Film "Through the Snow": reviews, director, plot, actors and roles

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Film "Through the Snow": reviews, director, plot, actors and roles
Film "Through the Snow": reviews, director, plot, actors and roles

Video: Film "Through the Snow": reviews, director, plot, actors and roles

Video: Film "Through the Snow": reviews, director, plot, actors and roles
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All fans of post-apocalyptic thrillers should pay attention to the 2013 South Korean film Snowpiercer. Reviews of the film have been overwhelmingly positive. The picture was awarded a number of prestigious awards. Certainly deserves attention. What attracts this tape of viewers, we will tell further.

Shooting process

Through the snow Film 2013
Through the snow Film 2013

In August 2013, the premiere of the film "Through the Snow" took place. Reviews of the film immediately began to collect enthusiastic. The majority of representatives of the press writing about modern cinema came to a consensus.

When the picture was officially released, it happened already in 2014, it was recognized as one of the most successful.

The shooting itself took place in Prague. Many scenes are created by computer graphics.

Narrative Thread

Plot of the movie Through the Snow
Plot of the movie Through the Snow

According to the plot of the film "Through the Snow" events unfold in 2014. Pundits launch a massive process to stop global warming.

Howevereverything is out of control. The planet is entering a new Ice Age.

17 years pass. The world is completely shrouded in ice and snow. All this time, the express rushes along the railway non-stop, which was launched by the magnate Wilford during the disaster. This is a kind of Noah's Ark, on which several hundred people found salvation.

Life on a train

As in the rest of the world, people are divided into social classes. Rich people and politicians ride closer to the locomotive. They are well served, fed and entertained.

In the tail of the poor, they only have protein plates that are obtained from insects.

There are uprisings on the train, but each time they are brutally suppressed by the military who serve Wilford. However, the poor are not going to give up.

In the center of the story are a young guy Curtis and old man Gilliam. Following the negotiations of the train crew members, they come to the conclusion that the soldiers have run out of ammunition. Already the previous rebellion they had to suppress with unloaded weapons.


Film Through the Snow
Film Through the Snow

Soon there is a reason for a new uprising. The assistant chief of the train, who rides in the first carriages, picks up some children of the poor.

One boy's father throws a shoe at her. For this, the soldiers plunge his hand into a special hole in which it turns into an icicle. After the hand is defiantly smashed with a hammer.

Curtis decides to act. During the next distribution of power, he provokes one of the soldiers to start shooting at him. In thatmoment everyone realizes that there are no more cartridges left on the train. A riot begins.

Curtis leads the uprising. From a stranger, he receives information about where the security specialist is being held. His name is Namgoong Min Soo and he is able to open any door on the train.

The rioters decide to release him. To do this, head towards the locomotive. First they need to capture the engine. In the prison cell, they release Namgoong and his daughter Yuna. In exchange for cranol, which acts like a drug, Namgoong, an addict, helps the rebels open the following doors.

The uprising is progressing well. One of the bosses on the train, Mason (played by Tilda Swinton), is even captured by the rebels. But soon luck turns away from them.

It turns out that there are still firearms in the squad. Police officers sent by Wilford shoot the rebels with machine guns. Curtis leads the rioters forward anyway. Only three get to the locomotive. This is Curtis himself, Namgoong and Yoonwoo.


Korean offers the main character not to enter the private compartment where Wilford is located. His suggestion is to blow up the door that leads to the street. According to the scientist, every year the frost recedes, the snow becomes less and less. Therefore, on Earth, it will be possible to survive by starting all over again.

Whileford's armed assistant appears as they argue. She invites Curtis to the mogul for dinner. He is ready to negotiate.

Wilford tells how things really work in this train. It turns outthat he planned all the uprisings himself, together with Gilliam, who was his close associate and friend. They did this so that the rich and the poor would kill each other. In this way they controlled the population on the train. Notes from a stranger that helped Curtis were sent by the tycoon himself, who presented himself as a mysterious well-wisher.

The main character was the first of the rebels to reach the locomotive. Now Wilford is offering to be his partner since Gilliam is dead. Someone needs to replace him. In the future, Curtis may even count on becoming his successor.

In fact, the head of the rebels succumbs to these persuasions. Meanwhile, Namgoong and his daughter are attaching a bomb to the outside door. Yoonwoo runs to Curtis for the last match he has left to set off the explosives.

Curtis refuses. He is broken by the sudden offer and the truth he has learned. Yunu, who has the gift of precognition, tells him about the small children that are in the main devices of the composition. This brings him out of his state of torpor. Wilford admits that some parts of the train are already so worn out that they have to be replaced with the help of children.

Curtis beats up the tycoon, frees one of the kids who were taken away at the start of the riot, and hands Yoon a match. Everything is not going according to plan. Due to a breakdown, they are unable to close the door to the compartment. Therefore, from the explosion, Curtis and Namgoong cover the rescued boy Timmy and Yuna with their bodies.

At this moment, the train passes the mountains. The explosion provokes an avalanche that falls on the cars,causing the train to derail. After the disaster, only Timmy and Yunu remain alive.

Bong Joon Ho

Bong Joon Ho
Bong Joon Ho

Director of the film "Through the Snow" - Korean Bong Joon Ho. He made his film debut as a screenwriter in 1999 with Ghost Submarine. In 2000, he directed his first film, Barking Dogs Never Bite.

International success and recognition came to him in 2003, when he released the detective story "Memoirs of a Murder", based on real events.

It was about two clueless provincial cops trying to find a dangerous maniac who rapes and kills women.

An experienced investigator arrives from the capital to lead the case, but this does not bring results. At the end, he turns into one of his provincial counterparts.

Among his other works before the film "Snowpiercer" in 2013, one can distinguish the fantastic drama "Invasion of the Dinosaur", the drama "Tokyo!", the thriller "Mother".

Pok Joon Hot is still active. He is now 49 years old.

In 2017, his adventure drama Okja, about a little girl who lives in the South Korean mountains with a shy monster, made it to the main program of the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.

In 2019, his new film "Parasite" should be released.

The First Avenger

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

The main role of the rebel Curtiswent to the popular American actor Chris Evans. Snowpiercer was one of the films that made him popular.

In the movie, this actor began acting in 2000. He played small roles in The Opposite Sex and The Newcomers.

Recognition came to him after superhero action movies. In particular, "Inferno", "Non-Children's Cinema". "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World".

From time to time, the actor participates in art-house films that receive high marks from critics. For example, in 2017 Mark Webb's drama "Gifted" was released.

In it, Evans plays Frank Adler, who is raising his niece Mary alone. The girl is incredibly gifted, but he wants her to have an ordinary and quiet life, and not the fate of a genius, because of which her mother died.

Plans are disrupted when her grandmother finds out about the child's abilities. She has her own ideas about the future of her granddaughter. She actively gets down to business.

Korean artists

Song Kang-ho
Song Kang-ho

No wonder there are many Korean actors in the film. "Through the snow" was nevertheless shot by a director from this country. Including them in the lead roles.

Scientist Namgoong is played by Song Kang-ho. This is not his first collaboration with Bong Joon Ho. Previously, he had already starred in his tapes "Memories of a Murder" and "Invasion of the Dinosaur." The role of his daughter Yuna went to Ko Ah Sung. This was her first serious work in a big movie. So far the only one.

The fate of Song Kang-hoamazing. He never studied acting. Came to the cinema from amateur performances, playing in the social theater.

On the big screen, he first appeared in 1996 in the film "The Day the Pig Fell Down the Well". He rose to prominence in 2000 after playing Petty Officer Oh Gyeong-Pil of North Korea in the military drama "Joint Security Area".

Among the most striking of his works, it is also necessary to note the crime drama by Park Chang Wook "Sympathy for Mr. Revenge". He plays the father of a little girl, Yoo Soon Ryu, who is kidnapped by a factory worker to get money for his sister's surgery.

In 2009, the fantasy drama "Thirst" is released. Here, the actor creates the image of a Catholic priest who travels to Africa to help in the study of a deadly virus. An epidemic rages on the Black Continent, but he is the only survivor.

Back in Korea, he realizes that the disease is coming back again. It turns out that the only remedy that can stop it is human blood. In Africa, a priest was accidentally transfused with the blood of a vampire, which is why he survived. Now he has to fight the new temptations that he has.

Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell

The role of Edgar went to a British actor. In the film "Snowpiercer" Jamie Bell plays one of the participants in the uprising.

His career immediately began with a big movie. In 2000, he played the title role in Stephen Daldry's drama Billy Elliot. The ability to dance allowed himget the role of a boy from a mining town who is fond of ballet.

For the first role in his career, he received several prestigious international awards.

Then in his career comes the family drama Ebb, the anti-war thriller Deathwatch. The year 2005 becomes successful for Bell, when he plays the main roles in the tapes "Chumscrabber" and "Dear Wendy".


Most often, viewers and critics left positive reviews for the film "Snowpiercer" 2013.

They emphasize that the picture turned out to be a little arthouse, which only makes it more interesting. It is important that abstract, but not fantastic images occupy a key place in it.

For some, the picture was a real revelation. In this train, the director demonstrated a scaled-down model of our world with all its shortcomings and vices.

At the same time, the director demonstrates a conclusion, however, a sad one. It turns out that nothing can be fixed. The only solution is to start over. The creators of the film "Through the Snow" come to this. In the reviews, the audience admitted that the tape made them think about a lot.


There were also those who did not like the movie. They criticized the drama "Snowpiercer". In the reviews, these viewers noted that the very model of the world built by the director does not hold water.

Too many dubious moments in the story, because of which a strong impression is created that the plot of the picture is not fully developed. itspoils the overall impression. Therefore, some people give the tape negative ratings.