"Suicide Squad": characters and actors. Who's Who in the Squad?
"Suicide Squad": characters and actors. Who's Who in the Squad?

Video: "Suicide Squad": characters and actors. Who's Who in the Squad?

Video: "Suicide Squad": characters and actors. Who's Who in the Squad?
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2016 is a real treat for comic book lovers. After all, this year there are so many premieres from DC and Marvel! In anticipation of the expected hit, let's take a look at the main characters and the actors who will play them in the film "Suicide Squad".

suicide squad characters
suicide squad characters

Film Characters

The Suicide Squad is a team of supervillains on a mission that doesn't involve survival. And here's who represents her.

Amanda Waller - Viola Davis

The actress who gave the audience the unprincipled lawyer Annalize Keating, Viola Davis, will this time embody the one who created the "Suicide Squad" on the screen. Characters under her control - she has not only physical influence on her mercenaries, but also manipulative leverage.

Amanda's nickname is The Wall, and it was given to her for a reason. She is an iron lady who will not fail, but she will also spare no one.

Deadshot - Will Smith

Crowd favorite Will Smith in Squad is a shooter who never misses. The grouping is called"Suicide Squad" - The characters must not return alive from the mission, but Floyd Lawton (Deadshot's real name) hopes not only for this, but also for release, amnesty and a happy family reunion.

He is extremely fond of Harley Quinn, with whom he constantly flirts.

Harley Quinn - Margot Robbie

Suicide Squad movie characters
Suicide Squad movie characters

Here's the one that really sticks in the minds of the fans is Harley, Margot Robbie's gorgeous Harley.

The Joker's girlfriend is as unpredictable and dangerous as he is. Once upon a time, she was his nurse, who fell head over heels in love with him and arranged for him to escape. So who knows what Quinn will do this time?

Captain Boomerang - Jay Courtney

The nickname of Jay Courtney's character speaks for itself. George "Digger" Harkness has the ability to generate energy, which allows the mercenary to make boomerangs. However, it is not known whether the film "Suicide Squad" will show this. The characters and actors of the upcoming premiere (we expect it, by the way, in early August, on the 5th) look very different - some are completely unrecognizable, but this does not apply to Courtney (at least his face is open).

Captain Boomerang is a caustic personality that becomes a stumbling block when dealing with Deadshot and the Wall.

El Diablo - Jay Hernandez

It was not for nothing that we mentioned that the face of the previous character is open and not painted over. After all, Chato Santana cannot boast of such. But, oddly enough, with the name of the devil himself and a fully tattooed body,Jay Hernandez's character is perhaps the only one who cares about morality. In Squad, he hopes for redemption and forgiveness.

The Enchantress (Enchantress) - Cara Delevingne

suicide squad character list
suicide squad character list

Young model Cara Delevingne is successfully building a career in Hollywood - this is not the first film in which she plays one of the main roles. This time on the screen, she embodies the Enchantress, the second entity (magical) in the body of June Moon. June is brave and selfless - a real heroine, but she cannot keep the Enchantress under absolute control, and therefore there is always a chance that everything will get out of control.

Killer Croc - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Wail Jones is a dark-skinned boy who suffered from a monstrous form of atavism since childhood. His body was covered in scales until it was completely transformed, and Wheel Jones was gone - Killer Croc, who has incredible strength, took his place.

Rig Flagg - Joel Kinnaman

The one who keeps an eye on the Squad and relays everything to Amanda. In the comics, this soldier did not have a name, but in the movie he is called Rig Flagg, and this is a character played by Joel Kinnaman. It is unlikely that this person has mercy, otherwise he would not have served in obedience at the Wall.

Katana - Karen Futuhara

Tatsu Yamashira (Katana) is the only superhero in a team called the Suicide Squad. The list of characters contains only "bad guys" and Katana dilutes them.

She has interesting abilities (besides mastery of the sword andmartial arts) - after all, with the help of her weapons, she is able to steal souls.

Slipknot - Adam Beach

Adam Beach in "Suicide Squad" will play Slipknot - a dangerous killer who wields ropes. Doesn't sound scary? You haven't seen what he can do with them yet.

He was briefly shown in the trailer - it's not clear how big of a role he will play in the upcoming film.

Joker - Jared Leto

suicide squad characters and actors
suicide squad characters and actors

Dessert is usually eaten at the end. The main enemy of Batman, a mentally ill, especially dangerous villain in the film is played by Jared Leto. He is not a member of the Suicide Squad, and was briefly shown in the trailer. But that only adds to the interest in the story. What will be his role? How much chaos will he wreak this time? And what threatens the entire Universe when Harley meets her beloved?

Jared Leto in this role is great - a talented musician has repeatedly proved that he is no less talented actor. Looks like we're in for an incredible sight.

In conclusion

Passions about the premiere are heating up: with each trailer, fans have more and more questions, because the intrigue does not disappear. August will definitely be hot.