Casino Sochi: feedback from players and employees, review and addresses of gaming complexes

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Casino Sochi: feedback from players and employees, review and addresses of gaming complexes
Casino Sochi: feedback from players and employees, review and addresses of gaming complexes

Video: Casino Sochi: feedback from players and employees, review and addresses of gaming complexes

Video: Casino Sochi: feedback from players and employees, review and addresses of gaming complexes
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American blockbusters have long turned gambling into a symbol of luxury and a free life. Las Vegas is the cherished goal of all world players and dreamers of a beautiful life. The Russian Federation is not yet among the states where such a business is developed.

Gambling Zone

We all remember 2009, when a bill was passed restricting the activities of all kinds of gambling houses in Russia. It was decided to concentrate all gambling in several districts, and as a result of active work, five active zones appeared:

  1. "Azov-City". The zone is located on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. Part of the territory was also in the Rostov region, but then it was liquidated.
  2. "Siberian coin". This is not yet a popular place where amateurs can play a game of poker or spend an evening at the machines. Only you have to go far, to the Altai Territory.
  3. "Primorye". Primorsky Krai among the people has a reputation for money. Like it or not, you can check by coming here to try your luck in gambling. This is the largest gaming area inRussia.
  4. The Kaliningrad region, the westernmost part of Russia, has its own gambling area, Yantarnaya.
  5. "Krasnaya Polyana". The only gaming zone that provides additional entertainment, as the resorts of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana are considered a family vacation spot.

The game industry is developing in Russia, according to experts, very slowly. Many establishments have changed their location by moving to neighboring Belarus. At the moment, Sochi Casino and Resort remains one of the major houses that caters to gambling enthusiasts.

casino "Sochi"
casino "Sochi"

Opening an institution

Where is the casino in Sochi, and what is its name, almost every local resident knows. The first gaming house in Krasnaya Polyana opened in early 2017. The event was pompous and pretentious, as expected from an institution of this level. Huge in scale, bright and tempting casino claims to be one of the attractions not only of Krasnaya Polyana, but of Sochi as a whole. On the territory of 32 thousand square meters, guests can find entertainment to their liking. The main playing area covers 5,000 square meters. Poker in the Sochi casino enjoys a special love of customers. But besides the poker club, there are about 600 slot machines, 70 tables for all types of card games and, of course, American roulette, the very one where the ball, by the will of fate, must choose a red or black hole.

In addition to the main occupation - games, visitors to the complex can dance onconcert venue to the incendiary hits of invited artists, and then wet your throat or refresh yourself in one of nine bars and restaurants. Chefs, by the way, prepare exclusive dishes, and almost half of the laudatory reviews about "Casino Sochi and Resort" is their merit.

The architectural design of the casino was carried out by the well-known American company "Steelman Partners", which has extensive experience in this business: the most famous gambling houses in Macau and Las Vegas were built according to their drawings. The establishment is positioned as a unique five-star vacation destination, the good location of which will also appeal to people who love to ski or spend their days on the beach.

american roulette
american roulette

How to get there

The exact address of "Casino Sochi and Kurort": Adlersky district, Esto-Sadok village, Estonskaya street, 51. It sounds far away, but the administration of the institution has made every effort to create all the highest-class amenities for visitors.

During the entire tourist season, which lasts from mid-May to October, a special comfortable bus runs from the center of Sochi to the casino. Another option would be to take the Lastochka Aeroexpress train directly from the Sochi railway station or Adler airport. The train passes through the station of the village of Esto-Sadok, and from it to the casino is only two kilometers. This path can be covered by taxi, calling the contacts "Casino Sochi and Resort", as well as by bus or even on foot in good sunny weather.

If you are happya privileged card holder, then a luxurious personal luxury car will arrive at any point in Sochi you specify and comfortably take you straight to the gambling house.

gambling zone sochi
gambling zone sochi

Positive feedback

Despite the still weak activity of the gaming industry in Russia, there are more and more people who want to catch their luck by the tail, and they, not sparing words, share their impressions. Real casino reviews in Sochi can be easily found.

First, the good stuff. The most positive feedback from players about "Casino Sochi and Resort" is collected by the general and internal structure of the institution. The infrastructure and the work of the staff is also not satisfactory. In addition, visitors thank the employees for their competent approach to business, courtesy and timeliness of all the necessary manipulations related not only to the game, but also to the personal needs of the guests. Reviews about this casino in Sochi speak of an individual approach to each guest, regardless of his rank.

Negative reviews

Cons, of course, also exist. Some guests lack the function of ordering food directly during the games. You have to get up from the table, go to a restaurant, order food, come back. Food is not served in the hall, and you have to be content with light snacks in a limited range. There are complaints about the ratio of losses and wins, but, according to the assurances of the managers, the institution passes all the necessary checks and no violations are detected by various state regulatory bodies.

Negative feedback about the casino in Sochi is exacerbated by the stories of guests about outrageous, according to them, incidents related either to the incompetence and rudeness of employees, or to deceit, as it seems to customers, during the game. As usually happens in such cases, the administration of the institution does its best to deal with unpleasant stories, as this affects the image of the institution not only in Sochi, but also among international colleagues.

Red Meadow Casino

Another interesting place to try your luck is the Red Meadow casino, which means "Red Meadow" in English. Address: Esto-Sadok settlement, st. Estonskaya, 51. You can get there both on your own and on public transport.

Red Meadow is one of the best gambling places in the Krasnodar Territory. The elite complex is built according to all international standards. In addition to ordinary slot machines, guests can enjoy Russian poker, blackjack, and also tickle their nerves at the tables with American roulette, of which there are 22 in the casino. If you still have the strength and desire, you can look into a separate poker club "Casino Texas Holdem ".

It is worth remembering that a dress code is required in establishments of this level: men are expected in suits and shirts, beautiful ladies will be happy to see them in evening dresses or business suits. Sportswear and beachwear are prohibited, despite the fact that gambling houses are located on the coast.

red mead casino
red mead casino

Reviews about Red Meadow

To say unequivocally that all casino reviews inSochi is only positive, it will not be entirely correct. Of course, the staff and management are doing everything possible to ensure that customers spend their leisure time as comfortably as possible. Among the advantages of Red Meadow, most guests note the friendliness of the staff, a wide selection of gaming areas, as well as delicious cuisine at the casino.

The main disadvantage is not quite convenient location. Some guests note that the gaming complex is quite far away and in bad weather it is not always possible to get to the institution.

Reviews about the casino at Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi are generally positive. But there are also exceptional cases. Do not forget that the casino is a place of gambling, and visitors in the heat of passion can afford too much. In this case, a reliable security system works in the institution. And if the incident occurred through the fault of the staff, the administration will always be happy to meet the client halfway and will do everything possible to ensure that the stay at the casino leaves only positive emotions.

Employee reviews

As for the reviews of employees about the casino in Sochi, then there is a division into two, so to speak, camps. People who work as dealers and croupiers say that in general the work is going well. As in any field, there are various minor misunderstandings and domestic conflicts, but they are quickly resolved so that the issue is finally resolved. However, according to insiders, there is a lot of staff turnover at the casino. This is mainly due to the fact that employees very often have problems with personal documents.

slot machines
slot machines

Casino "Boomerang"

In 2018, the third largest casino, Boomerang, was opened on the territory of the Rosa Khutor resort area. This institution has the status of a democratic, but the number of slot machines and tables is impressive: 20 for American roulette, several for card games and more than two hundred machines.


The leadership of the institution reports on plans for the future: to develop and improve. Documents on the organization of a bar where it will be possible to bet on sports have already been approved. It is planned to open a restaurant and a nightclub. Even now, customers can stay in a small hotel, located right next to the casino. Address: Krasnodar Territory, Esto-Sadok village, Lavender Embankment, 1. The casino is waiting for its guests around the clock.

casino "Boomerang"
casino "Boomerang"

Slot hall "Bonus"

If you are tired of the frenzied ball running in the American roulette at Boomerang casino, change the scene and try your luck on the slot machines. Hall "Bonus" is located nearby and provides guests with about a hundred "armless bandits". The cost of one game is about ten kopecks.

slot hall cards "Bonus"
slot hall cards "Bonus"

Visit Rules

Like any public institution, casinos have their own rules:

  • age 18+;
  • presentable appearance without emphasis on sports, beach or military uniforms;
  • no items that could contaminate or damage personal propertyguests;
  • Entrance with animals is prohibited, except for guide dogs, as well as in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • banned entry to persons denied entry by the gaming establishment.

It is worth considering that people with any diseases must fully restore their he alth before visiting the casino.

Remember that to visit a gaming establishment, identification documents are required: a civil or foreign passport, a military ID or a sailor's passport. A driver's license is not such a document. If you are coming to the resort from abroad, please bring your passport and migration card with you.