Cool announcements in the toilet for all occasions

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Cool announcements in the toilet for all occasions
Cool announcements in the toilet for all occasions

Video: Cool announcements in the toilet for all occasions

Video: Cool announcements in the toilet for all occasions
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There is no such moment that a person does not visit the bathroom at least once a day. This is a secluded place where you can retire, read the latest press, dream, think, surf the Internet and just relax. Here are the funniest toilet ads people have come across.

Funny signs on the doors

Found the same pranksters who decided to compare the public "resting place" with the store and directly attached to the outside of the door the inscription "Recount!". The thought in my head: what can be counted in the toilet and in what weight measure - liters or kilograms.

"Closed! Lunch break!", "Repair work!" - someone will read it, running to relieve themselves at the very last moment.

"The bullpen is the Room of Pleasant Smells" - one can argue about pleasant smells for a long time.

"Royal Chambers of the White Horse" - the main thing is that the horse does not turn black in a couple of minutes.

"Welcome to the skating rink!" - here it becomes clear what "ice" is.

In the open spaces of women's "retreat rooms"

Funny announcements in the toilet about cleanliness fromcleaners met on the doors and walls of women's bathroom stalls:

  • "Dear princesses! Justify your title at least in the toilet! Make sure that your "fragrant marshmallows" do not fall by!!! Show at least a modicum of respect for ordinary women!!! Administration."
  • "The toilet was not invented for the legs, but for the ass!"
  • "In order not to be in trouble later, stop putting heaps in the bidet."
  • "Men! You are not cats to mark your territory! This is the women's toilet!"

In a public toilet stall, on the toilet bowl, near the flush handle, there is a ladle, and above it there is an inscription "Sorry! Emergency breakdown!".

Funny announcements in the toilet
Funny announcements in the toilet

Inscriptions in the men's toilet

Convincing requests, funny signs, funny announcements in the toilet clearly placed above the urinals:

  • "Sit back!"
  • "Cold beer here!"
  • "Hit the target!"
  • "Sensory urinals! Do not touch with your hands or lips!"
  • "Pity those who go barefoot!"
  • "No swimming or fishing!"
  • "Show you're the king! Don't miss!"
  • "Citizens! Remember! These are not kakuars, but urinals! Poop go to the toilet!"

Fun student times

It's impossible not to remember those smoky institute toilets, when during the breaks everyone went there friendly, and desperate cleaners every now and then found the strength to throw out theiraccumulated emotions on a piece of paper with something like this:

  • "Lovely students! If your parents didn't instill in you the rules for using a flusher, but instead of hands you have hooks! Welcome to the street! Defecate there!"
  • "Don't make a puddle on the floor. People's shoes don't last forever."

Note in the dorm toilet: "Please use the brush." Below is a visitor's note: "Napkins or paper do not count? They are softer."

Public places "waiting"

In one railway station toilet, someone made a great joke, putting nettle leaves instead of toilet paper and pasted the slogan above: "Be closer to nature!".

nettle instead of toilet paper
nettle instead of toilet paper

For fans of extreme sports, an announcement in poetic form in the WS of the aircraft: "There is no better beauty in life than to pee from a height!"