What is the essence of the Martingale system? Martingale system: reviews

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What is the essence of the Martingale system? Martingale system: reviews
What is the essence of the Martingale system? Martingale system: reviews

Video: What is the essence of the Martingale system? Martingale system: reviews

Video: What is the essence of the Martingale system? Martingale system: reviews
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There are a lot of both active and pseudo-strategies about how you can make money in a casino or on Forex, how to successfully trade binary options and hit the jackpot at roulette. One way or another, but people have always strived to develop some kind of working strategies for making a profit without much effort. Gambling has always been too alluring. They really can seriously increase your fortune in the shortest possible time (or, on the contrary, lose it).

martingale system
martingale system

Excitement has been inherent in us for a long time…

From time immemorial, when games with a random outcome were already known to mankind (for example, “Eagle-Tails”, “More-Less”), people began to bet. We know that gambling itself goes back hundreds if not thousands of years. This desire to take risks and win (or lose) is explained by human nature. It always seems to us that this is our chance, that now we will hit our jackpot and become fabulously rich. On the basis of such an illusion, the entire gambling industry that operates today exists. And due to this feeling inherent in all people, casino owners receive incredible income.

How to guess?

Knowing that one lucky outcomeplaying for money can make them fabulously rich, people have always tried to somehow predict what will fall out in the end. Someone counted on their intuition, and someone created various strategies and tactics of the game. With their help, it was allegedly possible to get rich if you “deceive” the casino, defraud it of all the money.

martingale system reviews
martingale system reviews

Such desires were inherent in all players, but hardly anyone managed to achieve such a result. It's all about the special protection methods that gambling establishments use. Even online gambling services today have special algorithms that do not allow you to somehow “adjust” to the game, start winning it all the time. Due to this, in principle, gambling sites and real gambling establishments exist - people come to them, hope to win something and leave with nothing. It has always been and will always be so - nothing in this area changes.

Betting system

At the same time, the desire to get rich with the help of casino winnings is inherent in all lovers of excitement. Therefore, each of them (and probably you too) thought more than once about how to develop some kind of special winning strategy. After all, if you watch some feature films, you can see how another daredevil calculates the algorithms for issuing cards at the table and thus hits a million dollars. The explanation is simple - it develops its own betting system, which allows you to guess the next combination.

Is this real in our life? Let's find out together!

martingale betting systemon the sport
martingale betting systemon the sport

In this article we will present the material about what the Martingale system is. Why is it called that, what is it, where is it used?

Martingale method

First, let's explain the name. It seems at first glance that this system was named after a certain Mr. Martingale. Our imagination paints a cunning 18th century gentleman who manages to outmaneuver all the gamblers and ends up making a fortune with his winnings. However, is it real?

Let's characterize what this technique offers the player, and perhaps you will understand everything yourself.

forex martingale system
forex martingale system


So, the method is tritely simple: the player is offered to place bets according to a certain algorithm. It will be clearer if we explain with an example. Let's take the famous game "Roulette". The player's task is to guess which number/color will appear in the next game.

You set a minimum bet for yourself (for example, 100 rubles) and place it on one of the options (for example, on “black”). If you win, you get twice as much (200 rubles), after which you make the same bet (100 rubles), but on the opposite option (now on “red”). While you are getting a prize and guessing the color, you should follow the same logic and just bet your 100 rubles in turn.

If you lose, you must repeat the bet on the "losing" option, doubling it. Let's say you bet 100 rubles on "black", but lost money, and now you bet 200 rubles. back to the same color. If not lucky again- it doesn't matter, we make a contribution of 400 rubles and repeat the action. Thus, the user must double the amount he bets.

Martingale system is designed just for the final “exit to the plus”. Doubling the winnings due to the constant growth of our bet will cover all losses.

It even got to the point that this strategy is interpreted on various information sites as such that it can work an infinite number of times. For example, advertising portals post information about the alleged possibility of earning 300-500 dollars a day using this tactic. True, all these sites, as well as the theory of such a game, are pure fraud.

Breaking even

As you can read on various internet sites, the martingale system is ideal. There are many opinions that indicate that people supposedly really make a profit in this way. It is enough, for example, to “fill in” 100 dollars to the account of some casino, wait until the funds are credited to it. Then start playing.

roulette martingale system
roulette martingale system

It's not worth knowing which color to bet on. Realistically, there is no difference in what exactly will be chosen by you for the first time. It is much more important, according to people, to adhere to the double promotion system presented above, through which you can make a profit. The main thing is to just “level up” until you win.


This topic has become very popular with the development of the modern Internet and newtechnologies, as well as with the spread of online games among ordinary users. More and more people are learning about this technique and often trying it out in practice. Unfortunately, it does not work.

Why is this happening and what inconsistencies do we not notice when we think about what the Martingale system is?

Reviews show that people do not think about the real possibility that next time they will get a different color on the roulette wheel. It seems to them that by constantly playing with such tactics, they will sooner or later, without going beyond the budget, make a profit, but this is not so.

In fact, your money will run out much before the system works and you win. It is possible that you will go all the way with your bet, but, again, this will only lead to even more loss of money. In fact, the Martingale system (reviews from experienced players will confirm this) does not work. Why this is so, read on.


There are several factors that refute the alternate doubling theory. These include, for example, total control by the casino. As soon as the administration notices that you are using such a scheme, they immediately include some “measures”. This includes: deleting a player, blocking his account (after all, such actions are aimed at deceiving the institution and are prohibited by the rules). In such a situation, you simply cannot tempt fate any further.

binary options martingale system
binary options martingale system

Besides, even if you just look at dry numbers, mathematically you canconfirm the impossibility of winning if you use the Martingale system. Think for yourself: you could only win if the chances of getting "black" and "red" were the same. However, in roulette the situation is somewhat different and there is also a third option - "zero". This is a "green 0", which (according to probability theory) will periodically fall out clearly not in favor of the player. Thus, the whole strategy collapses very quickly.

Other areas

In fact, as we have already noted, users often write that the Martingale system in roulette is different from that in other areas of gambling, which is why it is likely that you will be able to beat, for example, a bookmaker office or Forex market. To do this, it is enough to apply the same principle of betting on one of the two and further doubling.

Even if you imagine that you really play with an unlimited pot, we can assure you that the Martingale system in sports betting works no better than in a casino. Here you also have no guarantee that one of the two events will not drop regularly for another 100 times. And imagine, if this really happens, how much money you end up losing on such a “doubling”. Even if you start with 100 rubles, by the fifth time you will have to bet a huge amount. Where is the guarantee that you will be able to cover this bet with a winning combination? That's right, she's not. This means that this principle does not work. And believe me, the Martingale system on Forex givessame results.


In order to convince you of this and to confirm theoretical reflections in practice, we found some feedback from people who tried to apply the mentioned system in practice. You can already predict the result now.

In various forums, blogs and other thematic sites, users note that the specified Martingale system does not work on binary options, Forex or roulette. Most often, it leads to the fact that the player simply loses his money, trying to raise rates in the future.

If we talk purely about casinos, they have long provided for special protection mechanisms on their sites (which we have already talked about earlier). And trying to bypass them is simply pointless.

martingale system
martingale system


In fact, if you try to play according to the described method, most likely you have already become a victim of another fraudulent site. Most often, those who use this scheme learn about it from special blogs. In them, the author describes what the Martingale system is (reviews). Roulette or Forex - it doesn't matter. The creator of such a site in every possible way convinces us, visitors, that he was able to earn a huge amount of money due to his methodology. Only in this statement there is only a certain amount of truth. In fact, they manage to receive income from such gullible people who try this approach, replenish the balance at various “fake” casinos (created by scammers). As you can guess, you definitely won't be able to win in them!


So, the Martingale system in binary options (reviews of which we also managed to find in preparation for writing this article), as in any other area, will not work. No matter how hard you try to multiply your investment by simply raising the rate, you will not be able to do it with a stable profit. It may happen that you will stupidly lose your money until you get close to the limits of your balance or to the limit of the bet allowed in the casino. By the way, this restriction also applies to many projects.

If you would like to experience this approach for yourself, it will not be difficult to do so. You may even be able to make some profit at the initial stage. Translating this into a regular basis and constantly earning money is simply an unrealistic task.

The only thing we could find is the opinions of individual users that only certain elements of the Martingale can be used for real earnings. True, these strategies, as a rule, cannot be found in the public domain, this is too valuable information.