How to draw grass with different materials

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How to draw grass with different materials
How to draw grass with different materials

Video: How to draw grass with different materials

Video: How to draw grass with different materials
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Painting landscapes on paper is a very painstaking process. It is often difficult to convey the shape of miniature elements, because of which the realism of the picture suffers. Usually, it is the plant world that becomes a stumbling block for novice artists. In the course of the work, a lot of questions arise, and one of them is: how to draw grass?

Materials and complexity

You can depict vegetation using any art materials, from a simple pencil to pastel. However, the choice of means for a given task significantly affects the complexity of its implementation.

how to draw grass step by step
how to draw grass step by step

For example, oddly enough, it will be most difficult to draw grass with a slate pencil. It will take a lot of effort to achieve a noticeable color transition and highlight each sprout.

It will be a little easier to depict what was conceived with dry pastel, but in this case, knowledge of color or practical skills will be needed. Before drawing the grass, it is advisable to make a few test sketches on a separate sheet.

how to draw grass
how to draw grass

Do workpaints are simple, but for a realistic picture you have to tinker. In nature, the shades of the leaves of one plant may differ, the same happens with grass. Two blades of grass growing side by side are not the same, since the distribution of the pigment is uneven. Thus, when using paints, you will first need to choose the right shades and only after that start creating.

How to draw grass step by step with a pencil

In order to accurately depict the green cover of the soil, you should devote some time to observing it, or at least go through several different photos on the network. It is required to consider in detail the shape of blades of grass, to understand how it behaves under the influence of various factors, and most importantly, how plants look from different angles.

For work you will need:

  • eraser;
  • sheet of paper of any size;
  • pencils of different hardness.


  1. Before you draw grass with a pencil, you should remember that it grows in one direction. Some blades of grass may deviate, but the entire cover should not be ragged and bulging randomly. Guided by this principle, you need to outline a barely noticeable outline of the vegetation, not forgetting the direction of the elements.
  2. Set light accents in the background, focusing on the position of the sun.
  3. More carefully draw the individual elements and the foreground.
  4. Start hatching, adding shadow and placing reflections.

After completing this stage, the drawing is almost ready, it remains only to finalize it and make additionalaccents at the discretion of the artist.

how to draw grass with a pencil
how to draw grass with a pencil

How to draw grass with gouache

The vegetative imaging technique depends on the chosen material. For example, it is quite simple to draw grass with gouache. The principle is the same for the foreground and background.

For drawing you will need a thick brush and a palette with ready-made shades. The whole landscape should be ready by now, the grass is depicted last.

  1. The paint is applied with light strokes from the bottom edge of the sheet. It is advisable to take a little gouache on the brush, otherwise the desired effect will not work.
  2. The length of the stroke depends on the height of the grass. You need to pull it exactly to this point, gradually reducing the pressure on the brush.
  3. The color of the blades of grass should not be the same, so do not try to align it.

This method is not only suitable for filling the foreground. Guided by the principle of how to paint grass with paints, you can stretch the vegetation cover over the entire sheet. In this case, you must first apply short strokes to the background and, after waiting for the gouache to dry, continue to work in layers.

Grass watercolor

In order for a watercolor drawing to come out successful, you need to stock up on masking fluid in advance. It will cover those places that are painted over last (in this case, it is grass).

Painting with watercolors is easy:

  1. You need to make a light pencil sketch of the landscape.
  2. Carefully fill the contour of each blade of grass with masking fluid.
  3. Next tothat part of the sheet that is filled with vegetation can be safely applied with paint, creating a general color background. It is advisable to use several shades of green and yellow. Do not be afraid to paint over areas covered with masking liquid - the product does not let the pigment pass onto the paper and is easily removed along with excess watercolor.
  4. This step should be started when the landscape is almost ready. Before you draw grass, you need to clear the sheet of masking fluid. You can do this with your nails.

On clean areas, all that remains is to paint blades of grass in watercolor. It is worth using shades that were not used to create the background, but close to them, in order to highlight each element.

how to paint grass
how to paint grass


Vegetation cover should be drawn with short hatching, using all the shades of green and yellow available in the arsenal. The main thing in such work is color, therefore accents and chiaroscuro must be placed correctly, preferably, referring to the original.

Especially accurate should be when applying a dark color, since not all light shades are able to paint over it. The same applies to bright yellow.