Good books: reader reviews
Good books: reader reviews

Video: Good books: reader reviews

Video: Good books: reader reviews
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Reading is one of the most useful and developing activities. Books develop the imagination, help to find answers to many questions. If the book is interesting, its plot captures so much that the reader forgets about the existence of the real world.

good book reviews
good book reviews

How to choose a good book?

Today you can find many interesting books of various genres. However, finding a book that will suit everyone is almost impossible. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right books. Reviews are the best way to find out if a work is worth reading.

In reviews, readers write about their impressions of what they read and notice what they liked the most.

The atmosphere of the book, the diversity of characters, the diversity of the plot - all this is very important in choosing. Thus, you can make a list where the best books will be. Readers' reviews can not only help you choose a book, but also prevent you from buying an expensive edition or just an unsuccessful work. Thus, you can save money and save your nerves.

This article presents the best books of various genres: fantasy, science fiction, detective, romance. ThisThe list will help you find the best books. Reader reviews are the best way to do this.

Haruki Murakami "Wonderland without brakes" - fantasy of the depths of consciousness

Murakami is one of the best authors in the nomination "Best Books: Fiction". Reviews about this author are contradictory, which indicates the ambiguity and versatility of his work.

best books reader reviews
best books reader reviews

The novel "Wonderland without brakes" is a work that changes consciousness. Fantastic detective "dragging" from the first pages. The two worlds in which the action takes place are so different, and it would seem that they have nothing in common. One world - a distant future, where people hunt for information. The other world is like a dream that will never end. The man who encrypts the information, the underground laboratory, the skulls of unicorns, the city with the great Wall, the shadows of memories - all this flashes before your eyes, giving only slight hints of what is happening. However, in the finale, everything becomes so clear and understandable that you are surprised at the skill of the writer. Such different, and such similar worlds in the mind of one person…

Christopher Paolini, "Eragon" - "dragon" fantasy

A novel about magic and dragons "Eragon" is the leader in the category "fantasy books: the best". Reviews about this book speak of the diversity of its plot and characters. In addition, the novel was so successful that it was made into a movie.

fantasy books best reviews
fantasy books best reviews

This book opens up a new, completely unknown world for the reader. The fate of the boyEragon from a small village, who was to become the hero of Alagesia, excites throughout the entire reading. The magical atmosphere of dragons and riders makes you draw more and more new pictures in your imagination. The care of the old man Brom and his instructions are touching, he becomes the second father for the hero. Old man Brom, elf Arya and young man Murtagh can be role models. The courage and heroism of these characters is what helped Eragon in many trials. The young man's relationship with his dragon Sapphira is also impressive. Their friendship is a beautiful story of devotion and mutual assistance.

Best detectives (books): reviews

It's not hard to find good books in the detective genre. Reviews of the book by John Fowles "The Magus" are the most provocative.

best fantasy books reviews
best fantasy books reviews

Fowles is a master of the psychological detective novel, known for his complex and intricate plots.

The novel "Magician" is an amazing interweaving of romance, detective and adventure.

The main character - Nicholas Erfe - a young man who is fed up with life and goes to a small Greek island. He dilutes his boring everyday life with walks around the neighborhood and one day he comes across a villa. There, Nicholas meets a mysterious old man who entangles him in a series of incomprehensible and inexplicable events, the end of which can even be fatal for Erfe. The mysterious beauty Lily, her double - Rosa and the former lover so quickly appear in the life of the hero that he does not have time to follow the course of events. All this takes place on the seashore, among the ruins of Greek temples, and the descriptionsseasoned with a share of ancient philosophy, which the author himself loves so much.

Susan Collins, The Hunger Games is revolutionary fiction

The first part of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins is the best e-book ever. Feedback on the digital versions of this work has been overwhelmingly positive.

the best books of stephen king reviews
the best books of stephen king reviews

Due to the rise in price of all goods (including printed books), it is sometimes very difficult to afford the purchase of an expensive, but small work. The first part of the Hunger Games series is just such a book. The electronic version is very easy to read. The book is read literally in one breath: the plot is very exciting and does not let you relax for a second. The young girl Katniss one day becomes the hope of all Panem. She is chosen for the annual Hunger Games, a competition similar to the legend of the Minotaur's labyrinth. She must fight people from other districts in a special arena to stay alive. The fight against the cruelty and indifference of the authorities towards people becomes more important for Katniss than to survive and return home. Thanks to this, the girl becomes a symbol of the rebellion against President Panem. Now the Capitol authorities will do everything to get her out of their way.

My favorite Sputnik is a mysterious detective

best book reviews
best book reviews

This work, like "Wonderland without brakes", belongs to the pen of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. Many literary critics noted that he writes good books. Reviews of the work "My Favorite Sputnik" do not refute this opinion.

The scene of the novel is modern Japan and the Greek islands. At the beginning of the story, it is rather difficult to figure out what is happening: an inconspicuous girl Sumire who loves to read Kerouac, her best friend in love with her, a serious woman who hires Sumire to work … The plot is captivating, and you no longer notice how you turn one page after another. Sumire and her director Mui grow closer, and their relationship becomes much closer than between a subordinate and a superior. Mui tells a scary story about how she turned gray overnight when she was young. That night, she lost her true self. This episode of the book scares the reader no less than the heroine Mui. Murakami masterfully describes the sensations and feelings of the characters. After this incident, Shimure disappears and her best friend, along with Mui, try to find her. The mysterious disappearance is revealed towards the very end, but even after closing the book, many questions remain. The open ending is Murakami's favorite move. The unresolved issue of the disappeared heroine does not let you sleep, and the plot is remembered for a long time.

Stephen King "The Dark Tower"

Stephen King is the consummate master of science fiction novels. There are many publications where the best books of Stephen King are collected under one cover. Reviews of the Dark Tower series of works are the most numerous. Stephen King wrote this book under the influence of many plots, including Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings found a response in a fantasy novel.

best detective books reviews
best detective books reviews

Speaking of Stephen King,Not to mention his amazing Dark Tower series. Unfortunately, several books in the series were not very successful, but the ending more than justifies it. "The Dark Tower" is an explosive mixture of western, fantasy, science fiction, adventure and detective in one glass. The protagonist looks like Indiano Jones, who is looking for the Holy Grail. However, the hero is on his way to the famous Dark Tower. Traveling with Stephen King, you discover new worlds and new characters. This series of books will forever be the best read among King fans.

Rider Haggard, Montezuma's Daughter

Romance makes every person's life more beautiful and colorful. Therefore, it is so important to find the best love books for yourself. Reviews for Rider Haggard's The Daughter of Montezuma have always been positive.

This writer has created many interesting adventure novels where romance and love are always present.

The main character is a brave, selfless, honest and brave young man Thomas. He travels to Mexico to exact revenge on his mother's killer. Thomas in England is waiting for his beloved - Lily, whom her parents want to marry another. Dangerous adventures await Thomas, in which the hero will have to marry a Mayan princess, end up on the same sacrificial table with her and escape from the Spanish conquistadors. There are now two lovers in Thomas's life, however, he is still faithful to Lily in his soul. Justice will prevail, and one day the hero will defeat his enemy. And love for Lily accompanies him everywhere. The finale of the novel makes you cry, the long-awaited meeting of the main characters touches. This piece will forever remain in the heart of everyone.

Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass

Fantasy novel "The Golden Compass" is an interesting adventure story about the girl Lyra.

Philip Pullman's universe is full of mysteries, magic and conspiracies. This is a world where every person has a daemon - an animal that reflects the essence of his soul. It would seem, what else can facilitate the understanding of each other? However, everything is not so simple. An ordinary girl Lyra and her daemon Pan one day become the ones who save the children from a scientific experiment to separate a person from his daemon. This experiment is deadly and causes a lot of pain to both the owner and his animal. The book makes you think about human relationships, friendship and enmity. In her adventures, Lyra found out who her real parents were. This problem is also very sharply posed in the work. The book (as well as its sequel) is striking in its diversity and colorfulness.

Holy Black, Spiderwick

This book is a fantasy adventure of three children. It tells about a magical world that is at arm's length from reality. There are many interesting episodes in the plot, and the illustrations make it colorful.

The Spiderwick series is remembered for a long time. Together with the heroes of the book - Mallory, Jared and Simon - readers will learn new things about magical creatures, discover the world of Arthur Spiderwick and unravel complex stories. This book will teach you a lot. The good attitude of children to each other, their communication with the magical world and mutual assistance is what makes the book really really good. The variety of characters, creatures and places where the action takes place excites the imagination. The kingdom of the elves, the dungeon of the dwarves, the mysterious forest and the old house - all this is woven into the plot and makes it unforgettable.


Books are a very important part of every person's life. This is not only a hobby, but also a state of mind. The books that a person reads form his idea of life, enrich his inner world. Reading improves well-being, sets you up for work or creativity. Therefore, it is so important to know which authors are worth reading. After all, reading is a conversation with a book, and only the best thoughts of the writer reach the reader.

Unfortunately, there is often a situation where it is difficult to find good books. Reviews of good, high-quality literature are exactly what can help in choosing a work. Reading reviews, you can choose exactly the style, genre and plot that the reader likes. Today, some of the most common genres are fantasy, science fiction, detective and love stories. Reviews of such books can prevent wasted money and help build a reading list that includes the very best books. Reviews are the best way to learn about a writer and their work.