Biography of Zhanna Friske. Zhanna Friske: personal life and illness
Biography of Zhanna Friske. Zhanna Friske: personal life and illness

Video: Biography of Zhanna Friske. Zhanna Friske: personal life and illness

Video: Biography of Zhanna Friske. Zhanna Friske: personal life and illness
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Today Zhanna Friske is known to many people in Russia. She is a pop singer, film actress and even a TV presenter. The fate, personal life, he alth and biography of Zhanna Friske are of interest to all her fans. In 1993-2003, she was the lead singer of the Brilliant group, after which she began solo performances. The girl took part in the project "The Last Hero" and achieved success in the cinema. Last year, she had a child from her beloved man, and in January 2014, terrible news became known.

Zhanna Friske biography personal life
Zhanna Friske biography personal life

Zhanna Friske's family

The real name of the singer is Zhanna Vladimirovna Kopylova. The future celebrity was born on July 8, 1974 in Moscow. Her father, Vladimir Friske (b. 1952), was an artist until the age of 30, after which he became involved in business. Mom - Olga Vladimirovna Kopylova (b. 1951) - Ural Cossack. The performer has a sisterNatalia, who also performed in the Brilliant group in 2007-2008. My grandmother's name is Paulina Vilgelmonovna Friske, she lives in the Odessa region. At first, my grandmother worked as a milkmaid on a farm, then as an administrator of a local hotel, a cook and a waitress. Jeanne has cousins and brothers living in Ukraine. It turns out that the girl had a twin brother, with whom they were born seven months old, but turned out to be very weak and died.

The family of Zhanna Friske often changed their place of residence in her school years. They even had to live in communal apartments for some time. The singer's parents were very strict and controlled her until the age of 24. However, the celebrity considers them the closest and dearest people in his life.

Childhood of the performer

The girl was a real dreamer and for a long time believed in a fairy tale that a bunny comes on New Year's Eve and gives gifts. She left carrots and cabbage leaves for him. One day, the parents betrayed themselves by leaving sweets under the tree, which had been lying in a vase in the kitchen for a long time. So little Zhanna in the 5th grade realized that there was no bunny.

At the age of four, she earned her first money (3 rubles 79 kopecks), collecting spikelets in her grandmother's village, in the Odessa region. The little girl will remember this day for the rest of her life. As a child, the girl became interested in dancing, ballet, acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics and sports dancing.

The biography of Zhanna Friske contains information that she studied at school 406 in Perovo (Moscow region). There, the girl actively took part in school activities, attending ballroom dancing, acrobatics andgymnastics. It was in the nineties that she first visited television, participating in the filming of commercials for exercise equipment and vacuum cleaners.

Young years of Zhanna Friske

After graduating from school in 1991, young Jeanne goes to study at the Moscow Institute of Culture at the Faculty of Choreography. She studied there for only 3 years. Later, the future celebrity tried her hand at journalism, enrolling in the correspondence department, but also never learned.

Until the summer of 1992, Zhanna and her friends often traveled to Germany, where she met and met for some time with a we althy businessman. In the same period, the girl hardly entered the law school, but here, too, educational activities remain in the background, since Zhanna is busy with love affairs. Oddly enough, this is what helped her a lot in life.

Zhanna Friske's work
Zhanna Friske's work

Career Influenced Acquaintance

Once in the club "Pilot" the girl was dancing on the court as usual. She could not even imagine that her professional movements might be of interest to the future investors of the Brilliant group - Andrei Shlykov and Andrei Grozny, who ended up in the same place. The biography of Zhanna Friske is supplemented by a new event: she received an offer to start a career in the Brilliant group. It was simply impossible to refuse him. Immersed in rehearsals and recording, she did not pass the winter session of the 4th course.

Creative career of the vocalist in the group "Brilliant"

In March 1995, the first tryouts took place, and the group "Brilliant" was created. Thereafterthe performer quits her previous studies and enters the choreographic department at the Moscow Institute of Culture. Spending a lot of time in the studio, the girl simultaneously worked as a sales manager at the Perovo furniture store. At the same time, Zhanna is in no hurry to take the stage while her colleagues Olga Orlova, Polina Iodis and Varya Koroleva are performing.

The beginning of Zhanna Friske's career in the "Brilliant" group - 1996. During this period, the album "There, Only There" was released, with which real glory comes to her very quickly. This was also helped by invented stories in the media about an affair with famous representative personalities (Fomin Mitya (Hi-Fi), Alexei Serov from Disco Crash), but the girl spread all this gossip in order to divert attention from the real chosen one.

The song “Chao, bambina” became the most popular, and the video for it was recognized as the most attention-grabbing video of the year. There were too explicit scenes in it, which had to be cut out for the sake of being aired by central television channels. The career of a young vocalist was once in jeopardy because of her father, who was not satisfied with her excessive nudity. Thanks to her mother, the work of Zhanna Friske was not interrupted.

the beginning of the career of janna friske
the beginning of the career of janna friske

During the period the singer was in the group, 4 discs were written, including such songs as “Flowers”, “Clouds”, “Cha-cha-cha”, “New Year”, “And I kept flying”, “Where are you, where”, “White snow”, “Over the four seas” and others. 3 concert programs were released and many video clips were shot. The paparazzi officially recognized the "Brilliant" as the best femaleteam. They actively performed at various corporate parties and team concerts. In many ways, the vocal data of the soloist Zhanna and her plasticity influenced the success. She knows more than her colleagues about the world of fashion, both stage and casual.

The influence of the Last Hero project on creativity

Popular performer Zhanna Friske, whose biography, personal life and work is full of interesting events, turned out to be an extreme personality. The girl not only took part in the fourth and fifth seasons of the Last Hero project, but also reached the final in both seasons. She told reporters that it was very difficult to live on the island, but in general, the events had a positive effect on her. Zhanna believes that such a test allows you to discover many hidden abilities in a person that he is not aware of. Living in natural conditions, without the usual amenities of civilization, the girl was able to understand herself. Thanks to this, she rethought her life and returned to Moscow with fresh thoughts, having lost 8 kg.

After the project "The Last Hero" Zhanna Friske's biography is supplemented with new events. In 2003, the performer decided to leave the group "Brilliant" to engage in solo work, continuing to collaborate with Andrei Shlykov and Andrei Grozny. In 2005, her first solo album, Zhanna, was created, from which the songs “Somewhere in the Summer” and “La-la-la” occupied the first lines of the charts. In 2006, the single and video clip "Malinki" was recorded, in 2007 - "I Was". The following year, the video "Zhanna Friske" and some others were released. In 2011, the song "Younearby” and the video clip “Pilot” was filmed, and in 2012 the hit “Forever” was created.

Zhanna Friske singer biography
Zhanna Friske singer biography


Zhanna Friske is a singer whose biography is filled with interesting events, sometimes not related to vocal activity. She tested her strength in filming. She began her acting career in 2004, playing the fearless Alisa Donnikova in the blockbuster Night Watch. It is surprising that the girl performed all the difficult tricks herself, without requiring the help of understudies. Zhanna was very happy to work with other actors of this film: Gosha Kutsenko, Valery Zolotukhin, Nikolai Olyalin, Konstantin Khabensky. She believes that it was easy for her to play her role thanks to the environment of professionals. In 2005, the celebrity took part in the filming of "Day Watch", and five years later in the film "What Men Talk About" and in the detective story "Who Am I?".

The popular vocalist also starred for various magazines: "OK!", "Elle", "Allure", "Maxim", "Tob Beaty", "InStyle", "FHM". Zhanna Friske, whose biography, personal life and work became associated with television, in 2011-2012 became the host of the scandalous reality show "Vacations in Mexico" on the MTV channel. She simultaneously performed at concerts and participated in the project "Circus with the Stars".

Zhanna Friske Awards

The pop star in question has received many prizes for her work. In 2006, she was awarded a prize in the nomination "Best Actress" for her participation in the film "Day Watch". Glamor magazine named her Singer of the Year in 2006 and 2009. In 2007 shereceived awards on the MUZ-TV channel for the song "Malinki" in the nominations "Best Video", "Best Duet", "Best Performer". The golden gramophone was awarded to the vocalist in 2010 for the single "And the white sand on the sea." Two years later, Jeanne owned the award for the reality show "Vacation in Mexico" in the nomination "Fashion presenter".

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske
Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske

Personal life of Zhanna Friske

Charming girl attracted the representatives of the stronger sex with her appearance. However, she prefers not to talk about her personal life. About marriage, the celebrity said that while she was comfortable outside of marriage, and that she would not marry just for the sake of society's opinion. The wedding will only happen if she herself comes to such a decision.

Despite Friske's desire to hide novels, some events still came out. Her first lover was businessman Ilya Mitelman, with whom a serious relationship developed. He helped her a lot in show business, and it even went to the wedding. However, the couple broke up. There is an opinion that the girl met with Vlad Topalov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Sergey Amoralov.

An affair with Dmitry Shepelev

Rumors that Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske are dating (since the summer of 2011) were confirmed by persistent journalists, although the couple hid everything until the last. This information was confirmed by the guy's colleague, Yuri Nikolaev, who noticed that falling in love made a completely different person out of Dima. There is an opinion that the young people were going to play a wedding, for which they were preparing for a very long time and seriously. The wedding was supposed to take place on the Day of the end of the world 12/12/12, but the couple did not sign, but did not break up either. It became known that in the fall of the same year, the popular vocalist became pregnant.

Zhanna Friske gave birth to a child
Zhanna Friske gave birth to a child

7.04.2013 a happy event happened - Zhanna Friske gave birth to a child. It happened at a time when Dmitry and her parents were in Miami. The boy was named Plato. Information about the pregnancy was also carefully concealed, but when the singer had a tummy, it was already pointless to do so.

What happened to Zhanna Friske?

After the birth of the child, the vocalist began to experience severe headaches. In the fall of 2014, Zhanna stopped appearing in public, as well as posting current photos.

The first information that she had a serious illness appeared in the media on 01/15/14. This became known when journalists photographed a girl at Sheremetyevo Airport on a medical gurney and suggested that she was sick. For clarification of the data, they turned to Jeanne's common-law husband. He decided that it was necessary to inform the fans about the ordeal that had fallen on their family, and therefore said that the celebrity had cancer. The man asked to support her with kind words and prayers. The family refrains from commenting in order to concentrate their efforts on Zhanna's treatment.

what happened to janna friske
what happened to janna friske

The he alth of the performer

20.01.2014 information appeared on the official website of the vocalist that Zhanna Friske's illness turned out to beserious. Her father explained that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. This version was confirmed by the chief oncologist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Mikhail Davydov. In January, Jeanne was treated at a clinic in New York. For this purpose, even on the first channel, the program “Let them talk” was held, where they organized a fundraising for the treatment of the disease. On January 24, almost 66.447 million rubles were raised. On the Rusfond website, the singer thanked everyone who helped her.

Forecast about the state of Zhanna Friske

27.01.14 Andrey Shlykov reported that doctors from the clinic where the vocalist is staying give positive forecasts for her recovery. On January 31, the treatment was paid for and money was reserved for further hospitalization. The remaining funds are intended for the treatment of children with cancer who are on the waiting list.

This is the biography, activities and life of the popular vocalist Zhanna Friske. Fans continue to believe in the singer's recovery and hope that she will return to the stage again with new hits.