legend of Kolovrat".

Image"Legend of Kolovrat"
Image"Legend of Kolovrat"

Let's make a brief overview of Serebryakov's most prominent roles.


The very first significant film with the participation of Alexei Serebryakov and his real finest hour was the action movie "Fan", released in 1989. If up to this point the actor was not known to a very wide circle of viewers, then for a picture showing in detail the difficult life of the domestic Bruce Lee, people stood for hours in queues at the box office of cinemas. Indeed, after the release of the famous "Pirates of the XX century", in which the popular karate was shown for the first time, ten years have passed, and the audience of the times of perestroika was in dire need of a new hero, representing their contemporary, like they fell into the cycle of the 90s.

Serebryakov as the invincible Kid is truly magnificent. At the time of filming, the actor turned twenty-five, and he was in his best athletic shape. By the way, Aleksey Serebryakov himself never practiced karate, but his character turned out to be so reliable that for a long time in the gateways of the country one could hear authoritative disputes that the real legendary fighter Serebryakov, hitherto hidden by special services, actually starred in "Fan"., and not some actor there.

Tests for real men

The next notable film starring Serebryakov was a detective1998 drama Tests for Real Men. In this picture, the actor got a rather adventurous image of Alexei Serebrov, consistently passing all the tests adjusted by the mother of his girlfriend, who wants a real man next to her daughter who can protect her.

Image"Tests for real men"
Image"Tests for real men"

The result is a film that stands out from the general mass of cheap in every sense cinematic "darkness" of the late 90s with its fullness, plot and acting. "Tests for Real Men" skillfully intertwines love and confrontation, and the thinking, cold-blooded and prudent hero of Alexei Serebryakov, who calculates his every next step, has become a worthy replacement for the muscular Kid from "Fan", rushing ahead.

Gangster Petersburg 2: Lawyer

Of course, the actor Serebryakov was glorified by both films with his participation and series. And the best example of this was the serial crime drama "Gangster Petersburg 2: Lawyer", released in 2000. This film tells the story of two former friends, one of whom connected his life with the profession of an investigator, and the other was burned by Afghanistan and became the leader of a criminal group. Unfortunately, they were separated not only by life, but also by the same girl whom they both fell in love with.

Image"Gangster Petersburg 2: Lawyer"
Image"Gangster Petersburg 2: Lawyer"

Alexey Serebryakov got the role of Oleg Zvantsev, that "correct" friend who became an investigator. And today, when from the momentalmost twenty years have passed since the release of the picture on the screen, it is impossible to imagine any other actor in his place, he is so good and reliable in his role. However, this remarkable authenticity is a distinctive feature of almost all the characters played by Serebryakov.

Penal Battalion

Another outstanding work of the actor was the role in the 2004 series "Penal Battalion", which reveals to the audience the pages of the Great Patriotic War, not very beloved by historians, about penal battalions, whose fighters fought to the death, went to break through the most impregnable front lines, and after were buried in unmarked mass graves.

The series "Shtrafbat"
The series "Shtrafbat"

In this tragic, difficult, and sometimes cruel film, based on the memories of a few "pen alty boxers" who survived the hellish meat grinder, Alexei Serebryakov played the main role of Vasily Tverdokhlebov, the commander of a penal unit going to his death. And his farewell look is unlikely to be forgotten by the audience very soon…


In 2011, Serebryakov played the main role in the crime drama "PiraMMMida", which was based on the autobiographical book of the famous adventurer-mathematician Sergei Mavrodi, who became the founder of the well-known financial pyramid "MMM". The picture well reflects the time of the early 90s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and a new Russian statehood was slowly and painfully formed on its ruins, the planned economy gave way to marketrelations, and ordinary people of the country walked in circles, not understanding and fearing what was happening.

Painting "Pyrammid"
Painting "Pyrammid"

One of these people was the hero of Alexei Serebryakov Mamontov, who one fine day decided to find a use for his intellect by creating an advertising campaign that was brilliant for his time and managed to find tens of thousands of depositors in just two weeks who "buyed" on his mathematically verified scheme. Quite a bit of time will pass, and these tens of thousands of deceived people will turn into tens of millions, and a real hunt will begin for Mamontov himself and his family.

But was this lone mathematician a fraud, or was he presented as such by bankers who were afraid for their capital and who could not compete with him?..


In 2014, within the framework of the Cannes Film Festival, the premiere of a new film with the participation of Serebryakov took place - the social drama "Leviathan", which immediately became scandalous due to its theme, showing the life of the Russian hinterland without embellishment. Such as it is known to all the inhabitants of the country, located on the other side of the Moscow Ring Road. In view of the uproar and attacks of domestic critics, "Leviathan" was first watched by almost the whole world. In Russia, the picture was presented only almost a year after its official premiere.

Painting "Leviathan"
Painting "Leviathan"

Fans and opponents of the story told in the film, divided into approximately two camps. Some respond about it in enthusiastic tones,while others strongly dislike Leviathan for its excessive denigration of Russian reality. One way or another, each of the viewers is able to form their own opinion about this gloomy and depressing story that happened on the dank shore of the northern sea with car mechanic Nikolai Sergeyev, played by Alexei Serebryakov, from whom the local mayor decided to seize his own house and land.

Despite the fact that "Leviathan" shows the current time, all its environment and the actions of the characters once again remind everyone that the gangsters of the 90s, dressed in respectable positions and today taking on a civilized look, are still alive.

How Vitka Chesnok took Lekha Shtyr to the nursing home

One of the best films with Serebryakov's participation was the amazing and touching picture of 2017 "How Vitka Chesnok took Lekha Shtyr to the home for the disabled", which tells the story of a bitter orphanage resident Vitka Chesnok, who one day collided face to face his crippled father Shtyr, a hardened criminal released from prison for he alth reasons. Vitka has absolutely nothing to love this person, who is completely alien to him. But Lekha Shtyr, brilliantly performed by Alexei Serebryakov, has an apartment for which it is quite possible to get rid of him by renting him to a nursing home.


Father and son go on a long journey, and from that moment the picture becomes aestheticallyan ideal work, each frame of which is a finished artistic masterpiece. But the main thing in it is not at all. The main thing is how kilometer after kilometer between these two, at first glance, strangers, kindred feelings awaken, reaching an absolutely incredible climax by the end of the film.

Van Goghs

One of the last films with the participation of Serebryakov was the drama "Van Goghs", which premiered just over a month ago. In this picture, the actor played Mark Ginzburg, a talented but unknown painter, whose aged father is an illustrious director known throughout the world. The characters practically hate each other and try not to even see each other, especially since they live in different parts of the world. However, at some point, the father and son will not only have to meet, but also try to reconcile, no matter how much they oppose it.

Painting "Van Gogh"
Painting "Van Gogh"

As a result, we are faced with an unusually deep and touching story of two creators, desperately trying to find their happiness and themselves. The very same picture filled with black humor, psychologism and kindness, according to the audience, is a real event in the domestic cinema of recent years …