Andrey Skvortsov: biography and photo

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Andrey Skvortsov: biography and photo
Andrey Skvortsov: biography and photo

Video: Andrey Skvortsov: biography and photo

Video: Andrey Skvortsov: biography and photo
Video: "To see and to uderstand". Infographics with Andrey Skvortsov 2023, December

Andrey Skvortsov is a professional meteorologist, co-founder and director of the Mercator company, host of weather news and the "It's good where we are!"

The start of the journey

Andrey Skvortsov was born on October 17, 1972 in Moscow. As a child, he dreamed of a lot of things. He achieved success in chemistry, physics, played the guitar, gymnastics, boxing and much more. His parents were only glad that their child was not hanging around the porches and not being hooligans.

Andrey thought that his life would be unusual, at first he would do one thing, then switch to something else that seemed to him more interesting and promising.

In the tenth grade, Andrei met a man who turned out to be the husband of Zhanna Aguzarova and at the same time was an oceanologist. Andrey wanted to know what to do if he is interested in everything in the world and cannot choose one thing. This man advised him in this case to enter the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University. Andrey followed the advice and never once talked about it.regretted it: they really taught everything there - "from geology to ideology".

andrey skvortsov weather presenter
andrey skvortsov weather presenter

In 1994, he graduated from the Faculty of Meteorology at Moscow State University. On this, he did not finish his education, becoming a graduate of other prestigious educational institutions such as the Harvard Business School (2009), the Moscow State University Business School.


In 1994, he founded Mercator, a company that produces television infographics, news and weather software, and more.

In 2010, Andrey Skvortsov was offered to become a weather forecaster on the NTV channel, which made the ardent lover of meteorology very happy. In 2013, he reached the final of the New York Advertising Festival.

At the Moscow State University business school Andrey Skvortsov is a teacher.

He has created more than a hundred different presentations for large companies in the Russian Federation.

In 2014, a new show appeared on the NTV channel, called "It's good where we are!" It specialized in showing people unexpected, but at the same time accessible routes for everyone. Andrey became the host of this TV project.

andrey skvortsov host
andrey skvortsov host


Weather anchor Andrey Skvortsov managed to broadcast more than 300 live broadcasts of "Extreme Weather on NTV", where he had to parachute, fall through the ice, be in the center of a thunderstorm, experience a lightning strike.

Andrey created a cartoon callednamed after "The Stanislavsky System for the Orator", which has collected more than a million views on the Internet.

He is the record holder of Russia in parachuting. And not just a record holder, but four times!

He really likes acting in amateur theater.

Andrey believes that one of the main factors of normal work should be trust. If, for example, a bank orders advertising from him and the partners trust each other, then everything will be fine, the work will be completed in a week. If the bank does not provide confidence, then it announces a tender, a lot of unnecessary problems begin, and as a result, advertising will be prepared for more than six months, and it will cost 5 times more. So without trust Andrey Skvortsov will not work with banks.

Head of "Mercator"
Head of "Mercator"

Andrey about himself

In an interview, he admitted that his morning starts with a glass of vodka. But then he added that it was just a joke.

Andrey tries to spend the whole way to work in silence to prepare for performances, but sometimes he allows himself to listen to some entertaining lecture.

He has almost no free time. If it appears, Andrei tries to spend it with his family.

For relaxation, he likes to read the works of Akunin, Gogol, O. Henry.

Very proud of his wife and beloved daughter.

Andrey's motto: "The main thing is to want!"