"Let's get married": reviews of viewers and participants, year of creation of the program, plot description
"Let's get married": reviews of viewers and participants, year of creation of the program, plot description

Video: "Let's get married": reviews of viewers and participants, year of creation of the program, plot description

Video: "Let's get married": reviews of viewers and participants, year of creation of the program, plot description
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Among television programs there is always a place for romantic shows. And if in the nineties one of the most successful projects could be called the TV program “Love at First Sight”, today you can often hear a lot of flattering reviews about “Let's get married!”. So, what is this show and what is the secret of its popularity?

Briefly about the history and plot of the project

The year of release of "Let's get married!" considered to be 2008. This program has been on Channel One for 10 years, but despite such an impressive period, the audience does not lose interest in it. Each issue has a similar plot: the hero (heroine) of the program meets with three contenders for his heart, and at the end of the show he chooses the person with whom he would like to try to build relationships in real life. Or perhaps say the phrase that viewers usually look forward to, judging by the reviews - "Let's get married!".

The name of the TV show was not invented by the authors themselves. John Updike - comedy writerthe name of which was borrowed by the scriptwriters of the specified television project. The content of this work by an American writer has nothing to do with the plot of the TV show. The only thing in which you can still find similarities is uncertainty. Pairs on the program do not always add up. Just like John Updike's characters in Let's Get Married! (viewers often write about this in reviews), show participants often maintain a kind of status quo and leave the program without choosing a partner.

how to shoot let's get married reviews of participants
how to shoot let's get married reviews of participants

Each release of the program follows the same scenario. The protagonist is a bride or groom who is invited to choose from three candidates for the role of a life partner. All applicants are selected in advance according to the criteria specified in the hero's profile. All three candidates choose a bride or groom from hundreds of other people who take part in the project. Applicants for the heart of the main character have the opportunity to study his profile, photos. The bride or groom first meets three potential partners only during the filming of the program.

The essence of the program "Let's get married!" comes down to a fight for the heart and attention of the bride or groom. Applicants are ready to fight for it, demonstrating their skills and talents, making surprises: some surprise with dances or vocals, others with culinary masterpieces of their own making or needlework, others with original souvenirs, etc. All participants are allowed to have a support group during filming - relatives, friends, colleagues whoplay the role of advisers and matchmakers. Each of those who came with the participant has his own idea of what kind of person should be next to their loved one, so the support group actively participates in the conversation, asking various clarifying questions to help the hero make the right choice, in their opinion.

The first host of the program Daria Volga

The Russian actress became the first person to take on the role of matchmaker in Let's Get Married!. There are few reviews about the presenter, since she held her position for less than three months. Her departure from the project was caused by the producers' desire to drastically change the transmission format. According to the management, the show was supposed to have a scandalous format, be discussed by the audience and, accordingly, have high ratings.

According to Daria, several times she had to refuse to voice questions for program participants that the editors demanded. We are talking about tricky and difficult things that would put the hero of the TV show in an awkward position. The purpose of such questions is to get an unexpected reaction from the participants, to develop a conflict, to draw them into a discussion. All this is needed to promote the transfer.

And if Daria Volga could not ask insidious and tricky questions to the participants, then Larisa Guzeeva copes with her task impeccably. According to Daria herself, Guzeeva has more life experience, maturity, and toughness. In fact, that's why she has been running the program for 10 years now.

About the manner of interaction of Larisa Guzeeva with the participants of the show

The host is a key figure on a TV show. The effectiveness of broadcasting and interest in the project depend on his communication style and manners. It is no coincidence that the producers of the TV program made a choice in favor of Larisa Guzeeva. She is a well-known "media" person with an individual style. The TV presenter largely sets the pace and maintains a decent image of the show. Based on the majority of opinions in the audience's reviews about "Let's Get Married!", Guzeeva creates an intriguing psychological atmosphere, skillfully controls the emotions of the audience. It seems to set the boundaries within which communication with the participants will take place. In fact, it depends on the host whether it will be a confidential conversation, a provocative conversation to escalate or defuse the situation, or an intellectual discussion.

let's get married members reviews
let's get married members reviews

It is difficult for many viewers to imagine in the role of the host of the program "Let's get married!" someone else, not Larisa Guzeeva. Being a popular actress since the days of Soviet cinema, she fell in love with Russian viewers in the image of Larisa Ogudalova in the film "Cruel Romance". The role of the vulnerable and lyrical heroine has remained a calling card in the cinematography of the actress, despite subsequent equally successful roles in other films.

Today, the TV presenter practically does not act in films, however, the success of the Let's Get Married! program, according to the reviews and opinions of many fans of the program, completely compensates for the gaps in her acting career. The transfer is very popular in Russia and the post-Soviet countries. There are several factors behind the success. First of all, in itself the theme of love and the creation of marriagewill always be relevant and interesting. On the air, Guzeeva not only gives recommendations to program participants on how to find their soul mate, but also helps them find happiness and harmony with themselves.

Horoscopes and astrology

In addition to Larisa Guzeeva, the co-host of the program is the astrologer Vasilisa Volodina. For a short period, from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, she was replaced by Lidia Arefieva, an actress and astrologer, and in some issues Tamara Globa takes her place.

Vasilisa Volodina is a native Muscovite. The real name of the star astrologer is Svetlana. Volodina is the daughter of a military man. From childhood, parents discovered their daughter's ability to exact sciences. As a teenager, the girl became interested in palmistry and divination on Tarot cards, but at that time she had no idea that she would seriously connect her life with astrology.

Having discovered the line of the “great future” in her own palm, after graduating from school in Moscow, Volodina entered the Academy of Management with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. Vasilisa Volodina received her second higher education at the Moscow Academy of Astrology.

Popularity to Svetlana, as a professional astrologer, came in the mid-90s. Then Volodina was invited to television as the host of the Starry Night with Vasilisa Volodina program. But still, she managed to truly become famous from the moment the TV show “Let's Get Married!” was released! featuring Larisa Guzeeva.

let's get married reviews of the presenters
let's get married reviews of the presenters

Vasilisa Volodina plays an important role in the program, giving advice to program participants on howprofessional astrologer and psychologist. The demand for Volodina's services is growing every day. Today she is one of the most famous and highly paid astrologers in Russia.

Professional matchmaker Roza Syabitova

In reviews of the program "Let's get married!" viewers are often interested in the biography of this presenter, because Roza Syabitova is a role model for many women. Her personal drama and story evoke mixed feelings of delight and regret. This woman had to endure a lot of sorrows and suffering, but, in spite of everything, she was able to achieve success and win the love of the people.

In her first marriage, the matchmaker from Let's Get Married!, according to her friends and acquaintances, was very happy. Everything turned out like in a fairy tale: a loving and beloved husband, two kids and a lot of prospects. Roza Syabitova organized a charitable foundation that helps children. The woman even decided to run for the State Duma. But in 1993, her husband Mikhail died suddenly. The cause of death was an acute heart attack. Then life seemed to stop for Rosa, because her husband was her main support and support. For the sake of the children and their well-being, Syabitova gathered her strength and, in order to survive the grief, plunged headlong into work.

In 1995, Rosa became the owner of a dating agency whose goal was to help people who want to find their happiness. Roza Syabitova is the author of a dozen works on the relationship between a man and a woman, often conducts seminars and trainings for those who would like to quickly find their soul mate. In 2008, co-host of the program"Let's get married!" met her second husband. However, the happiness was short-lived - in 2011 the marriage broke up.

Due to the specifics of her work, Rosa perfectly joined the team of co-hosts of a TV show that can reunite hearts and create married couples. Committed to her work and actively taking part in discussions as a matchmaker on the show, after nine years of experience here, Rosa decides to take advantage of her official position and becomes a participant in the project herself, trying to find her soulmate here on "Let's Get Married!"

let's get married show reviews
let's get married show reviews

Should I take TV shows seriously

Feedback from the participants about the program "Let's get married!" allow us to draw an almost unambiguous conclusion: few people take this project seriously and hope to find their life partner here. After all, the family, marriage is an integral institution of modern society, the importance of which cannot be underestimated.

Each member of the society, in addition to their status, nationality, financial condition, has such a criterion as marital status. This characteristic is not limited to adults. For a child, the family is the environment in which his physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development takes place. For adults, the family is primarily a source of satisfaction of a number of needs and a small team, in relation to which he has certain responsibilities. Consequently, at different stages of life, the marital status of each person consistently changes.

Today, the topic of family and marriage is studied in detail by psychologists, sociologists, astrologers, but at the same time, the direction associated with the definition of a cell of society in our country is absolutely undeveloped. At the same time, you can get an idea of a typical Russian family in the media. A striking example is the show "Let's Get Married!".

There are a lot of reviews about this TV show. It can be seen as a tool for shaping the audience's idea of what a family should be like. The program is not only entertaining. It partially reflects the family values recognized in today's society.

Based on the feedback from the Let's Get Married! program participants, the criteria for finding a partner, which potential brides and grooms adhere to, have fundamental differences. So, for example, men are looking for life partners between the ages of 18 and 28 who have higher education, employment in the field of art, creativity or the media. For the groom, the external data of the future wife, as well as her housekeeping skills, are of fundamental importance.

The absence of divorces and children from previous marriages is an important condition for potential wives. When choosing a partner, the ladies make the main emphasis on his personal characteristics. Most women want to see next to them a man with a high level of intelligence and a sense of humor, who can adequately provide for the family financially.

let's get married viewer reviews
let's get married viewer reviews

How to shoot "Let's get married!"

According to the participants' feedback, get onanyone can show. The rules for potential heroes are the same. All you need to do is fill out a form on the site and wait for an invitation to pass the casting. The interview, according to the comments of the participants, is more like a biased interrogation about personal life with all the details and details. TV people are especially interested in spicy and tricky moments from the biography. The demeanor of the hero in front of the cameras is also evaluated. If the editors think that this person will not be interesting to the audience, they refuse him. Also, the organizers of the show do not attract participants who have a lot of divorces in their biographies.

Setup or reality show?

Judging by the feedback from the participants about "Let's Get Married!", many come to the project just to become famous. Such individuals, as a rule, are not trusted with the place of the bride or groom, but most of those who act as contenders for the heart of the protagonist participate in the program in order to light up on television.

And although the organizers of the show do not disclose official information about the fake participants, in the reviews of the program "Let's get married!" viewers often point to ads online looking for contestants for the show. The promised fee to fake candidates averages 1-2 thousand rubles. Most likely, the services of dummies are resorted to only in extraordinary cases, when, for certain reasons, volunteers refuse to shoot at the very last moment and there is no one to replace them.

All participants of the show are involved in the filming process on a voluntary basis. They do not receive any fee for their participation, exceptpaid actors. Only extra work is paid. Viewers present in the hall are paid about 600-700 rubles per day of filming, that is, for two or three episodes filmed.

For the majority of television programs, a script is developed that allows you to simulate what is happening on stage. It also happens in the program "Let's get married!". According to the feedback of the participants, there is no talk of any improvisation. The heroes are introduced to the approximate plan according to which the shooting will take place, and the further development of events will already depend on the participants. If what is happening on the set seems boring, the presenters try to warm up the atmosphere and heat up the passions on the set, trying to provoke a conflict or evoke different emotions among the participants of the show.

let's get married feedback from program participants
let's get married feedback from program participants

Preparing for shooting

In addition to the scenario, which each participant of the show is introduced to in advance, there is also a certain organizational and technical instruction. For each character, a brief digression is given about where he should go, where to stop, which camera to look into, etc. The participants are also introduced to some questions that will be asked from the lips of the presenters. As for the three contenders for the heart of the bride or groom, they are given extra time to rehearse and prepare for performances.

The protagonist of the program until the last moment remains in the dark about who will fight for his love. The applicants themselves are only familiar with the main personal data and photographs of the main character, they have never seen him live.

In reviews of "Let's get married!" the most popular episodes of the TV show are those in which famous personalities took part (Enrique Iglesias, Sergey Zverev, Comedy Club resident Timur Batrudinov, singer Shura and other suitors who tried to find their soul mate on the TV show. Among the brides, the most famous are the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, Olga Buzova, Victoria Daineko and Victoria Bonya.

What do the participants think about the show

It turns out that in the first few years of the program's existence, more than 300 participants managed to find their soul mate here, and dozens of couples have already had children. But what pushes young people to go on shows and declare their loneliness to the whole country?

Everyone who took part in the filming of the Let's Get Married! program, according to reviews, had completely different motives. Some really believed that within the framework of this project they would find a mate. Others come to the program in order to diversify their lives and become famous. Some participants in the reviews of the program "Let's get married!" claim that they did not pursue specific goals, agreeing to shoot. Allegedly, everything happened spontaneously, and the decision came by itself.

jaune updike let's get married reviews
jaune updike let's get married reviews

Those people who have never been on television before filming the program often decide to leave their comfort zone and prove themselves in public. Despite the romantic format of the project, most of the characters do not plan to find the love of their life on a TV show. Many do not exclude the possibility of a pleasant acquaintance, but notFurthermore. After all, within the framework of one release of the program it is impossible to recognize a person, there is catastrophically not enough time either to get to know oneself, or to present oneself, or to reveal one's personality.