Beautiful and philosophical statuses about a happy woman

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Beautiful and philosophical statuses about a happy woman
Beautiful and philosophical statuses about a happy woman

Video: Beautiful and philosophical statuses about a happy woman

Video: Beautiful and philosophical statuses about a happy woman
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A happy woman can light up the whole world with just her presence. Her positive energy spreads to others, and everyone around becomes warm and joyful. To convey positive and share your mood, you can use statuses about a happy woman.

Statuses about love and happiness of a woman

I'm in heaven with happiness, and don't give me a ladder, I won't tear anyway!

To be happy is to be loved.

My heart is beating very fast, right in the rhythm of happiness.

The best decoration for a woman is happiness.

I don't run after happiness, I sit and wait for it in ambush…

He loved me so much that he was happy about it.

I have a family so I have to be happy.

When you hold me close at night, I find true happiness.

More statuses about a happy woman:

  • You loved me and let happiness into my house.
  • You complimented me this morning - I blossomed in an instant.
  • I'm not jealous of my husband for women, but only for two. To the one who gave birth to him, and to the one that I gave birth to.
  • If a woman sees her husband smile, she finds happiness. After all, he smiles at her…
  • Money can't buy a good mood, but you can give it to me, just smile and hug me.
  • The world created you to make me happy every day.
  • The search is over, I have already found my happiness!
girl dreams
girl dreams

Statuses about a happy woman with meaning

Put on your glasses, today I am shining with happiness.

I don't watch the weather forecast, I have HAPPY weather every day!

I officially authorize this day to be the happiest day of my life.

A woman who loves always has hope and faith in her heart…

My parents tried and made me well-mannered, and you came into my life and made me just happy.

You will never find happiness in marriage if you don't bring it with you.

Many women expect crazy things from men, and only a few are able to actually see them.

A woman doesn't need to be perfect to be happy.

When I'm alone, I listen to myself, and I won't say anything bad to myself.

If you are still looking for the meaning of life, then you have not found your happiness yet.

Choose short statuses about a happy woman.

If you want to be happy, be…

I have an unlimited happiness package.

Please do not disturb me, I am in the happiness zone.

Truth is good, but I prefer happiness.

If life is notpleases - make her happy.

I live by the rules… by the rules of happiness.

I promise myself I will be happy!

The trouble is tired and gone…

Happiness is between us.

girl smiling
girl smiling

Statuses on the topic "I'm happy"

Don't mess with my settings, I'm happy by default.

I tried on happiness and decided that I would not shoot anymore.

Today my happiness is visiting me.

Happiness is the ability to not spoil your mood!

A happy woman cannot be disliked.

Being yourself is even more than happiness.

Life is never happy, there are just happy people.

Statuses about a happy woman, choose:

  • My friend is very beautiful in heels, and I am very happy in slippers.
  • I can do it because I'm already happy.
  • You can't run away from happiness if it's inside you!
  • Happiness is when you wake up every day next to your loved one.
  • You don't need to talk loudly about love, you just need to make your woman happy.
  • I am very happy, I ask the past not to disturb me.
  • A garden blossomed in my heart, a garden of love and happiness.
  • I made the incredibly difficult decision to be happy.
  • You can only cry from happiness.
  • I'm happy, honestly. And I don't imitate!
happy girl
happy girl

Statuses about a happy woman and mother

Happiness exists, I know for sure. I gave birth to him.

Now I am very happy, and I will have a happyfuture because I became a mother.

The happiness of a mother and wife is when everyone is at home, and especially when they are all sleeping…

Childbirth is nothing compared to the happiness you get after it.

A woman gives birth to one child from a good husband, and if he also becomes a good father, she will give him more children.

The mathematicians were definitely wrong: one plus one, still three.

A woman can do a lot, but a mother can do anything!

The smell of a baby makes me happy…

Even on Saturday, instead of my morning sleep, I'm ready to watch cartoons, because I'm a happy mom… But a little sleepy.

Only one child left until the seventh heaven of happiness…


happy mom
happy mom

Statuses about women's happiness

I am doing a very important thing, making myself happy.

I'm so delightfully different, it makes me sure happy!

I have love in my heart and happiness in my soul.

I just believed in my happiness and… it asked me for a hand and a heart.

I will not take revenge on anyone, I will just become happy.

Beautiful statuses about a happy woman.

The main thing is that I'm happy, and what people say doesn't matter anymore.

No matter how happy I am at the moment, I can always make myself even happier. Happiness is within each of us…

Who can be happy without you will not find happiness with you.

Be happy and see the world become happy too…

Everyone around me is good, because today Igood.

I caught happiness and now I won't let go.

Every day I see a happy woman in the mirror.

If you are unhappy, draw your own happiness.

This is not the end, this is another step towards happiness.