How to win at FonBet betting?
How to win at FonBet betting?

Video: How to win at FonBet betting?

Video: How to win at FonBet betting?
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Win at the bookmaker's office can be anyone who knows at least a little about sports. There are certain strategies that turn gambling, which brings income 1-2 times in a lifetime, into a stable source of income. You just need to be able to use these strategies and not make common mistakes. Are you wondering how to win at FonBet on bets? Detailed instructions and recommendations from our article will help you figure it out.

What is a bookmaker?

If you are serious about playing FonBet and winning, then you should first familiarize yourself with what any bookmaker is. These organizations are engaged in accepting bets on any entertainment events that take place in the world. In some cases, you can even bet on political events (who will becomethe next president in the United States, who will be elected to city mayor, and so on). Thus, the bookmaker gives people a variety of opportunities to increase their capital. If the result turned out to be incorrect, the money is transferred to the account of the office.

Men won on bets
Men won on bets

The process of betting can be compared to making a bet between two people. However, before you give your money to the office, carefully read the terms of the bets. In particular, pay attention to the coefficient, since in some cases it is extremely disadvantageous for raising money with a risk. To do this, you need to choose a sport that promises to bring a good profit to the player:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • volleyball;
  • hockey;
  • tennis.

It was these sporting events that were the first on which people began to bet money in large quantities. If you not only understand the game, but also know how to predict events, then it will not be difficult to make money on bets. What about people who do not understand this? You can use the services of analysts on various thematic forums, which for a small amount will give you information about which team will win the next game. Such people have been doing this for years and rarely make mistakes.

The number of online offices today is quite large. All of them are trying to attract as many rich players as possible to their side. To do this, bookmakers offer to use rewards for the firstdeposit or take advantage of bonuses upon registration. In addition, discounts are provided for regular customers.

How to play with a betting organization?

Do you want to win at FonBet betting? Then you should first familiarize yourself with the basic betting options. The bookmaker offers its customers a huge variety of events where you can make good money. Here are just some betting examples:

  • outcome of the match (set, period, half) - victory of the first, victory of the second, draw;
  • double outcome - implies the victory of one or another team, taking into account a draw;
  • total - the number of points scored in the match (pucks scored, goals scored);
  • individual total - the number of points scored by one player.

And this is only a small part of the betting options provided by the FonBet bookmaker. You can also predict which event will happen first or which team will score the first point in a match. Such bets have a fairly good coefficient, so knowledgeable people make good money on them.

On the importance of the ratio

The answer to the question of how much you can win in FonBet directly depends on the betting odds for a particular event. It is from this indicator that profit is calculated in case of a successful win. However, the coefficient is also a number showing the probability of a certain outcome in the game according to the organizers of the bookmaker. When forming it, the initial strength of both teams is taken into account,individual player capabilities, line-up changes, and many other factors.

Tablet for sports betting
Tablet for sports betting

The initial coefficient may change several times before the start of the match - you need to constantly analyze the number of bets on certain outcomes or changes that have occurred. Therefore, before betting on a team with a high win rate, carefully study all the nuances. Bookmakers rarely make mistakes, and their analysts always monitor the composition of teams and their position in the standings. Even the absence of one player on the field can lead to a drop or increase in the odds several times.

Two main rules for winning

If you decide to win at FonBet on sports betting, you should follow two golden rules that will allow you to save and increase your initial capital.

  1. Rely not only on your own luck, but also on analysis from analysts. If you regularly play at a bookmaker, then sooner or later you will have the experience of predicting events with almost 100% probability. However, to speed up this process, constantly study various articles from professionals, analyze their methods of work, read thematic literature, and so on. But until you become a real expert, stick to the opinion of analysts so as not to lose money.
  2. Follow certain strategies. The most successful players consider betting their full-time job. They completely discard all excitement and never give in to the temptation to go for Even if you are sure that one or the team will win, never bet the entire amount on it. Once or twice you are lucky, but sooner or later there will be a draw, and you will lose all your savings. To avoid such a development of events, professionals use certain strategies.

And, of course, do not trust dubious forecasts. It would be better to give a few hundred rubles from winnings to an analyst than to lose the entire amount by following the recommendations of free "experts".

Common beginner mistakes

To win in the "FonBet" sweepstakes, you must not make the mistakes that are common to most beginners. Of course, it is important to follow certain strategies, but such tactics simply collapse on the rash acts that novice players do over and over again. Here are some important rules to follow without fail:

  • don't bet excessive amounts on events - a few bad games can lead to complete bankruptcy, so always have a chance to recoup;
  • choose one or a couple of disciplines to play - betting on everything in a row can lead to constant losses due to ignorance of elementary things;
  • don't make hasty bets - think things through, wait for analysts' comments and bet closer to the start of the match;
  • do not believe in various win-win strategies and free "negotiations" that promise you mountains of money - this does not happen in life, there is always a risk;
  • never betmoney from the family budget - allocate an amount for a certain strategy and stick to it.
The man lost money
The man lost money

And the most important rule: to win at FonBet on bets, do not fall for the presence of a large coefficient. If a bookmaker offers you 800% of your amount if you win, this is a serious reason to be wary. Most likely, such an event will not even happen. However, most players believe that they are the lucky ones who can win even in hopeless situations.

Betting on a win or handicap in baseball

Baseball can be considered one of the best sports for betting, because with proper analysis, it will not be difficult to predict the victory of one or another team. So if you decide to win at FonBet, then you should definitely consider this betting option. A distinctive feature of such games is that the amount of winnings will never be large, but the wins will be regular.

Baseball betting
Baseball betting

The winning strategy is usually to look for teams that have the following odds: the first is 1.5 and the second is 2.5. So the handicap odds will also be 1.5 and 2.5 for both teams. Thus, it is necessary to make two bets for each team - for a win and a handicap. Suppose you made four bets of 100 rubles. The minimum amount of winnings that awaits you is 50 rubles in case of victory and the handicap of the first team. Bankruptcy is only possibleif the teams tie, but this is extremely rare in baseball.

Ing's outcome in baseball

The second option to win also applies to baseball events. If you did not know, then the time or period in this competition is called ings. You can bet some amount on the outcome of the ing 0:0. In this case, the odds usually range from 1.8 to 1.9. To make sure the strategy works, you can look at the statistics of previous matches. This phenomenon is quite common. This is especially true in the professional baseball league. So if you plan to win at the FonBet casino, then be sure to take this strategy into service.

At the end of the event, the results of matches of your bets are summed up. A plan of action is considered to be winning if at least 5 out of 9 ings turned out to be draws. In most cases, this is exactly what happens. If such an event did not happen, simply double the bet amount and so on until 5 ings fall into a draw. If the first bet did not play, then in most cases the second one will play. Therefore, such a strategy is winning, although it does not bode a lot of money for the player.

Guessing break points

Still doubting whether it is possible to win at FonBet? Then give a few minutes of your attention to this strategy. It's about tennis and break points. It is customary to call this term a situation when one player receives a point on an unsuccessful serve by his opponent. This happens several times per game, as evidenced by the indicatorsprevious matches. The coefficient for predicting this event can reach 5. This strategy is ideal for fans of fast games with a little excitement.

Racket and ball for tennis
Racket and ball for tennis

How to beat the bookmaker in this case? Depending on the coefficient, you can bet from 4 to 5 bets on a certain number of break points. One of them will surely play and you will return the amount of the bet with a small profit. However, if you want to get rich on such an event, then you will have to stick to a strategy of raising the rate. Double it up until the prediction is winning. Of course, such a game will require a very large supply of funds, otherwise you simply will not be able to recoup at the right time.

Let's consider the above strategy with a detailed example. Let's say the coefficient for 4, 5, 6, and 7 break points per match is 5. We bet 100 rubles on each of them and wait for the results. At least one bet will definitely win, and you will receive 500 rubles (100 rubles of net profit). However, you can also wager a certain amount on the most frequent number of break points in a match, based on statistics from previous matches. First we bet 100 rubles, after which we raise the bet by 2 times if it turned out to be losing. Sooner or later you will hit the target, returning the amount of the bet and 400 rubles on top. However, such a game will require nerves of steel.

Betting on a draw

Some of those who won the FonBet cup match enjoyeda similar strategy. As a rule, such bets relate to football or hockey, where the probability of a draw remains quite high. However, due to the fact that many fans bet on the win of their team, the odds for a draw always remain consistently high (3 or even 5). In this case, you just need to wait for a match with similar conditions and place your bet.

Football match
Football match

In case of an unsuccessful outcome, we again wait for a suitable event, but double the amount. The amount of winnings will be from 2 to 4 initial bets. That is, if you initially bet 1000 rubles, then the winnings after the third or fourth attempt will be from 2-4 thousand.

Judging by the reviews, those who won the FonBet Cup simply had a good supply of funds and constantly raised the bet on a draw. After all, everyone knows that there are no championships that do without a draw. Some teams simply count on having a pen alty shoot-out at the end of the match, and deliberately stick to a passive strategy.

Should I give in to excitement?

Many novice players are wondering how to win at FonBet. The secret to success is quite simple - do not give in to excitement. In the bookmaker's office, you can find a huge variety of "Marathons" that allow people to win huge amounts of money. A coefficient of 10 or even 15 units attracts both experienced players and beginners. However, it should be understood that only one person fromseveral dozen. In pursuit of unfulfilled hopes, people bet on a certain event with a large coefficient again and again huge sums, trying to accomplish the impossible. Not everyone can resist such excitement.

Most professional bettors, who treat sports betting like a job, prefer to stick to certain strategies and not risk their funds for the sake of hitting the jackpot. Yes, winning in the latter case is much more interesting. However, a well-known proverb says: "Slower you go - you will continue." Over time, you will be able to accumulate a certain amount by playing on FonBet, but if you want to become a winner, then resist the temptation to bet everything at once. Always keep your sanity.

What are multiple bets?

If you decide to win superexpress in "FonBet"-tote, then you will have to try hard for this. The betting company always provides its customers with a variety of ways to earn money. However, only a few lucky ones who follow certain winning strategies are lucky.

Several packs of dollars
Several packs of dollars

So what are parlays? This is something like a bet that you make with other players. To participate in such an event, you need to purchase a special coupon that will give you the opportunity to play one game with any person. The only problem is that if the outcome fails, you completely lose not only the amount of the bet, but also the coupon itself.

However, as soon asAs you gain experience, you will be able to play simultaneously with several players at once, betting on different outcomes with different odds. The more outcomes will be present in one accumulator, the higher your probability of winning. However, the amount received will be the maximum if you play through one ticket.

To win super express at FonBet, you must constantly participate in events of this kind. The more you bet, the more likely you are to win. Such an event is somewhat reminiscent of a lottery, but much more reliable than on television.

A few words about feedback from players who have won large sums on FonBet. Most players are extremely flattering about the bookmaker, confirming their opinion with weighty arguments about good odds and fast payouts. Many people share their success stories and even share the secret tactics that made them big money. Of course, in order to succeed, the players had to spend a lot of time and money, but they all say that the game was worth the candle spent. There is also a category of dissatisfied customers who say that the organization is asking for too much interest for withdrawing funds. However, such people are becoming less and less every day.

Learning from mistakes

Also, any player should not forget that a mistake is a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. If you failed to implement some strategy or your bet on a certain team lost, do not despair. Evenprofessional analysts tend to make mistakes from time to time, and even novice players simply cannot do without it. But any mistake makes the player reconsider his attitude to a particular strategy and find a more suitable option for the game.

You can also benefit from bookmakers' mistakes. The thing is that the coefficients in the FonBet office are not formed by the program, but by ordinary people who also tend to make mistakes. If you are confident in the victory of the team you follow every day, do not be afraid to bet on them in case of high odds. It is possible that the bookmaker simply did not take into account the information that you have. Therefore, always develop in this area and be confident in your abilities.

Video and conclusion

We hope our article helped you figure out how to win at FonBet. There are quite a few interesting options for the game that will allow a person who is well versed in sports to provide himself with a stable income. But if you have no experience, you can follow the advice of professionals and improve your knowledge and skills all the time. For example, you can watch a short video below. In it, a professional analyst shares ten tips with viewers that will help a novice bettor make money on bets.


Every business should be approached with great responsibility, especially when it comes to investing money. Sports betting can be called a real investment that can bring a stable income to the player. Howeverto do this, you will have to have good knowledge in the field of sports, as well as be able to calculate the relevance of a particular strategy in a particular case. If you know how to think calmly and not succumb to excitement even in the event of a defeat, then such an activity is for you. We wish you good luck and big odds.