Josh Groban: biography and creativity

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Josh Groban: biography and creativity
Josh Groban: biography and creativity

Video: Josh Groban: biography and creativity

Video: Josh Groban: biography and creativity
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Joshua Winslow Groban, better known as Josh Groban, is a North American philanthropist, singer, songwriter, actor, producer, and songwriter. Four of his solo discs went multi-platinum, and in 2007 he was named one of the best-selling artists in the US. He has sold over 21 million discs. It has sold over 35 million copies worldwide to date.


Josh Groban was born on 1981-27-02 in Los Angeles, California. His father is Jewish by origin, has Ukrainian and Polish roots, and his mother is Norwegian. Christopher Groban, his younger brother, was born on the same day as him but four years later.

Josh debuted as a singer in the seventh grade, but later retired for several years. Between 1997 and 1998 he attended the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan, taking courses in musical theater. Then he began to take vocal lessons at this school. He also met his mentor and producer David Foster in 1998.

Josh Groban attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and graduated in 1999. He later graduated from the Department of Dramatic Arts at Carnegie Mellon University, and a yearlater signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records thanks to David Foster.

Groban has worked with Foster as a rehearsal singer for several notable shows, including his 1999 Grammy appearance, where he replaced Andrea Bocelli rehearsing The Prayer with Celine Dion.

Josh Groban: photo from playboy magazine
Josh Groban: photo from playboy magazine


Groban left Carnegie Mellon after just four months of his first semester when Warner Bros Records offered him a recording deal. Of him, Foster said: "I love his natural aptitude for pop and rock, but even more I love his classical leanings. It's a real 'musical power' that needs to be unleashed." Thus, under the patronage of Foster, Josh Groban's debut album was recorded in a classical style. It includes songs such as Gira Con Me and Alla Luce Del Sole.

Under Foster's tutelage, Groban performed There For Me with Sarah Brightman on the 2000–2001 La Luna World Tour, starring in the Luna DVD concert. Shortly thereafter, he performed There For Me with Sarah Brightman and For Always with Lara Fabian for the film Artificial Intelligence directed by Steven Spielberg. He also began participating in charity shows. Among them:

  • "Grand Slam Event: Andre Agassi for Kids" with Don Henley, Elton John, Ronan Keating and Robin Williams, The Corrs and Stevie Wonder;
  • "Muhammad Ali Foundation: Fight Night";
  • "Family holiday" organized to fight against cancer;

Josh was a guest celebrity on Ally McBeal.

His first album was released in 2001 under the name Josh Groban, and the following year he received a Golden Disc award for it. In February 2002, he performed at the closing ceremony of the 2002 Olympic Games in S alt Lake City with The Prayer, singing the song with Charlotte Church. In November of that year, he appeared on the PBS Special, and in December he sang at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, and later at the Vatican at the Christmas Concert. His album Noel was the best-selling album of 2007, selling over 5 million copies.

Josh Groban: photos from a concert in London
Josh Groban: photos from a concert in London

Creativity: the best

Josh Groban has so far released 8 studio albums, 4 live albums and over 30 singles. Among this variety, there are 7 songs loved by everyone:

You Raise Me Up. Until now, Groban has never performed a song more massive, epic or vocally impressive than You Raise Me Up. No matter what kind of music you like, listen to this song. It's not just his best song, but it's a composition that no one could sing like Groban

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up). Many great singles have been released over the years, but You Are Loved is the best of them all. After listening to this Josh Groban song, it's hard not to cheer up at the end of what you've just heard

I Believe. When a performer tries his hand at pop music, it usually causes horror. Groban has more than successfully overcome this trend. His cover of the Stevie Wonder hit was fantastic. He slowed down the song and put his whole soul into it so we knew he could really sing whatever he wanted

February Song. The album Awake remains the best creation. Thanks to him, we got February Song, a beautiful track that has great vocals from the singer that will be remembered for a long time

Remember When It Rained. This song went almost unnoticed when it became the second single from Groser Closer, and there's no reason for that. "Remember When It Rained" is an excellent vocal narration in which Groban shows the clarity of his voice and the high notes for which he is so loved by the public. Don't confuse this version of the song with the later re-release featuring Judith Hill, which is also good, but nowhere near as good as the original

In Her Eyes. You can fully understand the story and the narrator's point of view through the piece. This is a passionate, determined and not like the usual pop music song. Close your eyes and you will see the performer singing with his heart

To Where You Are. Outside the operatic world, there is no one who has such a clean vocal as Josh Groban. To Where You Are is a heartwarming ballad that wonderfully showcases his talent

Josh Groban Top Songs
Josh Groban Top Songs


Together with his mentor David Foster, Josh Groban has performed at various charity events. These include:

  • VH1 Save theMusic;
  • "Concert of Hope";
  • Live 8;
  • The Heart Foundation Gala;
  • "David Foster & Friends Charity Evening".
Josh Groban: photo from Instagram
Josh Groban: photo from Instagram

Visiting South Africa with Nelson Mandela, he created the "D. Groban Foundation" to help African children with education and he alth care. N. Mandela chose him as an official ambassador for his foundation, aimed at helping victims of AIDS in Africa.