The best statuses about life, philosophical and meaningful

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The best statuses about life, philosophical and meaningful
The best statuses about life, philosophical and meaningful

Video: The best statuses about life, philosophical and meaningful

Video: The best statuses about life, philosophical and meaningful
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What is the meaning of life? And what is this life anyway? More than one person has spent his entire life searching for answers to these questions. Are there any answers at all? Perhaps the best statuses about life can at least slightly reveal the secret of its meaning. They will be funny and serious, but all will be meaningful.

Interesting life statuses

If you sit and think too long, you may not have time to live.

For some people, the mind comes only after the appearance of wrinkles.

Life is just a runway, and what awaits us in heaven is not known…

You can't look at life too soberly, otherwise you will get drunk.

Only after the darkest sunset comes the brightest dawn.

You should be happy about trifles, not get depressed over them.

When you point out other people's faults, you multiply yours.

Someone else's wings won't help, you should definitely grow your own.

Sometimes minutes are longer than years.

Some people, in order to climb to the top, you must first visit a big … hole.

What a pity that life is givenno instructions.

If you have nothing, remember that you have life, and it has everything.

Remember: you are not for life, but on the contrary, it is for you.

Stop inventing obstacles for yourself and life will be beautiful.

thinking about the meaning
thinking about the meaning

The best statuses about life with meaning

Give people a second chance, not a third!

Man is like the sea, at first only the surface is visible.

You shouldn't cross the ocean for a man who won't jump over a puddle for you.

No matter where they hide from problems, they still know where to find us.

There is no need to thank for kindness, because it in itself is gratitude.

Actually, real life is one that some only dream of, while others dare not even dream of.

Sometimes life is better than even the wildest expectations.

Time is like the fabric that makes up our whole life.

Life is fleeting, but sometimes boredom makes it longer.

Here are even better life statuses:

Ask a lot from life to get something.

You can understand who is in front of you, a good or a bad person, only by reading his mind.

Why try to subjugate others if sometimes you can't control yourself.

In life, as in the ring, you need to know how to fight!

It's extremely hard to live easy…

No need to take revenge on people for insults, you just need to learn to be happy and they will not be able to survive!

Don't expect life to hit you, always strike first.

Egoism is not when you live likewant to. And then when you make others live like that.

thinking about life
thinking about life

Life statuses

Does a person have brains, you can understand without an x-ray.

Life length cannot be adjusted, but width and depth can be adjusted.

Life is very short, no need to waste time talking about it.

You can speak beautifully, but it is very difficult to learn how to be silent.

The past only needs to be taken into account, you need to live in the present, and you need to look to the future.

Let dreams into your life and you will live as you dreamed.

The strength of every woman is in her weakness.

Only he who does not try to hold on to anything will get everything.

Even better statuses about life, choose:

We build ourselves a fence from a beautiful life. With their "ugly", "impossible", "indecent", "I can't", "it won't work".

You can immediately see the fool, he himself calls everyone around fools.

For stupid people the world seems simple and clear, but for smart people the world is full of riddles and secrets.

If you understand life, you will stop rushing somewhere…

beautiful moon
beautiful moon

The best philosophical statuses about life

Philosophical good statuses with meaning about life:

Everyone will get the life they believe in.

Often, saying goodbye to childhood, we say goodbye to our sincerity.

You should only surround yourself with people you need to grow up to.

Even if a diamond falls into a swamp, it will still remainprecious.

Learn to live your own experience, someone else's will still fail.

Everyone is the author of their own life.

Of course you can argue with me, but you will lose!

Don't save money for a rainy day, otherwise it will definitely come.

You can only find out the meaning of life after death, looking back and looking at what you spent it on.

The more you study this world, the more you realize that you know nothing.

All life is a constant choice between good and evil.

Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself

The best statuses about life

The longer the wait, the less likely it will come true.

And only in dreams do we become ourselves…

Only in solitude can you hear your true inner voice.

Even cacti can be more tender than some people.

When you play cards with life and you have every chance to win, she suddenly offers to play chess…

Life is like a bad road, throwing you from side to side.

Stop limiting yourself and start living!

If you meet on the way a person who wants to offend you, it means that he is even worse than you.

If you work all your life, then you will not have time to earn money.

Some more better statuses about life with meaning:

All mothers' children are geniuses, but for some reason from stupid husbands…Paradox!

All life is spent in the fight against the evil that lives inside of us.

When you hear a lot of words from a friend, do not expect help from him, realfriends do not need many words to help.

If you have someone to strive for and achieve, then you can achieve everything you dream of.

Life is short so don't waste it in a bad mood.