Books for those who like to tickle their nerves
Books for those who like to tickle their nerves

Video: Books for those who like to tickle their nerves

Video: Books for those who like to tickle their nerves
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For those who don't like the atmosphere by the fireplace in a cozy blanket in winter. For those who do not like all those cozy books, warm cocoa and carefree gatherings at home. For those who like the contrast of mood and good crime. For you. A selection of new detectives and thrillers that will not leave anyone indifferent.

"The Closest Enemy", Kara Hunter

British bestseller from the Oxford Doctor of English Literature with a stunningly poignant and unpredictable plot. This is a thriller that immediately hits the sick: a child, eight-year-old Daisy, has gone missing straight from a house party. Nobody saw anything. Nobody heard anything. Inspector Foley begins an investigation and does not believe in the slightest the shrugging shoulders of neighbors and relatives. Nine times out of ten, the child knows the kidnapper and leaves with him quietly and voluntarily. Almost always it is someone from close people. The ones you trust without a second thought.

"Stars and Foxes", Tatyana Ustinova

A perfect mix of the glittering world of show business, complicated family relationships and the pursuit of a mysterious girl. Ustinova, as always, masterfully assembles puzzles andpsychological portraits of the characters, and it is impossible to unravel the plot from the beginning. A popular rapper with a goofy pseudonym is at loggerheads with his brother with a socially acceptable career as a research institute engineer until a legacy falls on them out of nowhere and a mysterious girl named Lisa joins him. The testator is dead, unfamiliar to the brothers, besides, a former intelligence officer. And he did not die a natural death. Actually, according to the prosecution, our main character, the rapper, killed him.

Tatyana Ustinova "Stars and Foxes"
Tatyana Ustinova "Stars and Foxes"

"Death before Christmas" by Kristoffer Karlsson

An excellent example of a noir Scandinavian detective story for those who have read all of Nesba and are sad without fresh murders in cold, sunless lands. Karlsson has a PhD in criminal psychology, so the suspense and character portraits will be of professional quality. His hero Leo Juncker, a policeman, finds the body of a famous scientist on Christmas Eve. On the street, among the buzz of a lively crowd, busy buying gifts and planning the Christmas holidays. And this is not a simple robbery for profit. Juncker now faces a long, dreary investigation. Well, the holiday comes to us, however, without fun.

"The carrier pigeon is dead", Anna and Sergey Litvinov

The novelty of the famous duet turns the series about the private detective Sinichkin in a new direction, and don't worry, it's quite convenient to read the book out of series: now his (don't laugh) secretary Rimma takes over. The investigation into the disappearance of the young singer's fiancé is intriguing, but soon the client cancelsorder. A big lottery win allows her to rush off to conquer the Italian opera scene and forget about this boring missing groom. Only Rimma is a stubborn person who has long dreamed of her own business, so she is not going to quit.

"The Girl and the Night" by Guillaume Musso

A chamber detective with a sensual love story in the middle. The delightful atmosphere of a closed society of a prestigious lyceum, which keeps terrible secrets, old gossip, murder is a charm. In 1992, two people disappear from the campus: student Vinka and teacher Clement. According to rumors, it was just an escape of a couple in love. But a few students know that Clément certainly didn't run away. That night he was killed. After 25 years, the lyceum holds a reunion of graduates, and the old story resurfaces, threatening everyone involved and hurting the emotional wounds of the former student Tom, who has been in love with the disappeared Vinka for a quarter of a century.

"Carter Reed", Tijan

Romance with a detective heart about the consequences of almost random actions in the heat of passion. A good girl killed a bad guy and now she's wanted. Not a very interesting story. And now let's add heat: the heroine is looking for not only the police, but also the thugs of the rich family of the murdered. And the girl will have to hide from a friend of her brother, who has long dreamed of settling scores with that family. And a little more pepper: this is a bestseller in the States, so do not think that the book is as simple as it seems. Here you have a blood feud, and a "maiden in need", and the promise of a love drama.

"To the veryheart", Tatyana Polyakova

Mysticism and detective in one bottle from one of the most popular Russian masters of the genre. Two parallel storylines involve both the investigation of the mysterious disappearances of people in a remote village near the sinister abandoned lighthouse, and the supernatural pursuit of the Black Sorcerer by the Girl, the Warrior, the Joker and the Poet. Nothing is clear? Don't worry, this book is just part of a hit series about the above four. If you want to delve deeply into their history, start with Mission from Above. But even this book reads well without a backstory.

Tatyana Polyakova "In the very heart"
Tatyana Polyakova "In the very heart"

"Baby", Fiona Barton

A best-selling novel from a journalist who read and wrote crime reports for several years, and then took and blasted the thriller "The Widow", based on her experience, which captivated both the media and readers. The Child is her second book, with several references to the first. The remains of a baby were found near an old mansion in London. The public, as usual, is shocked, journalists rushed to investigate the case. And here's what turned out - forty years ago, a newborn girl disappeared in this area. Have her remains been found? What about another mother and her psychologically traumatized daughter? So many questions with unpredictable answers. And powerful intense drama in the guise of a detective.

"My forever", Tatyana Vedenskaya

A surprisingly dynamic story about a girl who really wanted hot love, like in the movies, but it turned out to be an attempted murder. Clever Sonya was goingtake place in life until I met Him. Capitalized, of course. And a great true love happened to her, which led to a huge catastrophe and a serious soul-searching. A well-twisted household thriller that teaches you to take a closer look at people: you never know, today they talk about love, and tomorrow they will strangle you in the forest belt. Or vice versa.

Collage with a book
Collage with a book

"Heart of the Night", Tatyana Korsakova

A parable story that all women are witches, and redheads even more so. It lures with an unusual magical world with some kind of ancient Slavic tinge and a peculiar mythology. Fate brought three completely different girls together on a strange expedition. They go through the impenetrable taiga to the semi-mythical Raven Tower, the center of evil. Why are they in such an unpleasant place? Good question. There they are waiting for trials and the road through the darkness to themselves. The girls are pursued by thousands of ravens and are led by a gloomy guide - only he is able to cross the border between our and the other world. But no one said that everyone present is going to answers, not to death.

"Brutal Detective", Anna Starobinets

The only book in the collection that is designed for children. But this is a convention, adults will also read without a break. Under the cover you will find a collection of incredible detective stories. Where all the heroes are forest animals, but they know how to betray and save, lie and tell the truth in the face, trust and despair no worse than people. The investigation is conducted by an elderly and experienced detective Badger Senior and his assistant, a daring and desperate Badger. You can figure out who is a friend here and who is an enemy, who is an innocent fluffy victim, and who is a fatal predatory female only at the end, because according to the rules of the genre, the criminal is unknown until the very end. But on the other hand, it’s a no brainer that all the stories are written with humor and irony, and the stories will captivate not only children, but also their parents.