Odds of bookmakers. Bookmakers with high odds
Odds of bookmakers. Bookmakers with high odds

Video: Odds of bookmakers. Bookmakers with high odds

Video: Odds of bookmakers. Bookmakers with high odds
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Today, more and more people who want to make money on the Internet resort to betting, because this method, with the right approach, can bring quite a good income. Beginners and experienced bettors have one goal - to place a bet on the most favorable conditions in order to get the maximum winnings. In this case, everything depends on the odds offered by bookmakers for a particular match. Many are interested in why different bookmakers have completely different odds for the same event.

bookmaker odds
bookmaker odds

How do bookies determine odds?

This happens due to several factors.

Probability of event outcome

Coefficients are inversely dependent on probability. This means that the higher the probability of a particular outcome, the lower the odds are set, and vice versa. So, for example, when betting on a favorite and an outsider, the coefficient on the latter will be higher, lower onwinner. You can notice during the match that the odds change, this happens according to the same principle. The more likely the outcome becomes, the lower the odds will drop.

Bookmaker margin

The bookmaker's margin is the percentage that goes to the office. The margin does not depend on the outcome of the event. When a player places a bet, he is already paying the BC, since the margin is already taken into account in the bet on one or another coefficient.

To better understand the formation of coefficients, consider an example.

Let's say there is a match between opponents with equal strength, the probability of winning which will be 50 to 50.

  • Probability=50%: 100%=0, 5.
  • Ratio=1: probability=1: 0, 5=2.

It would seem that the bookmaker should put a coefficient of 2 on the event. However, the margin is included, which will be equal to, say, 10%.

The margin is distributed to both teams by 5%, after which the probability will not be 0.5, but 0.55, then:

coefficient=1: 0, 55=1, 82

bookmakers with high odds
bookmakers with high odds

By logic, the player should bet with a probability of 55% on odds of 1.82. But in reality, it turns out that the bet goes through with 50% due to the margin already taken into account.

Margin in different bookmakers varies at the level of 2-20%, the higher the percentage, the lower the odds. Therefore, for the same event, different odds of bookmakers.

Therefore, in order to get more profit from the bet, you need to look for a bookmaker with low margins.

What odds are there? Decimalsodds

As mentioned earlier, the coefficient is calculated depending on the probability of the outcome of the event.

100%: probability=coefficient

For example, the probability of a team winning a football match is 40%, then:

100%: 40%=2, 5

These are decimal odds, or European ones, they are used by almost all Russian bookmakers.

Odds of 2.5 means that the bettor makes a profit 2.5 times higher than the bet when he wins.

You can also calculate the probability of teams winning:

1: multiplier x 100%=probability in %

low bookmaker odds
low bookmaker odds

Fractional odds

Considering the same example with odds of 2.5, the probability of a team winning would be a fractional number of 6/4, 3/2, or 1.5/1. The coefficient in this case will be equal to 1, 5.

Fractional bookmaker odds are quite popular in the UK and are actively used by foreign bookmakers. Unlike the decimal, the fractional does not show the total income, but the net winnings minus the bet.

To convert a European odd to a fraction, divide the fraction and add 1, for example:

6/4 + 1=2, 5

American Odds

These odds are expressed as a number greater than 100 and have a positive or negative value, showing how much you need to bet to win $100. For example, if the bookmaker's odds are -150, then you need to bet $150, so that in the end the income is 100.

To convert American to decimal, you needuse the formula:

(100/150) + 1=1, 67

If the betting odds are +150, then the winnings will be $150 at a bet of 100. To convert to decimal, you need:

150/100 + 1=2, 5

Understanding is the key to success

Bookmakers offer different formats of odds, you should choose the one that is most understandable and convenient for you. The basis of betting is understanding the formation of coefficients and their competent assessment. These are not only numbers, it is the probability of the outcome of the matches on which bets are made. Understanding the whole point, you can learn to make only profitable bets.

football bookmaker odds
football bookmaker odds

How to choose a bookmaker with high odds?

You need to choose a bookmaker according to several criteria. Some offer high bookmaker odds for football, others for hockey or basketball. Many provide a good opportunity to win before the match, but when the game goes Live, they increase the margin.

Some bookmakers have a bonus on the first deposit, this allows you to reduce the margin and increase odds.

Don't ignore the bookmaker's reputation. Be sure to read reviews and legal information, especially if bookmaker odds are suspiciously high.

Why do bookmakers set big odds?

Bookmakers use two approaches to run their business:

  • Offering average odds - this will help you develop smoothly with a margin of financial strength and slowly grow your audience.
  • Medium and low oddsbookmakers - this will allow you to earn much faster due to turnover with a share of risk. The audience in this case will grow, of course, rapidly, but if it doesn’t work out in a short time, the office will collapse.
bookmaker rating falling odds
bookmaker rating falling odds

High Odds Bookmakers

It is quite difficult to make a clear rating of bookmakers, falling odds are not uncommon for bookmakers. Today it can be an office with the highest odds, and tomorrow with the lowest. The most famous and holding the bar for high odds are the following bookmakers.

Pari Match

This is one of the first bookmakers that appeared on the territory of the CIS and quickly gained popularity in the network. The bookmaker is famous for its pretty good odds and a wide range of sports games. In addition, here you can make live bets and use additional applications.


Is one of the largest bookmakers in the CIS. Attracts visitors with a simple interface and functional design of the site, offers high odds for events. You can register through social networks.

how bookmakers determine odds
how bookmakers determine odds

William Hill

This is the most famous gambling brand and the largest bookmaker in the UK. William Hill Sports has earned the trust of players from all over the world. High bookmaker odds are guaranteed here, and you can also get a free bet as a bonus.


Internationalbookmaker that offers 60% higher odds than the competition.


Currently the most famous bookmaker thanks to high odds, number of bets offered and express systems.

The main thing in betting is not to choose the best bookmaker with the most attractive conditions, but to understand what the odds are formed from and how best to manage the information.