Warm tones: a combination of colors and shades
Warm tones: a combination of colors and shades

Video: Warm tones: a combination of colors and shades

Video: Warm tones: a combination of colors and shades
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A person is very receptive to color, perceiving it as a zone of comfort or, on the contrary, discomfort. Conventionally, colors are divided into cold and warm tones. It should be noted that the color temperature is determined only with the help of our associations.

The human perception of warm tones is connected intuitively with the sun, fire, burning sand, because the base in all cases is yellow. A warm shade evokes positive emotions, inner joy, a state of comfort and bliss. It all feels like summer. And who among us does not love summer, the hot sun, warm and golden sand, a riot of various colors?

How to distinguish warm tones from cold ones

Distinguishing a warm tone from a cold one is quite simple. The fact is that the entire color spectrum around us is based on three basic colors. Warm tones are yellow and red, blue is cold. The rest of the palette is formed by mixing the base colors.

warm colors
warm colors

Due to the predominance of one color or another, unique shades are created. Therefore, the colors that occupy the honorable middle in this gradation, namely green and purple, can turn out to be both warm and cold.

Calm warm tones have a therapeutic effect,help relieve stress and avoid depression.

But in nature everything is much more complicated - it is simply impossible to meet a perfectly pure color. In reality, we see and use a range of shades that only emphasize the true depth and beauty of the primary color, making us unique in it. It is the shades that help to adjust the color within the framework of cold-warmth.

This is interesting! An experiment is known when different groups of people were placed in rooms with the same temperature, but painted in red and blue. After a while, the people whose room was painted cold first began to complain about the coolness, and the second, in the red room, it was hot.

Warm colors

  • Red.
  • Orange.
  • Yellow.
  • Brown.
warm shades
warm shades

Popular shades of warm colors


  • Marsala.
  • Cutter.
  • Sharlach.
  • Cowberry.
  • Tango.
  • Orange.
  • Wine.
  • Hollywood.


  • Apricot.
  • Peach.
  • Orange.
  • Mandarin.
  • Carrot.
  • Copper.


  • Custard.
  • Pearl.
  • Fawn.
  • Cream.
  • Lemon.
  • Straw.
  • Canary.
  • Sand.


  • Terracotta.
  • Coffee.
  • Chocolate.
  • Chestnut.
  • Nut.
  • Golden brown.
  • Colorcoffee with milk.
  • Champagne color.

Warm tones and shades applied:

In decor

The most popular for decorators are yellow and orange warm tones, which are used as colorful accents. Experts believe that these colors have magnetism, attract attention, make an interesting decision, enliven the idea. And the combination of warm tones with cold ones creates interesting and unexpected solutions. For example, turquoise upholstery blends beautifully with warm brown floors.

orange color combination
orange color combination

In makeup

Warm tones are allies of all women, because they have the ability to visually rejuvenate the image. This amazing ability of warm shades is used by makeup artists, removing from women for a dozen years.

A few tips:

  1. If your skin seems pale, you can improve it with creams, powder, blush with a light golden hue, like a sun kiss. They will be invisible on the face, but will create a feeling of freshness.
  2. Happy owners of delicate olive skin color in makeup are recommended to use the entire line of shades of gold. Bronze powder will make the image complete and bright.
  3. The secret to a perfect face is in the golden glow.
warm colors of flowers
warm colors of flowers

Modern makeup techniques can correct your face type with gold or bronze-based products. A few strokes of the brush on certain areas, and you can lift the eyelid, highlight the cheekbones, thin the nose, give plumpnesslips. It will be 100% hit in the desired image.

And remember that you need to choose warm shades of clothes for warm tones in makeup!

When choosing clothes

A man in red looks stylish, attracts attention. This color in clothes is chosen by strong, independent, courageous people. It is believed that optimists use a bright shade of red more often than pessimists.

bright shade of red
bright shade of red

Wearing yellow clothes will make you feel light and sunny. At the same time, if you have a serious mental load, then it is the yellow color that will relieve you of tension. This is a recommendation from a psychologist, listen to it!

If you are mentally stable, you can underline it in brown. Perfect for a business setting. Very elegant.

If everything falls out of your hands, nothing pleases you, a breakdown - wear orange clothes. You will feel a surge of vivacity and energy surge. And you will definitely want to share it with others. The motto of orange lovers is: world peace.

Used in the interior

The emotional load of the interiors of apartments in warm colors is diverse and interesting. It's all about the chosen color. Red color is suitable for creating a creative atmosphere, increasing appetite, attraction to the opposite sex.

You need positivity, movement, joy, so the combination of orange is your perfect choice.

Feelings of home, comfort, tranquility will give a yellow interior.

Brown will createfeeling of fundamentality, solidity, security.

This is interesting! Objects that have calm warm shades visually seem much closer. Amazing feature, isn't it?

Of all the warm tones, the most joyful and elegant, of course, is orange. The main association with this color is orange, juicy and invigorating in taste and color. In fact, orange is the warmest color in this category and just pairs perfectly with other colors.

The color wheel will help you make the final decision on the combination and compatibility of shades, in which all colors interact in a certain pattern. And you will understand that in order to do it with taste, there is no need to receive a special education.

The most successful combinations of orange

Orange color with white (different shades) - a very bright and joyful combination.

Orange with black unmistakably suits almost everyone.

The combination of orange with shades of green is unexpected, but stylish and sophisticated.

soothing warm colors
soothing warm colors

In life, there are often situations when you need to mute or, conversely, emphasize a color. In this case, neutral shades come to the rescue, of which there are a great many in the palette of warm tones. The main thing is the ability to competently find the use of this beauty and live in harmony with oneself, enjoying and bathing in warm colors. The statement of experts is true, who call to learn how to use the cold and warm tones of colors for good, and then the negative mood will forever recede andnot feeling well.