Marusya Svetlova: biography, date and place of birth, personal life, interesting facts, trainings, books and reader reviews

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Marusya Svetlova: biography, date and place of birth, personal life, interesting facts, trainings, books and reader reviews
Marusya Svetlova: biography, date and place of birth, personal life, interesting facts, trainings, books and reader reviews

Video: Marusya Svetlova: biography, date and place of birth, personal life, interesting facts, trainings, books and reader reviews

Video: Marusya Svetlova: biography, date and place of birth, personal life, interesting facts, trainings, books and reader reviews
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Marusya Svetlova is a well-known Russian writer, psychologist, presenter and author of trainings. She teaches people that by controlling their thoughts, one can find harmony in the family, excellent relationships, success, and he alth. Marusya has written 16 books, the most popular of which will be discussed in the article.


Marusya Svetlova celebrates her birthday on May 8th. In what year the writer was born is unknown. This is not indicated either on the author's website, or on her pages in social networks, or in books. However, knowing about 35 years of practical experience of a psychologist, you can roughly imagine how old she is.

Marusya was born in a small Soviet workers' settlement. Her parents, like all locals, worked at a single enterprise, the family lived very modestly. The girl dreamed of being a journalist, writing books. In high school, she firmly decided to enter the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University. Marusya succeeded, despite the fact that her relatives did not believe in her and dissuaded her.

Moscow State University building
Moscow State University building

All my lifeSvetlova worked by profession. She was a psychologist at a public and then a private school, wrote expert articles for magazines, wrote columns for several radio stations, taught psychology at a university, and traveled with educational seminars throughout the country. Later, Marusya opened her own training center in Moscow. Businessmen and entire organizations signed up for her training. Svetlova also has a second education - she graduated from the Russian-American Institute of Psychology.

After long years of living in the capital, Marusya is tired of the bustle. Now she lives near Belgorod in her own house, surrounded by nature. The Moscow center continues to work, its employees help organize trainings in different cities. With the spread of the Internet, it became possible to teach and help people remotely, this freed up time to write new books.

Private life

The writer's first marriage ended in divorce. In her books, Marusya Svetlova says that the relationship collapsed largely through her fault. She, brought up according to Soviet traditions, thought that she owed everyone, completely forgot about herself. Marusya took on too much, did not allow her husband to appear as a responsible man. She did not value herself, so her husband became indifferent, infantile. Divorce, a daughter of preschool age, perestroika, lack of money, uncertainty - all this could break a woman. However, the trials became the beginning of a new life for Marusya, they launched internal changes.

The “new” Marusya Svetlova respected and valued herself, therefore she “attracted” a worthy man into her life, with whom theynow a harmonious, happy union. Husband Anatoly Duplev, who was involved in construction in the past, supports Marusya, is the host and co-author of some of the trainings at the Svetlova Center.

Husband of Marusya Svetlova Anatoly Duplev, trainer, presenter of author's programs
Husband of Marusya Svetlova Anatoly Duplev, trainer, presenter of author's programs

The writer has three grandchildren. The younger ones are two weather-girls and the older one is a first-year student studying abroad. Marusya likes to spend her free time doing needlework and drawing. She plays the guitar, does ceramics, attends spiritual seminars, retreats, places of power.

Thought creates reality

Thought creates reality
Thought creates reality

This is the name of one of Marusya Svetlova's most popular books. Here are its main points:

  1. Sustained thought, belief is like a computer command that the Universe exactly executes. If you think that money, mutual love, good working conditions are not enough for everyone, then it will be so.
  2. Thought creates a way to get what you want - easy or hard. The author of the book describes the time when she was preparing a group of students for state exams, as a novice teacher. Marusya said: “Today's topic is very simple. It has only a couple of main ideas. I will explain them to you, and you will understand the rest yourself, you are smart. You will easily pass the exam." Another group was taught by an experienced, respected teacher. She scared the students that they would fail, that they would not be able to understand difficult material. As a result, Svetlova's group received high marks, while the other struck with low results.
  3. Thought chooses information. If you think that there are no normal men left, there are only alcoholics around, then even in the most decent place only such people will catch the eye.
  4. Thought determines the behavior of other people. If you reproach a child for being a slob, criticize a husband for irresponsibility, they will show these qualities more and more.
  5. A thought can create a miracle. Marusya gives an example of a patient who was told by an experienced surgeon that he was powerless - the injuries were too extensive. The doctor added that a man can save himself if he repeats: "I am recovering, my condition is improving." Seizing on this opportunity like a straw, the patient recovered.

In the book "Thought creates reality" Marusya Svetlova advises not to start solving problems until the head is in order. Karma, fate does not exist - there are parental attitudes that limit. Beliefs can be changed even when surrounded by those who think negatively. We need to stop watching the news, political debates, talk shows where problems are discussed. These people through the screen are trying to convince the audience that the world is hostile, that nothing depends on a small person. Even the competitions of singers and dancers instill the idea that one has to fight hard for one's place under the sun, and only one will win. Affirmations do not help because there is too much of a leap from “I am timid, I am nothing” to “I am strong, confident, I can”. Positive beliefs must be formed in small steps so that there is no resistance.

Money in your life

Money abundance
Money abundance

Marusya Svetlova, as the author of this book, teaches to get rid of material difficulties. Here's what to do:

  1. Believe in your ability to attract money. Then there will be new opportunities, vacancies, the right people to meet.
  2. Do not perceive the current work as a punishment, a duty. Do not waste energy on resistance. Find a mission in your business. Not “I clean”, but “I create cleanliness, order, comfort”, not “I sell cosmetics”, but “I make women beautiful, confident”.
  3. Become worthy of big money. Improve your skills, try to do your job even better, fall in love with your product, find interest in the profession.
  4. Easy to accept money. Some refuse, feel embarrassed even when they are treated to something, pay the fare.
  5. It's easy to let go of money. Do not think painfully about spending. Give to others or spend on yourself. Money is a flow, it cannot stop because the source is the person himself.
  6. Assume that money can come from more than just work. They are won, found, received as a gift or as gratitude.
  7. Learn to want. Create new desires. Many, especially women, have been “serving” their families for so long, fulfilling the wishes of loved ones, that they have forgotten how to dream about something for themselves.
  8. Don't settle for less. “Others don’t even have…”.
  9. Learn to ask from other people. Do it confidently.

Bringing in a new way

Child education
Child education

This is a book about how to find a common language with a child,create trusting relationships. Marusya Svetlova writes that problems arise due to the fact that parents communicate with the child arrogantly, scold him. Phrases like “why didn’t you do it?”, “I don’t hear an answer”, “do you have a conscience?” humiliate. He understood everything from the first word, glance, and already repented. Over time, long moralizing becomes so habitual that the child stops listening to them. Adults conclude that he is either stupid or not amenable to education.

How to be? Firstly, it is necessary to separate the child from the act: not “sloppy”, but “done carelessly”. Secondly, you should talk, try to figure out together why he did this. For example, he got into a fight to protect himself or someone, to vent his anger or to earn respect. You need to show the attractiveness of the goal - learn to behave in such a way as not to offend others. In the book “Upbringing in a New Way”, Marusya Svetlova recommends that adults see the child as kind, good and tell him about it. Then he will strive to become what he is believed to be.

Happiness to be a woman

This is the title of a book in which Marusya Svetlova calls to abandon the old programs, according to which a woman served the family, the team, but forgot about herself. She had to give birth, educate, teach, control, clean, cook, shop, take care of elderly relatives, babysit grandchildren, work full time, always look perfect, not show emotions, give in to her husband.

In the book "Happiness to be a woman" Marusya Svetlova asks women to finally remember about themselves, to loudly declare theirdesires, learn to praise yourself. The writer shows by her example that when a woman gets used to loving herself, becomes a person worthy of respect, people around her begin to appreciate and protect her.

Dreams come true

Drawing by Marusya Svetlova, who graced the cover of the book "Dreams Come True"
Drawing by Marusya Svetlova, who graced the cover of the book "Dreams Come True"

This is the name of another very famous book by Svetlova. The psychologist lists the reasons why the desired is not realized, here they are:

  1. Feeling unworthy. The woman wanted a foreign car, but when she received it as a gift, she constantly got into accidents. All because she felt unworthy of an expensive car. When I sold the car and bought a domestic cheap model, everything worked out.
  2. Compulsion to dream. A man at a training asked how to make himself want to find a job, to succeed. In fact, he was already used to sitting at home in front of the TV, sleeping after dinner. He liked it, there was no dream of a job.
  3. Dreams imposed by others. A person wants a car to be like everyone else, while he himself enjoys walking. Another dreams of trendy, expensive resorts, while he himself likes to relax in the countryside.
  4. Dreams about the well-being of loved ones. “I don’t need anything, if only the children settled down, got married, entered.” Often our idea of the well-being of loved ones is very different from their own idea of happiness.
  5. Lack of energy. I dreamed of one thing, it did not work out - I quit, then about the second, about the third. For a dream to come true, you need to fill it with energy, that is, live with it for a long time.time.

In the book "Dreams Come True" Marusya Svetlova offers a step-by-step plan to achieve a dream:

  • do not give too much importance to the dream, treat it like a child, easily;
  • if the dream is too big, break it into small pieces;
  • do not rely on other people's opinions about the possibility and impossibility;
  • don't build on your own past failures;
  • to become worthy of a dream, to feel like someone who already has, who has already achieved.

Interesting facts

Marusya Svetlova first became convinced that thought creates reality when she entered Moscow State University. Then the circumstances seemed to be against her: her parents did not support, her friend did not believe, she knew the ticket in the last exam for a three, and for admission she needed a five. Marusya was not prepared by tutors, she had no connection. She entered because for two years she imagined herself as a student and did everything to live up to her dream.

When the writer was a young mother, another incident happened to her that turned her life around 180 degrees. Marusya had to return a defective pram to the store. These were times of scarcity, it was almost as hard to return an item as it was to buy it after standing in line overnight. I had to go to see the manager of the store. When talking with the boss, Marusya behaved like a begging, humiliated person, timidly mumbled. As a result, the money was not returned to her, and she was also made guilty. Dejectedly wandering home, the woman suddenly saw the light: so this is where all her misfortunes come from. She constantly behaves like a victim, so those around hershe is addressed. If she went to the store with the thought “I respect myself, I have the right, I will get my money back,” things would have turned out differently.


Marusya Svetlova conducts a training
Marusya Svetlova conducts a training

The last seminars of Marusya Svetlova were held in Moscow, Belgorod, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities. Training is two or three days. Classes last 7-9 hours.

Training titles: Long live the body! your life”, “Sexual success training”, “Training for parents”, “Confidence - how to gain it and not lose it”, “Creating our happy life”.

Reviews from readers, training participants

And the books of Marusya Svetlova, and trainings, and webinars bring people back to themselves. A psychologist helps to get rid of other people's, limiting programs, teaches you to become a positive, confident person, the master of your life.

Participants note that the trainings have a very warm, sincere atmosphere. The presenter does not “break” people, she does everything to make them comfortable. Readers say that Marusya's books are written with love for people, her softness is felt. Svetlova's admirers compare her to a lighthouse, a firefly that points the way to happiness.