Tom Kavanagh - known for "Clinic" and "The Flash"

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Tom Kavanagh - known for "Clinic" and "The Flash"
Tom Kavanagh - known for "Clinic" and "The Flash"

Video: Tom Kavanagh - known for "Clinic" and "The Flash"

Video: Tom Kavanagh - known for "Clinic" and "The Flash"
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Successful Canadian actor, screenwriter, director, producer, known to the Russian audience for the series "Clinic" and "The Flash" - Tom Kavanagh. The master of reincarnation in his heroes has a huge number of fans in different countries. The actor managed to participate in 61 films and became the author of several soundtracks for films.

tom kavanagh personal life
tom kavanagh personal life

Family, childhood

The actor was born on 1963-26-10 in Canada (Ottawa) in a large family of Irish Catholics. Full name is Thomas Patrick Kavanagh. He has an older brother and three younger sisters. Just like Tom, one of the sisters has a creative talent: she writes books. She lives in London. Another is an autism specialist in Toronto, and a third is a teacher of religion in Ontario. And the older brother is engaged in jurisprudence and law, works as a prosecutor.

When the boy was 6 years old, his family moved to African Ghana, the city of Winnebu, more like a village. Here the father of the hero worked as a teacher, so the initialHe gave his son his own education. But when the time came for Thomas to move on to the next level of education, the family returned to Lennoxville, Canada, where he began his high school education.


After high school, Tom Kavanagh continues his studies at Shurbrook Seminary and plays on the local Barons basketball team. Education at the Séminaire de Sherbrooke was distinguished by the fact that the entire curriculum was given in French. After that, he enters Lennoxville Champlain College.

Then Tom moves to Montreal and enters Queen's University of Kingston. During his studies, he is actively involved in hockey and basketball, and also enjoys music and theater. It was at the university that I first became truly interested in the specifics of theatrical production.

In his student years, Tom Kavanagh takes part in stage productions, in 1998 he enters the theater stage of Broadway. At that time, the aspiring actor could be seen in performances: Grace, A Chorus Line, Cabaret, Brighton Beach Memoir, the musical Urinetown. Playing basketball, hockey, active creative work did not prevent him from completing his studies and getting a university degree in biology and English.

After some time, the actor who made his name in the creative world appeared on NBC television.

Tom Kavanagh at the press conference
Tom Kavanagh at the press conference

Creative activity

He made his first confident creative steps when he moved to the USA. On Broadway, he was seen in several successful productions. But TomKavanagh, whose biography as a successful actor began in his university years, received true audience recognition only after the play "Shenandoah". After that, he began to be invited to various television and film projects.

With the release of the television series Providence, Tom was noticed not only in the theater, but also in the film industry. In 2000, followed by serious directing and producing activities, acting work in the series "Ed" (Ed) on NBC. In this project, he took part in 83 episodes, playing the main role, for which he subsequently received an award from the TV Guide Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

In the feature film Bang Bang You're Dead, Kavanagh starred alongside fellow crowd favorite Randy Harrison as a teacher. The film on the topic of the day was awarded the Peabody Awards. The next project was known to the Russian audience: he could be seen in the role of Dan Dorian in the series "Clinic".

The next few years Kavanagh works in different genres of cinema:

  • comedy "My former life";
  • melodrama "Gray's Problems";
  • thriller "Worse Than the Storm";
  • a number of other films, including horror.

Surrendering to creativity, the actor does not forget about sports life. So, in 2006, he became a participant in the New York running marathon, where he showed good results. Also this year is marked by the appearance of the actor in the television series Love Monkey, which was criticized and not received high praise. As a result, it was removed from the rental.

Another movie success came after "Horrible Boy" (2007), where Tom Kavanagh plays a former gay hockey player who decides to become a father to an orphan boy with his boyfriend. The film received wide public and artistic discussion, was endorsed by the NHL, and was well received by the public.

In the future, the actor starred in a large number of TV series, also manifests himself as a screenwriter and composer. According to the script he wrote, the film "Clownery" was released in 1992, and in 2003, 2004, Tom became the author of the soundtracks for Face for Radio, Once Upon a Time in New York.

Sometimes Tom's name was confused due to the consonance of surnames with the main character of the series "Pretty Little Liars". It was Toby Cavanagh, the actor who played the role of Keegan Allen. This character has nothing to do with our hero.

Personal Facts

Unlike many movie and television stars, the actor has never hidden his relationship and is proud of his family. Tom Kavanagh, whose personal life, like all public people, is always of interest to journalists and paparazzi, willingly gives interviews on this topic.

In July 2004, a Roman Catholic marriage ceremony took place on the Atlantic Island. Nantucket Massachusetts. Thomas married Maureen Gris, who was a photo editor at Sports Illustrated. The actor himself is from a large family, maybe that's why he also has a large family. The couple has four children: two daughters, Kathy and Alice Ann, and two sons, James and Thomas Jr. happy familylives in Vancouver.

Kavanagh, in addition to filming, is actively involved in charitable activities. Established a special annual all-star basketball tournament in 2008 with all proceeds going to the Nothing But Nets fund to fight malaria in poor countries. This idea came to him as a child, when he lived in African Ghana and could observe the consequences of the disease.

Tom Cavanagh and Melissa Benoist
Tom Cavanagh and Melissa Benoist


Throughout his career, the actor is considered to be in demand. Almost every year films with his participation are released:

  • "Providence" (1999-2000), TV series.
  • "Ed" (2000-2004), series.
  • "Bang Bang You're Dead" (2002).
  • "Clinic" (2002-2009), series.
  • "Worse Than the Storm" (2004).
  • "Alchemy of Feelings" (2005).
  • "Grace's Trouble" (2006).
  • "Two Weeks" (2006).
  • "Barry Bergman" (2006).
  • "How to eat fried worms" (2006).
  • "Sweet Midnight" (2006).
  • "Horrible Boy" (2007).
  • "Apotheosis" (2007).
  • "Snow 2: Brain Freeze" (2008).
  • "Eli Stone" (2008-2009), TV series.
  • "Trust Me" (2009) series.
  • "Yogi Bear" (2010).
  • "Christmas Exchange" (2011).
  • "Dear Doctor" (2011-2012), TV series.
  • "A Killer Among Us" (2012).
  • "Game Maker" (2014).
  • "Flash", "Reverse Flash" (2014 - present), series.
  • "Followers" (2014).
  • "400 days" (2015).
  • "Van Helsing" (2016).
  • "Supergirl" (2017).
  • "Arrow" (2017).
  • "Legends of Tomorrow" (2017).
At the film festival
At the film festival

Tom Kavanagh often appears on television, participates in many projects, continues to act in films. Fans of his talent are waiting for new acting work, and each film adds popularity to his creative piggy bank.