Mikhail Streltsov: biography, poems and his folk songs

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Mikhail Streltsov: biography, poems and his folk songs
Mikhail Streltsov: biography, poems and his folk songs

Video: Mikhail Streltsov: biography, poems and his folk songs

Video: Mikhail Streltsov: biography, poems and his folk songs
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Streltsov Mikhail is a writer who loved to write prose, the author of many essays and a famous translator. He was a talented and successful person. In addition, in some stories he proved to be a subtle psychologist. In the article we will tell about the fate of this famous person.

Mikhail Streltsov: biography

The future writer was born in 1937 on February 14th. The village of Sychin is the birthplace of Mikhail, which was located on the territory of today's Slavgorod district of the Mogilev region of Belarus. The writer's father was an ordinary but intelligent man and worked as a teacher in the village.

Mikhail graduated from high school in 1954. After that, he entered the philological faculty of journalism of the Belarusian State University. V. I. Lenin, where he studied for 5 years. He graduated from the institute in 1959. Immediately went to work in the newspaper "Literature and Arts", where he worked until 1961.

Streltsov Prize
Streltsov Prize

Then the writer worked in the oldest political magazine "Polymya" from 1961 to 1962. Then he moved to the literary and art magazine "Maladosts", where he worked until 1968. The leadership of the newspaper "Litaratura and Mastatsva" persuaded to returnMikhail to them on more favorable terms, and he agreed, where he worked until 1972.

Already in 1984, Streltsov was offered to become the head of the art department. He gladly began to work in this position, where he also achieved success. At the same time, he received a good salary. Of course, he did not want to lose a lucrative job, so he tried to stay in this place as long as possible. However, he did not forget about his passion and wrote prose in his spare time.

In August 1987, Streltsov died of esophageal cancer. The writer was buried in Minsk at the Chizhovsky cemetery.


The author's debut took place in 1957 in the magazine Maladost'. It published the story "At Home". Streltsov's first collection was published in 1962 under the title "Blakitny Vecer", in which the writer proved himself not only a good psychologist, but also an expert on life and life in cities and villages.

Mikhail published in 1966 a wonderful collection of "The Hay on the Asph alt", where he was able to reveal human psychology in the most amazing way. The story was about a student who, until recently, was a village man, but became a city man. Here he showed a harmonious combination of emotion and intelligence.

Over time, the author has a collection, which contains the best works.

Streltsov's collection
Streltsov's collection

Already in 1970, Streltsov published the story "Adzin paw, adzin chun", which described the character of one teenager in the post-war period. It was a psychological story, which is quite difficult to read, but in itthere are many learning points. It was here that the writer revealed the fact how difficult it is to survive in difficult conditions, and how children can adapt to this.

In 1973, a collection of poems "The Juniper Bush" was released. It was he who gave color to the writer's work, where subtle psychology and lyrical reflection were felt.

In many poems and collections of prose one could feel the sincerity, sincerity of the author, his purity and fidelity to human calling. All these works make you think about the meaning of life, what we do wrong. It is they who give each person confidence in the future.

Many books in prose (stories, novellas) were published by the author in 1986-1987:

  • "Padarozha beyond the city";
  • "Selected";
  • "On uspamin ab happy";
  • "My candles are clear".

The writer combined impressionistic manners and intellect in his work. Many literary scholars argue that Streltsov Mikhail Mikhailovich is more of a philological generation.

Many of the collections were translated into Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, English, Italian. Streltsov himself also participated in this process.


Mikhail Streltsov wrote a lot of poems. In addition, he published prose, essays, novels and short stories. Some of the works were even translated from Belarusian into Russian:

  • "Juniper bush";
  • "The shadow of the oar";
  • "My clear light";
  • "Moreand tomorrow";
  • "Life in the word";
  • "In sight";
  • "The Riddle of Bogdanovich";
  • "Print Master";
  • Young Guard and others

Mikhail also wrote a literary-critical collection, where he ex alted and analyzed great people: Bogushevich, Kupala, Rusetsky, Bogdanovich, Chernoy, Gartny, Kolas, Dubovka, Kuleshov, Byaduli, Goretsky and others.

Prizes and awards

Thanks to his poetic and dramatic work in Belarusian, the writer was awarded the Yanka Kupala Literary Prize.

This award deserves only those authors who have really proven their skills in poetry and prose. In addition, the writer had to publish his collections.

Streltsov Prize
Streltsov Prize

Streltsov had such a book, for which he was awarded. This is a collection of poems "My clear light".


Mikhail Streltsov was a sincere person and this can be seen from his works. Only such an honest author will be able to write pure, sincere and instructive stories.

Creativity of Mikhail Streltsov
Creativity of Mikhail Streltsov

Mikhail Streltsov was able to prove that it is thanks to frankness and feelings that one can live and enjoy life, and also convey this state of mind to people around.