"Mishka kala" and other statements by Bykov from "Interns". We remember and laugh

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"Mishka kala" and other statements by Bykov from "Interns". We remember and laugh
"Mishka kala" and other statements by Bykov from "Interns". We remember and laugh

Video: "Mishka kala" and other statements by Bykov from "Interns". We remember and laugh

Video: "Mishka kala" and other statements by Bykov from "Interns". We remember and laugh
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The series "Interns" is the legendary brainchild of the TNT channel and producer Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov. The first series, released on the screen in 2010, from the very first minutes won the hearts of the audience with a talented cast and extraordinary humor.

The action takes place in an ordinary Moscow hospital. Anastasia Konstantinovna Kisegach (chief physician) attaches four interns to Dr. Andrei Evgenievich Bykov (head of the therapeutic department). Varvara Chernous, Gleb Romanenko, Semyon Lobanov and Boris Levin are young and inexperienced specialists who have no idea what real medical practice is. Bykov did not like the innovation of the head physician, because from the first seconds he disliked the interns. However, his deep love for his work did not allow young specialists to be left without the necessary knowledge and practice.

The series "Interns"
The series "Interns"

Bykov is a brilliant doctor, but at the same time a noble tyrant and tyrant, so he did not babysit the interns. Thanks to Andrey Evgenievich's love for sophistication and bullying, newcomers not only got into ridiculous situations, but also received nicknames that the viewer loved so much: "armlessembryo", "single-celled bacterium", "infusoria-shoe", "bear feces". The interns tried to fight highly intelligent insults, but soon realized that Bykov could not communicate otherwise.

The same fate befell Bykov's best friend. Ivan Natanovich Kupitman is a venereologist from a neighboring department. Doctors have been working in the same hospital for several decades, so communication between them was filled with a special dose of irony and caustic sarcasm.

Andrey Bykov
Andrey Bykov

Let's remember the main characters of the series and Bykov's funny remarks about them.

Semyon Lobanov

Bykov and Lobanov
Bykov and Lobanov

Intern Lobanov is an experienced specialist. At the beginning of the series, he claimed that he worked for ER for three years, which is why he has more experience than everyone else combined. Head The department laughed at such a statement, calling Semyon "a dinosaur with a walnut instead of a brain." Therefore, in a conversation with Lobanov, Bykov has phrases that clearly indicate a lack of intelligence:

Don't try to put words into sentences. This is not yours, Lobanov, not yours!

Aha! You're kicking the air again! Squeeze your boobs to the forest winds!

Keep your thousand. Buy her brains or a book on medicine. Better book! I'm afraid that the new brain will not take root in your body!

I don't know what guided you, Lobanov. I rule out logic right away.

Why are you so solemn? It's too early for a wake. Your patient, despite everything, can still recover.

WellWhat, Lobanov, have you already sharpened the ax of your stupidity?

The fact that Lobanov's wife is a prostitute is acceptable. But the fact that a prostitute has Lobanov's husband is already nonsense!

- Lobanov, what are you doing here? - Like what?! I'm flying! - BUT! So how's the flight?

Dive headfirst into the work. The head is a ball-shaped thing that hangs on your shoulders!

Congratulations! You have a concussion. Well, in your case, the vacuum shake.

Boris Levin

Levin and Bykov
Levin and Bykov

Boris Arkadyevich grew up in an intelligent family, therefore he is distinguished by good manners and courtesy. Judging objectively, Levin is the most well-read and educated intern who shows good results in medical practice. And everything is fine, if not for one thing: inflated self-esteem and boasting. It was these two negative qualities that gave Bykov the opportunity to come up with the most merciless insults for Levin:

Smart doctor with glasses? In my department? Who let you in?

Levin, among the things I'm really interested in in life, the question of developing your personality is somewhere between the problems of migration of a long-eared owl and the peculiarities of taxation in the Congo.

- And you, Dr. Lenin, why didn't you raise your hand? - And I'm not Lenin! - So you're not a doctor.

Levin, are you a moron? No not like this. Levin, you're a moron!

You can't beat doctors! It is allowed (points to Levin), but doctors are not! An armless embryo with a red diploma.

Sorry, Lobanov, the palm of stupidity is movingLevin. He deserved it.

Levin, let's take the ball and go play football. You still have nothing to do. You just have a patient who woke up after anesthesia.

Gleb Romanenko, or Bykov's "bear feces"

Romanenko and Bykov
Romanenko and Bykov

Gleb is the son of the chief doctor, as well as a noble party-goer and swindler. He deftly knows how to evade work, finding absurd and ridiculous excuses for his idleness. Romanenko is a smart guy, but because of his laziness, he received not only a generous portion of "compliments" from the head of the department, but also the offensive nickname "bear feces".

And I always said, Romanenko, that carrying weights is your true calling. Come on, take me to the lab.

- Romanenko, my little kala bear! - Why "kala"? Koala is! - Doesn't matter.

Good morning, colleagues! And you, Pinocchio!

Romanenko, are you hunting for someone, or did you go for a walk with an enema?.

By the way, it was the expression "kala bear" that went into the people faster than all the others. Bykov did not give an exact answer to what exactly he meant by this nickname. Spectators began to search the Internet for photos of "kala bears" and ask questions on the forums, but no unambiguous wording has yet been found.

There are two common interpretations. The first is the external similarity of Romanenko with a koala, because he is just as clumsy and slow. It is possible that Bykov simply forgot the name of this bear, and thereforecalled Gleb not a koala, but a "kala bear." The second version is not so harmless. Some viewers suggested that Andrey Evgenievich deliberately called Gleb a "bear of feces", since feces in medicine are called natural waste products of human life. If we take into account Bykov's love for this kind of insults, then, most likely, he was guided by just such an interpretation.

Varvara Chernous

Chernous and Bykov
Chernous and Bykov

Young, beautiful, but stupid and unpromising Varvara Nikolaevna became the main object of Bykov's ridicule. He sincerely believed that a woman could not be a doctor, and intern Chernous each time confirmed this belief in practice:

- A female doctor? Let's not work! - So what should I do? - Change gender and come.

Varya, if you pay much attention to one patient, then you may not be in time for another.

Here, Chernous, your patient Stakhantsev. Sorry Stakhantsev. I had no other choice.

Chernous, the doctor's head should work completely, not just the lacrimal glands.

If anyone found a small lump the size with cat kaku, please return it to Dr. Chernous. This is her brain.

Ivan Natanovich Kupitman

Bykov and Kupitman
Bykov and Kupitman

Kupitman is a venereologist, alcoholic, ladies' man and best friend of the head of therapy. Twenty-year friendship could not do without comic insults and mockery from Bykov:

Kupitman! Compared to you, I'm a baby with a pink ass.

Vanya, you have no conscience, like a sailorfly!

Natanovich invites everyone to his birthday! That means even a scumbag like you.

To fix your happy face, Kupitman, I'll remind you of something. It's 9:30 in the morning, you're a venereologist, and ahead of you is an examination of the ocean of contagious pussies.

Natanovich! Don't be upset about being called grandpa. You look more like a grandmother.

Vanya! Your computer is full of viruses! You're a venereologist!

Okhlobystin and his sense of humor

Andrey Bykov
Andrey Bykov

You are mistaken if you think that every quote was written verbatim by the writers. Most of the phrases were born right on the set thanks to the sense of humor and acting talent of Ivan Okhlobystin (Bulls).

Bykov and the clown
Bykov and the clown

If you feel sad, then watch a few episodes of "Interns". Good mood guaranteed!