Advice for beginner artists. How to draw a landscape?

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Advice for beginner artists. How to draw a landscape?
Advice for beginner artists. How to draw a landscape?

Video: Advice for beginner artists. How to draw a landscape?

Video: Advice for beginner artists. How to draw a landscape?
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Not every gifted child has the opportunity to attend an art studio or art school. Therefore, having acquired the appropriate manuals and finding thematic material on the Internet, young artists try to master the basics of professional drawing themselves.

General explanations

how to draw a landscape
how to draw a landscape

In this article we will figure out how to draw a landscape, how to correctly convey perspective, get acquainted with other theoretical concepts and their practical implementation on paper or canvas. So, the first recommendation, relating to all types of painting: before you start working with paints or other colored tools, you should make a sketch with simple pencils and an eraser, which will then be brought to perfection. For a sketch, a regular landscape sheet or whatman paper is best.

Theoretical background

  1. Before drawing a landscape, let's clarify the meaning of this term. This is a drawing or painting, the subject of which is wildlife: sea, lake, forest, meadow, field, mountains, etc. Accordingly, there is a landscape of sea, lake, mountain, forest, etc. Artists, having conceived a picture like thissubjects, usually go out of town, to "nature", making their sketches from real objects. This is a very important step in preparing for how to draw a landscape.
  2. how to draw a landscape step by step
    how to draw a landscape step by step
  3. Another concept that new artists need to learn is perspective. If we analyze our visual sensations that arise when we look at objects located far away, we can see that they seem to be much smaller than those that are nearby. Even though they are actually the same size. It's just that the law of perspective comes into play here, which you should definitely remember before painting a landscape on your canvas.
  4. And one more thing. If you draw a path or a road, then the further it “goes” deep into the drawing, the narrower it should become, eventually merging into a line. This is also one of the rules of perspective, which is not recommended to be violated.
  5. The law of the "horizon". He works in all artistic compositions associated with the image of objects on a plane, including landscapes. Each drawing has its own level, relative to which objects are depicted on it. It is set according to the eye level of the artist himself. In the figure, the level coincides with the proposed boundary of the earth and sky. The figure will have more free space, the higher this line is.

Step by step drawing

Now let's figure out how to draw a landscape step by step.

  • Album sheet should be placed vertically. This will make drawing much more comfortable.
  • When distributing depicted objects and details, considerthe principle of harmony, so that there is no displacement of the pattern to the left or right, so that one or another of its edges does not “weight down”.
  • We will talk about how to draw a spring landscape. The work begins with the drawing of the earth, the main details of the relief.
  • Next, we move on to the foreground trees, and then to the distant ones. All the time you should remember about the correct spatial distribution of objects.
  • Now it's the turn of small details: islands of snow, grass on thawed patches, puddles, foliage, etc.
  • The next step is hatching. It is not applied to the entire drawing, but to its individual parts. Then the sketch will not lose its original lightness, airiness. Hatching is done with a soft pencil. Strongly "blacken" puddles and clouds do not need, do not forget about the play of light and shadows. And it is better to hatch tree crowns in the “mass” too, without drawing each leaf separately, otherwise the drawing will lose its naturalness.

To brushes and paints

how to draw a spring landscape
how to draw a spring landscape

When the sketch is finished, take a closer look, did everything turn out exactly the way you want? Correct the mistakes. Maybe there is a need to draw one more sketch, and then move on to brushes and paints. It should be noted that the landscape, especially spring, is best painted with watercolors or dry pastels. So it will be easier for you to convey the radiance and lightness of the spring air, the tenderness of colors, the very atmosphere of the beginning of this wonderful time of the year.