Ivan Goncharov. Summary of "Oblomov"
Ivan Goncharov. Summary of "Oblomov"

Video: Ivan Goncharov. Summary of "Oblomov"

Video: Ivan Goncharov. Summary of "Oblomov"
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Not everyone is a connoisseur of classical literature. It cannot be said that every person is fond of the classics, and reading in general. In this article, you will learn about the novel written by Ivan Goncharov. You can read the summary of Oblomov. You can also find a list of the characters in the novel. So.

potters summary of Oblomov
potters summary of Oblomov

Goncharov. "Oblomov". Heroes of the novel

  • I. I. Oblomov;
  • Zakhar is his servant;
  • Sudbinsky - Oblomov's guest;
  • Volkov is also a guest;
  • Penkin is a guest;
  • Anisya - Zakhar's wife;
  • A. I. Stolz - Oblomov's childhood friend;
  • M. A. Tarantiev - Oblomov's cunning countryman;
  • Oh. S. Ilyinskaya - the subject of Oblomov's sigh, later becomes Stolz's wife;
  • A. M. Pshenitsyna - the owner of the apartment, which will later become Oblomov's wife.

Goncharov. Summary of Oblomov. Part 1

Ilya Ilyich Oblomov lives on Gorokhovaya Street. This young, just over thirty, man is not burdened with any occupation. He spends almost all his free time lying down, so continuous lying on the couch has already become his way of life. He doesn't likeconventions, and he protests against any attempt to stir him up. He was not used to doing anything himself, and for this purpose he hired a servant named Zakhar, who also just lives the way he lives. That morning, all the nobility of the capital gathers in Yekateringof to celebrate May Day. Friends are trying by any means to lure Oblomov out of the apartment. But none of them succeed.

potters novel oblomov summary
potters novel oblomov summary

Goncharov. Summary of Oblomov. Part 2

Not so long ago, Oblomov received a letter from the manager of the Oblomovka family estate. It requires an immediate response. Moreover, he is threatened with moving to another apartment. None of his friends showed much interest in his affairs, so a certain fellow countryman Tarantiev offers his help, hoping for his share of the pie. But Ilya Ilyich is pinning his hopes on his school friend named Andrey Stolz, as he can help him figure out all things.

Arriving in St. Petersburg, Oblomov tried to find a common language with the local secular society, but he did not succeed, so he became a recluse. Stolz tries to arouse his interest in life, so he takes him to visit different houses. Ilya is fond of Olga Ilinskaya. His servant Zakhar marries a good woman named Anisya. She puts Oblomov's house in order. But after moving from the dacha back to the city, Ilya Ilyich becomes lazy again and does not even want to get up from the couch.

Goncharov. Summary of Oblomov. Part 3

Oblomov's return to his former habits was also facilitated by the situation in the house of a woman whohe rented an apartment. This is Agafya Pshenitsyna. Mukhoyarov was engaged in Oblomovka in his absence. But his machinations more and more confused Ilya Ilyich. From time to time, Olga came to him, who each time only became more and more disappointed in him. Among the servants there is talk of an imminent wedding. But Oblomov understands that he is not yet ready to tie the knot. The affairs of Oblomovka are very complicated, while her owner is on the verge of ruin and falls into a fever.

potters Oblolov heroes of the novel
potters Oblolov heroes of the novel

Goncharov. Summary of Oblomov. Part 4

A year has passed since Oblomov's illness. Agafya realizes that she has fallen in love with him. Olga, disappointed in him, marries Stolz. Agafya and Ilya Ilyich have a son, Andryusha. After 5 years, Oblomov dies, his house goes to Mukhoyarov's wife. The Stoltsy take Andryusha, to whom Agafya will devote her whole life, to their home for education.

If you are interested in the writer Ivan Goncharov, the novel "Oblomov", a summary of which you read in this article, you may want to read it in full. Happy reading!