Sketchbook: what can you draw in a notebook? Tips & Tricks
Sketchbook: what can you draw in a notebook? Tips & Tricks

Video: Sketchbook: what can you draw in a notebook? Tips & Tricks

Video: Sketchbook: what can you draw in a notebook? Tips & Tricks
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Keeping a creative notebook or sketchbook is an important element of any business that is related to creativity. It inspires, helps to think over and implement new ideas, and, of course, develops imagination. A drawing pad is something that artists, designers, jewelers, fashion designers cannot do without. It is also a constant companion of people of creative professions when traveling, in transport, in cafes and at home. What can be drawn in a sketchbook and how to work with it? You will find tips and tricks in this article.

Sketchbook or creative notebook - what is it?

A sketchbook is a notebook or an album in which you can create as your heart desires. What can you draw in a notebook or sketchbook? You can make sketches of surrounding objects, various sketches, paste pictures into it that please the eye, decorate each spread in your own style and much more.

In short, a drawing pad or sketchbook is a pantry of ideas that a person creates on their own.

what can you draw in a notebook
what can you draw in a notebook

What to use as a sketchbook?

As a sketchbook, you can use various notebooks and notepads of any shape and size. It is not at all necessary that a large notebook act as a sketchbook: it can even be a palm-sized notebook. The main thing is that you like it, and you want to draw in it. You can even make a sketchbook yourself if you didn't find the right one in the store.

What can you draw in a creative notebook?

So we got a sketchbook. What to draw in it? There are no rules here, there are only ideas that you would like to express on paper. However, as a rule, you always want everything to be perfect and beautiful. There is a fear of ruining a brand new sketchbook. So, first of all, you need to understand that it exists only for you to spoil it.

Yes, if you wish, you can draw in a notebook with a pen on a fine pen, turn over a palette with watercolors, smear it with dirt. But so you don't waste time coming up with ideas for your sketchbook, here are a few options for how you can design the first pages.

cell drawing
cell drawing

Sketchbook as a personal diary

This is, of course, as you wish, but it's better not to show your creative notebook to anyone. So you will not be afraid that some drawings turn out badly or simply not the way you wouldwanted. If you know that no one else will see the flaws except you, you can completely relax and immerse yourself in the creative process. Let the sketchbook not be beautiful in the classical sense of the word, but it will constantly delight and inspire you.

Picture yourself

What can I draw in a notebook or sketchbook? First of all, beloved. If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, it is not at all necessary to draw a portrait. Draw how you see or feel at the moment.

Draw a pet

What can I draw in a notebook for creativity? Something that inspires and delights us every day. Pets are the most classic example. And it doesn't matter if it's a purebred British cat or a white decorative rabbit.

draw in a notebook with a pen
draw in a notebook with a pen

Draw your favorite movie

In a creative notebook, you can draw the characters of your favorite series, just in time for the new series. Or you can dedicate a spread to the plot of your favorite action movie.

Picture your zodiac sign

He can be drawn either in the night sky or as an animal or object, or as a girl or boy.

Draw food

What can I draw in a notebook or sketchbook? Draw what you ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or maybe you would love to illustrate your favorite cookie recipe?

drawing pad
drawing pad

Celled drawings

You can devote a wholereversal. Remember how in boring lessons you painted the last sheets of notebooks and repeat this in your creative notebook.

In addition, drawing by cells is an exciting activity for both children and adults. It originates from cross-stitch, so popular in Russia. Drawing by cells will help prepare your child for school and prevent such common learning difficulties as restlessness, absent-mindedness and underdevelopment of spelling vigilance.

Drawing by cells is good for you and your baby, because it helps to develop spatial imagination, coordination, perseverance, fine motor skills and voluntary attention.

Tips for keeping a creative notebook

First and foremost, accept that you will make mistakes at times. This is an inevitable part of learning. Remember that the lesson we learn from a mistake is much more memorable than the one we learned on the first try.

Don't let the fear of failure paralyze your creativity. Even a professional can make mistakes. It doesn't matter how good you are, how many notebooks you fill from cover to cover, or how much you draw - no one is safe from a mistake. Moreover, it is okay to make mistakes.

big notebook
big notebook

Don't judge or compare your work with others. There are very few things that can demotivate as much as these. There will always be someone else's work that you will like much more than your own. And that's good: it means you still have room to grow.

Draw inpleasure! If creativity does not bring you joy, then what is the point of continuing to do it? Creativity itself implies that it will be, if not fun, then at least a pleasure. If you do not enjoy the process, then you should consider whether it is needed at all. In addition, learning is faster and more successful if what we do is to our liking.