Hockey betting strategies. Bets on the outsider, on the favorites, on the periods. Betting odds

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Hockey betting strategies. Bets on the outsider, on the favorites, on the periods. Betting odds
Hockey betting strategies. Bets on the outsider, on the favorites, on the periods. Betting odds

Video: Hockey betting strategies. Bets on the outsider, on the favorites, on the periods. Betting odds

Video: Hockey betting strategies. Bets on the outsider, on the favorites, on the periods. Betting odds
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To date, the most popular online earnings are sports betting. And this is not at all surprising. If you approach this issue wisely, you can earn quite decent amounts.

There are certain hockey betting strategies that can help you win. If you play blindly, you will have to rely only on luck, and, as you know, it does not smile at everyone.

Betting is always risky. No matter how transparent the match is, there is always a chance of losing. Strategies help to minimize it. There are universal strategies that are used in all types of sports betting, but they are not entirely effective over long distances. Each sport has its own specifics, especially hockey.

hockey betting strategies
hockey betting strategies

Amateurs most often use such hockey betting strategies as "catching up on the period total", "against a draw" and others. And making bets without a well-thought-out scheme, as a rule, all players lose capital. Therefore, before you start betting, you need to study the profitablestrategies.

There are some of the most popular strategies that players successfully use.

Analysis criteria for hockey betting

Main factors to consider when betting:

  1. Team form. They are in wins or losses, depending on the total matches of the teams. It often happens that the outsider, being in good shape, defeats the favorite. Sometimes teams play more matches - more than the total if they are favorites, and less than the total if they are outsiders, and vice versa.
  2. Outcomes of away and home matches. Often, teams show radically different results when playing away matches and home matches.
  3. If the match does not take place at the beginning of the season, you should familiarize yourself with the results of the games between them in the current year.
  4. Unforeseen circumstances.
betting rates
betting rates

Recent injuries to players, the exclusion of a reserve goalkeeper, a change in coach have a big impact on the outcome of the match.

Outsider betting strategy

Very popular is the underdog betting strategy. Its meaning lies in the fact that the player needs to bet on the alleged outsider, and then, when the odds for hockey bets on the favorite rise sharply, you need to make a reverse bet. The result is a betting surebet.

All hockey betting strategies are criticized from the outside, even if they bring in millions. To dispel the existing myths, you need to analyze all the nuances of this technique and make sure that it is working and brings good results.profit.

What do you need to know before placing a bet?

To place a bet, you must select a game with large odds of 8-13. The next step is to analyze the statistics. Of course, this is not easy to do, but this is a rather important condition on the way to increasing your capital. The purpose of the analysis is to understand the possibility of increasing the odds during the game.

For example, if the initial coefficient is 1.15, is there a possibility of its growth to 1.3? After betting on an outsider, you need to wait until the game switches to live mode, place a bet on the favorite and wait for the win. In the event that the fork has not come, you can close the bet with a result slightly less than zero. Then the minus will fluctuate at the level of 0, 1-3%.

hockey betting odds
hockey betting odds

To better understand the strategy, let's look at an example.

Let's say there is a $100 pot. Team 1 plays with odds of 1.1, and team 2 - 10.5. We divide the pot by the second odds, we get $9.5 to bet on the outsider. And to exclude a minus, it is necessary to carry out calculations. The difference between the pot and the bet is $90.5. The goal, for example, is to make a profit of $120. We calculate the coefficient of 1 team: we divide 120 by 90.5, as a result we get 1.32. When the coefficient reaches this mark, we place a bet and expect a win. If the coefficient is still high, then we lower the profit bar and make a new calculation.

Favorite betting strategy

Betting on favorites is most often used by beginners in the described form of earnings.

Given the fact that the odds for favorites are always low, you will have to bet more significant amounts than with the first strategy. We are talking about the equivalent, reaching 100% of the bank.

What should be considered when using a strategy?

Don't bet on betting odds that are too low, because you can always lose in the long run. This applies to odds below 1, 15.

To successfully master this strategy, it is reasonable to choose games with odds of 1, 3-1, 35. Thus, with three successful bets, you can double your bank.

It is also important to choose the games to bet wisely, since the amount of the bet will be a significant part of your capital.

hockey bookmaker
hockey bookmaker

It is not recommended to bet large amounts on favorites at the beginning and end of the season.

Betting strategy for periods

This strategy is to determine the period in which more goals will be scored than the rest. If the points in the periods are equal, then the bet is returned in full.

Predicting the outcome is quite difficult. Players have no interest in winning in any particular period.

To place a bet, it is necessary to analyze the statistics of victories and the form of team players. In principle, there is no system here, so this strategy is less popular than the previous ones.

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is also popular in its own way. This is a bet on the result with someadjustment. For example, a handicap of 2.5 on the favorite means that his win will be 3 goals. And 3 - 2, 5=0, 5 - the value is greater than zero. The final outcome of the match is not taken into account.

Let's look at an example. The score of the game is 5:4, the bet was made on an outsider with a handicap of +1, 5. If the result is 5:5, 5, then the bet is won, even if the team itself loses the match.

Let's say the match score is 4:3, and the bet was on the favorite with a handicap of -1. In this case, the score will be a draw and the bet will be refunded in full back to the account.

world championship hockey betting
world championship hockey betting

Handicap betting is best used in matches where there are clear favorites and losers, especially if the former score a lot of goals. Handicap odds increase with handicap value. Players are especially attracted to bets on the World Cup in handicap hockey.

Where to bet?

You can place bets both in real offices and on online services. The most popular online bookmaker. There are many benefits to online hockey betting:

  1. No need to leave home.
  2. No queues.
  3. 24/7 access.
  4. Fast deposits and withdrawals.
  5. High odds for hockey.
  6. Saving time.
  7. Anonymity.
  8. Promotions and bonuses.

Betting shops

In order to place bets, you need a suitable bookmaker who offers hockey betting at good odds:

Leon. Perhaps the most popular Russian-speaking bookmaker onexpanses of the Internet. It is distinguished by the operational work of the support service, a large selection of events for bets both in the main line and in live. There is an affiliate program on which players also earn money

betting on favorites
betting on favorites
  • 1xbet. The office has a modern website, user-friendly interface. Players are offered high odds, lots of sweepstakes and video reviews.
  • Sportingbet. Nice site interface with decent odds deserve attention. The office offers a bonus offer "Free tote" with a good prize fund.

Earning through betting is becoming more and more popular every year due to its availability and the possibility of making good profits. There are more and more new hockey betting strategies that are successfully used by all players.