Cartoon "Up" (2009): voice and dubbing actors

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Cartoon "Up" (2009): voice and dubbing actors
Cartoon "Up" (2009): voice and dubbing actors

Video: Cartoon "Up" (2009): voice and dubbing actors

Video: Cartoon "Up" (2009): voice and dubbing actors

Extremely extraordinary plot - this is the first thing that can be said about the cartoon "Up" (2009). Cartoon actors (that's what I want to call them) convey all the emotions of the main characters as much as possible - in this they, of course, are helped by the people behind the scenes responsible for the voice acting. The end result is a live animated film worthy of an Oscar.

But it is. Cartoon "Up" was awarded the "Oscar", recognized as the best animated film in 2010 - this is the first award. The second "Oscar" cartoon received for the best soundtrack to the picture.

up cartoon 2009 actors
up cartoon 2009 actors

Other awards

In the same categories "Up" won awards at the following film festivals:

  • Golden Globe (2010).
  • "British Academy" (2010).
  • "Saturn" (2010).

The budget of the cartoon was 175 million dollars, and the fees exceeded this figure several times, which in itself speaks of the success of the picture.

From this it follows that all the creators of the cartoon gave their all. The final work was done by the voice actors - it was they who revived the heroesanimated cartoon by giving them their voices.

Main characters: initial dubs

The actors of the cartoon "Up" (2009), who originally voiced the picture, gave their characters special notes of sound. Based on this, each country subsequently selected "votes" for dubbing.

The main character Carl Fredriksen was voiced by Edward Asner, an actor of theater and cinema. In the 80s, Ed was president of the Screen Actors Guild. Until that time, he practically did not participate in the voice acting of cartoon characters.

Charles Muntz, the explorer hero, was voiced by Christopher Plummer, a Canadian theater and film actor. On his account, there are also no numerous practices of voicing cartoon characters. Apparently, the directors decided that the cartoon characters would speak with "new", unhackneyed voices, and they did not fail in their choice.

Russell, 9-year-old Boy Scout, spoke in the voice of Jordon Nagai. At the time of the voice acting of the cartoon, the boy was the same age as his hero. Jordon's voice is also spoken by one of the Simpsons cartoon characters - Charlie.

Dag the dog (talking like a human with a special device built into the collar) broadcasts in the voice of Bob Peterson. The voice of this actor is spoken by the characters of such cartoons as:

  • "Monsters Inc" - Rose.
  • "Finding Nemo" - Mr. Ray.
  • "The Incredibles".

All the actors of the cartoon "Up" (2009) did an excellent job of dubbing their characters - they perfectly conveyed their emotions and feelings. Samewe can say about the dubbing artists of the cartoon into Russian.

christopher plummer
christopher plummer

Cartoon (2009) "Up": actors responsible for Russian dubbing

The following list for those who are interested in who voiced the heroes of the cartoon "Up" in Russian:

  • Karl Fredriksen spoke in Russian with the voice of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Surprisingly, the image of this hero is outwardly very similar to Armen. Therefore, we can say that his voice is ideal for the voice acting of this particular cartoon.
  • The Explorer of Paradise Falls was dubbed into Russian by Dalvin Shcherbakov, Honored Artist of Theater and Cinema in the Russian Federation. He also currently has more than 50 works in the field of dubbing films and cartoons.
  • Russell was voiced in Russian by 11-year-old boy Ivan Chuvatkin - this is his third practice in voice acting of cartoon characters. Until 2009, the actor gave his voice to the cartoon characters "Baby from Beverly Hills" (Chihuahua), "Nico: Path to the Stars" - Niko.
  • Dag the Dog was voiced in Russian by Vladimir Tyagichev. The practice of the actor in the direction of dubbing at that time was about 20 works.
edvarl esner
edvarl esner

Interesting facts about the cartoon

For the longest time, the directors worked on creating the image of the dog Doug - funny, but it's a fact. To do this, the creators connected the well-known dog behavior specialist Ian Dunbar to the workflow. It was he who helped portray Doug's behavior by correctly displaying the real body language of dogs.

Boy Scout has been added tothe script is much later than Doug the dog and Kevin the bird. His appearance had a positive impact on the overall plot of the picture.

If the Paradise Falls were transferred to real life, then it would be the well-known Angel - the highest cascade of falling water in the world. That's what one of the creators of the cartoon said.

The cartoon "Up" is a real masterpiece of joint author's work and modern animation.