Biography and work of the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern

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Biography and work of the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern
Biography and work of the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern

Video: Biography and work of the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern

Video: Biography and work of the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern
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Cecilia Ahern is one of the brightest stars in the modern world of foreign literature. Despite her fairly young age - she is only thirty-six years old, she has already gained popularity not only among readers, but also among critics. Today you will learn a lot of interesting things about a talented writer. The facts of her biography, information about the most famous books, as well as readers' reviews will be presented to your attention.

ahern cecilia
ahern cecilia


Many writers and poets did not even think that someday they would connect their lives with the world of literature. What did the Irish writer dream about as a child? What were you interested in? First things first.

Cecilia Ahern was born in Dublin (Ireland) in 1981. Her childhood was spent in a large village house. Together with her sister, she loved to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. Everything that happened to her, the girl wrote down in a notebook. She had a lot of them. She liked to write. In the future, she began to write down not only what happened to her, but also come up with new stories. She liked writing poetry and writing stories. ATfor seven years she had already had quite a large number of them. But Cecilia wrote only for herself, as she was very critical of her work.

cecilia ahern books
cecilia ahern books

Interesting biography facts

  • Cecilia Ahern wrote her first story at the age of seven.
  • The writer graduated from the faculty of journalism.

  • She became famous at 21. Her book "P. S. I Love You" has become a favorite of millions of readers in many countries around the world.
  • Cecilia Ahern's first literary critic is her mother, with whom they have a warm and trusting relationship.


The writer has more than a dozen books, and readers are looking forward to her new novels. She likes to create all alone, and when the last chapter is finished, she returns to her beloved family. The themes of Cecilia Ahern's books are love, the relationship between a man and a woman, the complex world of human relationships and much more. Her characters - romantic and naive, loyal and honest - instantly win the sympathy of readers. Let's remember the most famous books of the writer.

  • "P. S. I love you." The main character is going through a severe tragedy - her beloved husband has died. He left her letters with detailed instructions on what she needs to do in order to learn to live again and become happy.
  • "Love, Rosie." The main characters have been friends since high school. But many years will pass before they realize that they love each other and they need to be together. Previously, the book was published under the title "I do not believe. I do not hope. I love you."
  • Cecilia Ahern, "Ideal". One of the last works written by the writer. This is a continuation of the book "The Stigma". The author touches on a slightly unusual topic for himself. Future. What can it be? The picture that the author paints for us is simply horrific. In pursuit of an ideal society, the slightest deviation from the laws is punished in the most cruel way. "Ideal" (Cecilia Ahern) continues the theme.
cecilia ahern ideal
cecilia ahern ideal

Reviews from readers

Her books are very popular. In bookstores, not only new, but also old works by Cecilia Ahern are instantly sold out. What is the secret of her talent? What do fans say about the work of your favorite writer? The secret of Cecilia Ahern's popularity is quite simple - a fast-paced narrative, a gripping plot, a happy ending, pleasant language.

Her books help to survive the most difficult events in life and suggest how to live on. You can find a lot of reviews about the work of Cecilia Ahern on the Internet. We will provide only excerpts from some:

  • All books are unusual and unlike one another. There is a lot of unreal, fictional in them. Taking the book in hand, you release it only by turning the last page.
  • They have gentle humor and a life-affirming attitude, despite the problems the writer describes.
  • Books are read in one breath. After reading one novel, you are happy to take on the next one.
  • They are insanely touching, and the main characters are close as relativessouls.
  • After reading her books, I want to enjoy life.

Helpful tips from Cecilia Ahern

She not only writes life-affirming, romantic books, but also shares with her readers some of the secrets of her family life. We offer you some useful tips from a writer for whom love is one of the most important feelings in a person's life.

  • Be sincere with your loved one. Lies and omissions gradually kill love and destroy tender relationships.
  • The Internet is not the best place to meet people. A trusting relationship can only arise through real communication.
  • For every person, the family should be a place where they will be supported and helped. To establish a warmer relationship, arrange home holidays. They contribute to the rapprochement of all family members.
Irish writer
Irish writer


Tender and sad, light and philosophical, her books teach us to believe in love, to find a way out in hopeless situations. And also hope that everything will be fine. Let's wish Cecilia Ahern even more new stories for creativity, and her fans - interesting and exciting works.