How to draw a Doberman step by step? What are the main steps

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How to draw a Doberman step by step? What are the main steps
How to draw a Doberman step by step? What are the main steps

Video: How to draw a Doberman step by step? What are the main steps

Video: How to draw a Doberman step by step? What are the main steps
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Who doesn't love dogs? Of course, there are such people, but most of them either treat them neutrally, or do not have a soul. Someone likes small pugs, someone likes big St. Bernards, but some prefer Dobermans. These fighting breed dogs are excellent protectors and true friends. Someone from afar admires these creatures, some take pictures, and the most furious fans of the breed think about how to draw a Doberman step by step. It's doable.


To draw a Doberman, you do not need great talent or any specific skills, just a simple desire and a little time will be enough. Every drawing needs a sketch. In this case, it will be a simple sketch of lines and circles.

different poses
different poses

The frame for the Doberman will look like this:

  • A circle is drawn in place of the head. Since the dog's muzzle is elongated, the nose will also be drawnlike a circle, only smaller diameter.
  • The spine and neck will be reflected in one curved line, repeating their curve.
  • The paws will be built according to the principle: where the joints are, there are circles, straight lines mean bones.
  • The chest and pelvis will be displayed as a rectangle or oval on the frame of the picture, showing their size.

If the Doberman's body is located sideways to the viewer, then it is not necessary to draw some elements. These include the pelvis and chest.


After drawing the Doberman has become real thanks to the sketch, you can start drawing the contours of the body and marking the eyes, nose and mouth. It will be much easier to create a realistic image if you have at least an initial understanding of the anatomy of dogs.

There are several nuances in the detailed rendering of the picture:

  • In order for the Doberman to look natural (without distorted eyes, nose and mouth), it is recommended to add barely visible lines of symmetry to the frame.
  • Knee joints in dogs are arched back.
  • The neck starts approximately in the middle of the segment from the beginning of the jaw to its end.
  • The ears of this breed are erect and quite large, but do not draw "burdocks".
  • The tail is docked, which means that it will not take much effort to draw it.
doberman step by step
doberman step by step

In fact, the difficulties begin where there is a desire to give expression to the dog's muzzle. For example, it is very difficult to make a Doberman appear aggressive, and to portray him as angry is quite difficult. There is not one sketchenough. You need shadows, a play of color and a lot of knowledge about the anatomy of the dog's head, facial expressions and other little things that create the perfect image.

Wool and other small items

Before you draw a Doberman, or rather, after finishing the drawing, putting shadows on it, drawing the coat, you need to go to air. This is necessary in order for the artist to rest and be able to look at his work from a different angle. This method helps to find some flaws, correct proportions, and correct a crooked eye. Don't neglect them.