Noginsk Drama Theatre: history, repertoire, troupe

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Noginsk Drama Theatre: history, repertoire, troupe
Noginsk Drama Theatre: history, repertoire, troupe

Video: Noginsk Drama Theatre: history, repertoire, troupe

Video: Noginsk Drama Theatre: history, repertoire, troupe
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Noginsk Drama Theater received its first audience in the first half of the 20th century. On its stage there are performances for viewers of different ages: for children, youth, adults and for family viewing.

History of the theater

actors of the Noginsk Drama Theater
actors of the Noginsk Drama Theater

In the city of Bogorodsk (now it is the city of Noginsk) in 1914 a cinema was opened. Films with the participation of famous actors of that time were shown here. And on weekends there were amateur performances. Cinematography was very popular among the townspeople. Enthusiasts who were engaged in drama circles at workers' clubs acted as actors. Professionals also often took part in the performances. Among them were even metropolitan celebrities.

In 1925, the Noginsk Drama Theater brought together amateur talented artists and professionals into one troupe.

The theater continued to operate even during the harsh war years. Actors in ensemble teams went to hospitals and military units with performances.

In the fifties, the Noginsk Drama Theater began to be considered the largest cultural institution in the Moscow Region. The troupe's touring geography has expanded.

The sixties were difficult for the theater. The building toppledlong reconstruction. Fifteen actors remained in the troupe. But the drama theater survived and continued its creative path.

In the seventies, the troupe was replenished with talented graduates of the higher theater schools of our country: Vakhtangov, Moscow Art Theater, GITIS, Shchepkinsky. The latter form the basis of the current team.

A notable event in the life of the city was the production of a theater called "Savelyevs". This is a confession show. It is dedicated to three different wars - the Great Patriotic, Afghan and Chechen. This is the story of one family whose three generations of men fought.

The troupe of the Noginsk Theater showed the play "Savelyevs" in thirty cities near Moscow. Everywhere this story was a huge success. The performance won the National Public Recognition Award.

The modern troupe of the Noginsk drama consists of experienced old-timers and full of energy young artists. Among the actors there are two People's Artists and eleven Honored. It is the talented troupe that is the main component of the theatre's success.

Now the post of director is Yuri Evgenyevich Pedenko. He is a member of the collegium under the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region and is an Honored Worker of Culture.

Since 2012, the Noginsk Drama Theater has been renamed. Now it is called the Moscow Regional Drama and Comedy Theatre.



The repertoire of the Noginsk Drama Theater includes the following performances:

  • "Uncle's Dream";
  • "Ivan Tsarevich and the gray wolf";
  • "Cat's birthdayLeopold";
  • "Wedding";
  • "A very simple story";
  • "Vasilisa the Beautiful";
  • "Hypnotist";
  • "Puss in Boots";
  • "Imaginary sick";
  • "Late love";
  • "Marriage".

And others.


Noginsk Drama Theater
Noginsk Drama Theater

The theater has gathered wonderful, talented professionals on its stage. The artists of the troupe masterfully perform roles in performances of various genres.

Actors of the Noginsk Drama Theatre:

  • Tamara Gavrilova;
  • Irina Ryzhakova;
  • Danil Muzipov;
  • Marianna Lukina;
  • Elena Pashkova;
  • Sofya Kasymova;
  • Yuri Grubnik;
  • Elena Okhapkina;
  • Ivan Podymakhin;
  • Dmitry Egorov;
  • Tatiana Ivanova;
  • Alexander Mishin.

And others.

Phoenix bird comes home

repertoire of the Noginsk Drama Theater
repertoire of the Noginsk Drama Theater

Among the premieres of the last two seasons of the Drama Theater (Noginsk) - a performance for family viewing "The Phoenix Bird Returns Home". Children will see a fairy tale here, and adults will perceive the story as a lyrical comedy. This is a lyrical comedy based on a play by contemporary writer Yaroslava Pulinovich. The director of the play is Natalia Shumilkina.

The main characters of the play are the cat Tosya and the Phoenix Bird named Felix. She is young, naive, funny, ridiculous and dreamy. And he is wise, old and tired of eternallife. Their meeting is completely random. But she turns their lives around. Tosya and Felix become real true friends, despite the fact that they are different creatures.

With this production, the Noginsk Drama Theater revived the tradition of showing family performances.

The staging is bright, musical, extraordinary. The characters are dressed in beautiful costumes. Today, very often the plays of modern playwrights are subjected to harsh criticism. This work is an example of the fact that even young authors living now know what true values are and are able to tell about the important and eternal.