Rating of films about love: a list of the best, features and reviews

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Rating of films about love: a list of the best, features and reviews
Rating of films about love: a list of the best, features and reviews

Video: Rating of films about love: a list of the best, features and reviews

Video: Rating of films about love: a list of the best, features and reviews
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Movies about love with a high rating are always popular with the beautiful half of humanity. These pictures make you take a fresh look at the relationships that you already have, or plunge into dreams of such a delightful feeling that you will experience in the future.

Films about love are beautiful - they make the viewer empathize with the characters, feel sad and rejoice with them and for them. A good melodrama can turn the most inveterate cynic into a gentle and sensitive romantic.

rating movies about love
rating movies about love

In this article we will talk about the highest rated movies about love. Each tape from the list is a masterpiece of cinema, a story of great and sincere love. Sometimes they are very sad, and sometimes funny, but each will leave a noticeable mark in the soul of the viewer.

Rating of Russian films about love

Despite the fact that there are very few worthy works in Russian cinema, our country has always been able to shoot good melodramas.

Rating of films about love of the USSR period:

  1. "Office Romance" (1977). The story, which could happen in any city and with any people, is still very reliable and relevant. Nondescript and clumsy Novoseltsev, for the sake of promotion, decides to hit on his unsympathetic boss - a typical blue stocking. He is justified only by the fact that he is a single father raising two children. The film wonderfully shows how love changes a woman, and age is not a hindrance to this transformation.
  2. "Love and Doves" (1984). A comedy and melodrama about a simple hard worker Vasily, who unexpectedly starts an affair while on vacation. And as a result, he does not return from vacation to the house with his wife and three children, but begins to live with his mistress (Lyudmila Gurchenko). But the fatal and passionate Raisa remains a stranger and incomprehensible person for him. This movie is a real hit of the Soviet cinema, and the audience perceives it with special warmth.
  3. movies about love ranking of the best
    movies about love ranking of the best
  4. "Girls" (1961). A graduate of a culinary college, sweet and mischievous Tosya, begins her career in the distant and snowy Urals. And against the background of her older and more experienced colleagues, she looks like a child. For the sake of a dispute with friends, the most enviable groom, Ilya, begins to court her, who does not think at all about the feelings of the girl. This is a very touching story about the first adult love, and that in any relationship it is important to remain human. Despite the considerable age of the picture, the audience still warmly welcomes it.

Here are a few more Soviet films about love with above-average ratings:"Spring on Zarechnaya Street" (1956), "Earthly Love" (1975), "It Was in Penkovo" (1957), "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears" (1979). All these tapes seem to the modern viewer a little naive and outdated. But you can spend a couple of evenings watching them.

Domestic paintings

What other films about love are worth highlighting? So, the rating of the best Russian melodramas:

  1. "Hooked" (2011). A light comedy with a romantic twist. Rita is abandoned by a young man for the sake of a profitable bride - the sister of the we althy Vlasov. The girl decides to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend and seduce a mysterious rich man whom no one knows by sight.
  2. "Love in the City" - all 3 films (2009-2014). A pleasant comedy about how three guys must find their true love in the shortest possible time. After all, the god of love himself, played by Philip Kirkorov, insists on this. In each of the three parts, friends experience new adventures. These are films about simple family values, about the importance of finding your soul mate, about the joys and curiosities of family life.
  3. “He is a dragon” (2015). A fabulous, unusual film about how the young and tender Miroslava, on the eve of her marriage, was abducted by a dragon. Waking up on the island, the princess meets an attractive young man and falls in love with him, not suspecting that he is the terrible monster that keeps her captive.

In Russia, many films about love come out every year. Most of these films are rated above average. It cannot be said that Russian melodramas are the best in the world, but they were filmed specifically fordomestic audience, which means they are close and understandable to everyone. Reviews about them are different, there are both positive and negative reviews, but part of the negative is only due to the fact that the tape is criticized by people who are not from the target audience of this genre.

Here are a few more Russian films that we recommend for viewing: “Driver for Vera” (2004), “Red Pearl of Love” (2008), “Peter. Summer. Love (2014), On the Trail of the Phoenix (2009), Surprise Me (2012), The Perfect Couple (2014).

Indian cinema

Indian cinema has its own distinctive features. Firstly, it is always a musical with songs and dances, and a crowd of beauties in bright dresses. Secondly, all Bollywood tapes are about love. No matter what genre is declared, the plot will still contain a touching love story with a happy ending. Thirdly, extended timing - 2.5-3 hours.

love movies top rated
love movies top rated

What is the best Indian love movie? The rating of most sources fluctuates between two hits - "Zita and Gita" (1972) and "Dance, dance" (1987). They need no introduction - in our country everyone has seen them, and if you suddenly are not one of the lucky ones, then by all means check it out.

Leaving these pictures out of the list, here are the top rated love movies made in Bollywood.

  1. "When we met (2007). A romantic comedy about a young businessman who struggles to find his true mate. He fails time after time until he meets Gita.
  2. "Love withfirst sight" (1998). A distinctive feature of this film is that it was highly appreciated not only at home, but also won recognition at several international film festivals. The story is about a journalist who travels to different countries and on one of his trips he meets a girl, to whom he instantly feels the most tender feelings. But it's not as easy as he thinks.
  3. "Love and Betrayal" (2003). The film shows the life of a middle-aged married couple who have been happily married for many years and raised four sons. But it turns out that none of the offspring is going to help their aged parents. Will they meet their old age in poverty?

Here are the top rated love movies in Bollywood: The Bride Not Kidnapped (1995), Veer & Zara (2004), My Name Is Khan (2010), Blind Love (2006), Long Live Victory (2014).

What do Russian viewers think about Indian cinema? Recently, interest in him has declined significantly, but some still love just such paintings. Yes, such films are full of ridiculous and implausible fights, the actors overact in them too much, and the number of movie bloopers just rolls over. But they are bright, musical, very touching and lively. So Indian melodramas still find their audience in our country.

top movies about love
top movies about love

Consider the best films about love. Listed by rating is below.

Hurry to Love

Melodrama about first love. The best guy in school by nameLandon is often a bully. Because of one of his tricks, he is forced to agree to participate in the play. He suddenly turns his attention to Jamie, a girl who is completely absorbed in her studies, and asks her for help. She agrees, but asks the young man never to fall in love with her. And there are reasons for this.

A sad and very touching story. The film is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. Based on the work of the same author, another tape was shot that could claim a place on the list - "The Diary of Memory".

It's worth saying right away that this is a typical melodrama - the plot is stereotyped, and all events are predictable, but this does not make the film lose its charm. The film was highly appreciated by the audience and it deserves its place in the list of the best.

50 First Dates

The rating of the best films about love is not made up only of melodramas from different years, this list also includes comedies. "50 First Dates" is the story of a girl who got into a car accident, and because of this she lost the ability to remember any new events. Every day, relatives and friends recreate for her the last day of a normal life so that she can live happily ever after. But what is a young man to do, who is now forced to constantly reacquaint himself and make Lucy fall in love with him?

The film is incredibly positive, very funny, with bright and memorable characters.

Pretty Woman

Amazing fairy tale movie that spoiled every girl who watched it just a little bit. A story about a girl who is forced to sell herself on the streets, and a millionaire who decides to turn into a prostituteluxurious lady.

Interestingly, according to the original scenario, Vivien was supposed to return back to the street, but on the strong recommendation of management, the ending was changed.

The modern version of Cinderella is not loved by all viewers, but this film has its own army of fans, and it has long been recognized as a cult.

rating of Russian films about love
rating of Russian films about love

Real Love

Movie (2003) which contains several love stories that happen to different people:

  • aging and outdated rock singer;
  • writer who suddenly fell in love with her non-English speaking housekeeper;
  • porn actor shy about asking his partner out and more.

Watching Love Actually is pure pleasure. And audiences love this movie. Even after a long time after watching, when remembering some scenes, a smile automatically appears on the face. The best choice for a romantic date - both women and men like the film equally.

Gone with the Wind

Veteran of the best love movies list. The top rating of any source cannot do without this picture, taken back in 1939

Gone with the Wind is based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Mitchell. In the center of the plot, Scarlett O'Hara is a well-mannered, attractive, but a little silly and eccentric girl. The story begins with the heroine's unrequited love for Ashley, who, according to family tradition, marries his cousin. Scarlett agrees out of resentmenton the first marriage proposal from one of the fans. But soon all the troubles in his personal life fade into the background due to the war between the North and the South.

This film is very beautiful, with bright and charismatic actors, and despite the fact that the novel was later filmed several times, the 1939 version was recognized as the best.

best films about love rating top
best films about love rating top


Rarely does a movie start with the death of the protagonist. But in Ghost (1990), Sam (Patrick Swayze) dies at the very beginning, having stumbled upon muggers at night. And already in the role of a ghost, he finds out that this fatal meeting was not accidental, but his friend set everything up, and now his wife, Molly (Demi Moore), is in danger.

Great mystical drama/melodrama, and oddly enough, comedy. Whoopi Goldberg was responsible for the humor in the film, playing a woman pretending to be a medium who unexpectedly began to really see one particular ghost.

Audiences all over the world love this film, and if you haven't seen it, then don't plan anything for the coming weekend. Watch and try not to cry during the final scene.

high rated love movies
high rated love movies


In the first place in the rating of films about love "Titanic" (1997). James Cameron's masterpiece became the most expensive film of its time and the best film adaptation of the 1912 disaster, when a luxurious huge ship hit an iceberg and sank in a matter of minutes. This picture has everything that the audience loves: a touching love storya simple guy and a girl from a higher class with a sad ending, large-scale scenes of destruction, a convincing negative character and beautiful visuals.

And although over time people found a lot of shortcomings in the picture, including not the best choice of the main actors (Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio), but for the majority of viewers "Titanic" caused an emotional storm in the soul.

What else to see?

There are a lot of good films about love, and not all of them are mentioned in the article. Here is another list of films that are worth watching with your soulmate. Here is another rating of the best films about love:

  • "Three meters above the sky" (2010).
  • "P. S. I love you” (2007).
  • Bridget Jones' Diary (2001).
  • Kate & Leo (2001).
  • Meet Joe Black (1998).
  • The Bodyguard (1992).
  • Vanilla Sky (2001).
  • Pride and Prejudice (2005).
  • While You Were Sleeping (1998).