Tatyana Kazantseva: a rising star of Russian cinema

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Tatyana Kazantseva: a rising star of Russian cinema
Tatyana Kazantseva: a rising star of Russian cinema

Video: Tatyana Kazantseva: a rising star of Russian cinema

Video: Tatyana Kazantseva: a rising star of Russian cinema
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Tatiana Kazantseva is a Ukrainian People's Artist, a native of the city of Mariupol. Date of birth - December 3, 1986.

Biography from A to Z

Throughout her life, actress Tatyana Kazantseva has been active in creative work. At school age, she attended a music school and a dance club. Later, the acquired skills were useful to the young talent in her acting career.

As a teenager, Kazantseva was a member of the cheerleading team (members of the sports team's cheerleading team) of Azovmash (a popular basketball club). Around the same time, she began studying at the acting studio at the Donetsk Drama Theater under the direction of Anzhelika and Kostya Dobrunov. The contribution to the development of Tatyana soon brought the first fruits. Already at the age of 16, the young actress made her debut on the theater stage, where for the first time she heard the applause of grateful spectators in her honor.

tatiana kazantseva
tatiana kazantseva

In 2003, Tatyana Kazantseva graduated from high school and went to the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv to enter the Kyiv National University of Theater Arts. From the very first attempt, Tatyana was enrolled in the faculty with a degree in actresspuppet theater (workshop of the People's Artist of Ukraine Sergey Ivanovich Efremov). In 2008, the artist received a diploma.

Theatrical years

After graduating from university, Kazantseva worked for almost three years at the Kiev Municipal Puppet Theatre. During this period of time, Tatyana has reached considerable heights in acting.

From the numerous theatrical performances, I would like to single out one of the most original. In the play “Love for Three Oranges”, Tatyana, together with actor Pavel Borisenko, play the roles of all the characters together.

This is a genre of so-called street art, in which actors demonstrate a tandem of circus art combined with inclusions of puppet theater elements. The production was a success and was repeatedly a success with the audience.

actress tatyana kazantseva
actress tatyana kazantseva

Further creativity

In 2013, together with actor A. Martynenko and director M. Nazarenko, she created a creative project called “OnSheLife”, as a result, the performance was recognized as the best work of this year, it was awarded a prize at the Ukrainian festival “Premier of the Season”.

Tatyana's debut entry into the cinema took place in 2009. It was then that she was approved for the role in the Georgian film "Time to Bloom".

Followed by a role in the serial film "By Law", where Kazantseva played a young waitress Natalia.

In 2011, Tanya starred in the detective series "Return of Mukhtar". In the 7th season, she played the role of Anna Sorokina.

And already in 2012 Tatyana Kazantsevareceived the first significant role in the Georgian film "Picador File", in which she played the girl investigator Lesya.

Then she starred in a number of films, playing minor and episodic roles.

From 2013 to 2016, Kazantseva actively starred in television series. You can see her in various roles in famous TV shows such as ER, Fate's Lot, On the Line of Life, The Last Janissary, as well as in the films Cure Fear, Revenge, Treason, "All that jam."

According to the audience, the most successful roles in her practice were the work in the serial film "The Lot of Fate", where the actress successfully transforms not only into a student of a music school, but also into her three daughters, who appear with the development of the series.

tatyana kazantseva personal life
tatyana kazantseva personal life

Tatyana Kazantseva: personal life

In 2014, Kazantseva accepted an offer from her beloved man. Currently, Tanya Kazantseva lives in a happy marriage with Denis Kargaev (GITIS teacher and owner of the Komanda + 1 agency), who is 8 years older than her.

Now the couple enjoy life, work, each other and dream of offspring.

Judging by Tanya's mood, she plans to continue her development in the acting direction, and that's great! Her stamina, diligence and creativity can only be envied!