Natalia Oreiro: height, weight, figure parameters. What figure does Natalia Oreiro have now?

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Natalia Oreiro: height, weight, figure parameters. What figure does Natalia Oreiro have now?
Natalia Oreiro: height, weight, figure parameters. What figure does Natalia Oreiro have now?

Video: Natalia Oreiro: height, weight, figure parameters. What figure does Natalia Oreiro have now?

Video: Natalia Oreiro: height, weight, figure parameters. What figure does Natalia Oreiro have now?
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This year, Natalia Oreiro, height, weight and other information about which many fans are interested, celebrates her 37th birthday. The famous singer and actress charmed with her beauty, but do all fans know at least some facts from her biography? How do celebrities still remain beautiful and slim? After reading the publication, the reader will know the answers to these questions.

Childhood of the future celebrity

Natalia Oreiro height and weight
Natalia Oreiro height and weight

Natalia Oreiro was born on 1977-19-05 in Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay), located in the eastern direction of Latin America on the border with Argentina.

At the time of birth, Natasha already had a four-year-old sister, Adriana. The girls' parents are simple people who earn little but enough to live on. Carlos Alberto was a salesman and Mabel Iglesias was a hairdresser in a beauty salon. Despite the fact that there was a rich set of professional tools at home, among them, little Natasha was only interested in a comb, with which she was happytwirled in front of the mirror, imagining herself a singer. Did the little girl know that in twenty years the biography, height, weight and other parameters of Natalia Oreiro would be of interest to millions of fans?

The family of the future celebrity had to go through more than 20 moves. The girl studied at an ordinary school, but at the age of 8 she became very interested in theater and enrolled in various circles. Since hobbies did not interfere with studies, parents supported the abilities of their youngest and very talented daughter.

Like all teenagers, Natalia had her idols. Among them was Marilyn Monroe, but she really liked the Los-Ramones band, for the sake of attending the concert of which she even deceived her parents, saying that she would stay with her friend for two days. The viewing experience was the most amazing!

The beginning of an artistic career

how old is Natalia Oreiro
how old is Natalia Oreiro

For the first time on the TV screen, Natalia appeared at the age of 12, starring in Uruguayan commercials for two years. During this time, more than 30 videos of various companies were recorded. This was her first practice.

In 1991, the girl was chosen as an assistant to Shusha (Brazilian television star) traveling to various countries where the celebrity presented her television programs. So Natalia slowly began to become famous. In parallel with filming, she took part in castings in Buenos Aires, although she had to spend almost all the money she earned on travel.

In 1993, the girl received a small role in the television series "Highcomedy", but due to lack of finances, he never came out on the screens. By that time, Natasha had already ceased to be the accompanying Shushi and refused the offer to represent MTV in Latin America. Natalia Oreiro, whose height, weight and biography at that time was still of little interest to anyone, a year later received a more important role in the film "Unruly Heart". In 1995, she starred in the film adaptations of "Sweet Anna" and "Model 90-60-90".

Major achievements in creative career

Natalia Oreiro figure parameters
Natalia Oreiro figure parameters

1997 was a particularly significant year for the young actress. She landed her first lead role alongside Diego Ramos through an offer from Canal-9 to star in the television series The Rich and Famous, which she couldn't refuse. The TV series had high viewing ratings, and fans began to be interested in various questions: how much Natalia Oreiro weighs, where she was born and other facts from her biography.

In 1998, the young actress began working with Te Le Fe. Director Gustavo Yankelevich offered the girl to shoot in the film Argentine in New York. Natasha did not immediately agree, because she actively participated in the work on the television series Casablanca, where she played the main role, but then difficulties arose and the shooting was stopped. Then the girl decided to accept Gustavo's proposal, not counting on much success. To translate the director's ideas, professional skills were required, but Natalya coped with everything. The film was a huge success. It became known to everyone that Natalya is not only a talented actress, but also a singer with amazingvocal data!

In October of the same year, with the support of Gustavo, the first solo album "Natalia Oreiro" was recorded. After its release, it managed to sell about 140 thousand copies of the disc, for which the actress and vocalist received a double platinum award.

Do you know how old Natalia Oreiro was when she starred in the famous series "Wild Angel", which became a real triumph? This happened in 1999, that is, at the age of 22. The girl got the main role of a charming and courageous maid Milagros Exposito Di Carlo (nickname - Cholito) together with another actor - Facundo Arana (Ivo Di Carlo). Many people still call Natalia by the name from this series and think that she and Facundo are in reality also in love with each other. The series "Wild Angel" further ignited the fire of celebrity fame and strengthened the interest of fans in her vocal abilities, since almost all the tracks in this film were performed by her.

Musical creativity and tours

After filming the series "Wild Angel", Natalia Oreiro left for Los Angeles and recorded a new album "Tu Veneno" ("Your Poison"), which became a real achievement for the vocalist: 45 thousand copies sold in Israel and 40 thousand in Argentina. The most popular songs were "Rio de la Plata", "Tu Veneno". Among them was the composition "Como te Olvido", for which they even shot a spectacular video.

Natalia Oreiro, whose height, weight, age and huge talent helped her become a real celebrity, in 2001 for the first time made a world tour of Europe and Latin America. She even visited Russia, speaking inKremlin Palace.

After filming a new film (in 2003), the girl again went on tour and recorded the album "Turmalina", consisting of 11 songs. This is a unique disc, and its tracks are dedicated not only to the theme of love, but also to the environment of a person, his influence on nature. Some of them are written in the style of rock.


how much does Natalia Oreiro weigh
how much does Natalia Oreiro weigh

After the filming of "Wild Angel", a new humorous series "Kachorra" was released. How old Natalia Oreiro was at that time, not everyone knows. In it, she played the role of the cheerful Antonia Guerrero, together with Pablo Rago. For filming, the girl had to radically change her image: dye her hair a fiery red color and make an asymmetrical haircut. The television series "Kachorra" appeared on TV screens in 2002 (May) and was received by the audience with great warmth.

After a long creative work, 12 months later, the melodrama "Cleopatra" was released, telling about the difficult life of the heroines. The main role was played by Natalia Oreiro, whose figure parameters, discography and personal life continued to excite fans. In the series, she again got the role of a girl named Milagros.

In 2004, the famous actress reincarnated as Carmen in the film "Wish Town". At the age of 28, she took part in the filming of "To the Rhythm of Tango", "Possible Lives", "Trophies".

Another series with the participation of the talented celebrity "You are my life" was released on TV screens in 2006-2007, again connecting the main characters Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana. How old was Natalia Oreiro at the time of filming, it is difficultdetermine immediately, because she played the role of professional boxer Esperanza Munoz ("Cute") - a mischievous and cheerful girl, who was a thirty-year-old lady!

In 2014, the release of new films with her participation is planned: "Angel" and "Blue Mauritius".

What does Natalia Oreiro look like now?

Natalia Oreiro's parameters
Natalia Oreiro's parameters

Natalia Oreiro was able to achieve dizzying success in her career not only thanks to her talent, but also to her slender figure. Today, at 37 years old, she still remains in excellent physical shape: with a height of 1.74 meters, she weighs only 54 kg. It's every girl's dream! How does Natalia Oreiro retain her attractiveness, height, weight and other data about which fans are interested?

The celebrity never aspired to become the same as the emaciated modern models. An active lifestyle and special diets help her maintain her ideal figure. Celebrity has long been fond of fitness and continues to regularly train with a personal trainer. In addition, she runs a little in the morning, dances.

Vegetarian diet of Natalia Oreiro

Until 2005, the girl never excluded meat from her diet, and today a vegetarian diet is part of her life. This way of eating cleanses the body and facilitates the work of the kidneys. It prohibits the use of dairy products, eggs, any kind of alcohol, a large amount of strong coffee. Do not forget about two liters of clean water.

For breakfast you can drink tea or a cup of natural espresso, bran bread. For lunch, pasta (rice), fruit salad withoutcream. For dinner, it is better to eat vegetables: soup, stew, to which nuts can be added. Dessert - apples baked with cinnamon and honey. It is allowed to add sugar (5 g) to tea or fruits and natural fruit marmalade (up to 50 g). The diet is designed for an active lifestyle and contains 2000 kcal. Thanks to him, Natalia Oreiro is still slim!

Private life

Natalia Oreiro height weight age
Natalia Oreiro height weight age

In 1994, during the filming of the film "Unruly Heart" Natalia Oreiro met Pablo Echchari, whom she married. Unfortunately, over time, their marriage broke up, which the celebrity was very worried about. For this reason, she even dramatically changed her image.

Over time, all the pain passed, and the girl met the man of her life - Ricardo Mollo, Argentine guitarist, leader of the Dividos group. Their marriage took place on a ship, where the newlyweds swore eternal love and made tattoos on each other's ring fingers. At 34, the girl gave birth to a boy.

Many are interested in the question of how a celebrity achieved a slim figure even after giving birth? Are there special diets? In fact, you do not need to torture the body with hunger. The "Wild Angel" star regularly works out, runs and leads a he althy lifestyle.

That's what Natalia Oreiro is! The height, weight and biography of a celebrity will be of interest to fans of this wonderful singer and actress for a long time to come. For her age, she still has a very slim and beautiful figure. Her creativity does not stop, but is constantly at work, thereforesoon we will see Natalia Oreiro again on TV screens.