Jason Gould: The Creative Journey
Jason Gould: The Creative Journey

Video: Jason Gould: The Creative Journey

Video: Jason Gould: The Creative Journey
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Jason Gould is not a typical person, and not because he is the son of a famous acting couple: Barbara Streisand and Elliot Gould. Jason is one of those people who are in constant search of himself in this life.

What is it like to be the son of their famous and we althy parents? Everyone would envy Jason. But Gould turned out to be the kind of person who doesn't want to live in the shadow of his parents.

Gould Jason
Gould Jason

Jason Gould: films and film practice

Films with Gould's participation can be reviewed more than once. According to critics, his performance in films is so well performed that at the moment of viewing it seems that this is life, not a movie.

Few people know that Jason made his debut at the age of 6. He starred in a cameo role in the film "Sandbox", which, unfortunately, was never released.

After that, he did not appear on the screens for a long time. Therefore, early photos of Jason Gould can only be found in family archives.

And already at the age of 22, in the now distant 1988, Gould Jason starred in episodic roles in two films: in the TV series "Zoo in the Bronx" as Harry and in the movie "The Big Picture", playing the role of a guy onnamed after Karl Manknik.

The following year, he portrayed Mike Cameron in Say Anything. In parallel, he played a role in another film - "Listen to me".

In 1991, Gould and his mother took pictures together. It was the film "Lord of the Tides", during the creation of which Barbara acted as a director and co-producer.

Gould Jason actor
Gould Jason actor

And in 1996 another film was released - "Secret Mission". This picture, in a sense, was decisive for the actor. After participating in the filming, Jason puts an end to filming in supporting roles and tries to realize himself in his own projects as a screenwriter and director.

In an interview, Gould emphasized that he does not pursue fame and does not see himself as a movie actor, like his Oscar-winning mother. He wants to find himself in a different field, so he is constantly working on developing his creative abilities and looking for an interesting idea to implement them.

Gould - screenwriter, producer, director

In 1997 Gould Jason made his first short film Inside Out, in which he tried to reflect the main essence of the plot as much as possible, namely, to tell how hard it is to be a gay son with famous parents. In essence, Jason made a picture of himself. His father (Elliot Gould) and half-brother (Samuel Gould) also took part in the shooting of the film. The picture was not a big success in the skate, but helped Jason open up and pour out his soul that he could not do it in real life.

Jason Emanuel Gould
Jason Emanuel Gould

In 2000, his next film was released - "The Life of Men 3". This time, Gould was again a screenwriter, director, director, and also played one of the minor roles - the guy "Iron" (this character is present in the film "Inside Out").

The film "Life of Men 3" is a continuation of the story "Inside Out", but has a slightly different plot.

A new trend in creativity

In 2012 Jason Gould, a former actor, takes part in the musical tour of Barbra Streisand. During this event, he performed his song with her called "How Deep the Ocean". Below you can see how beautiful Barbara Streisand and Jason Gould look together.

jason gould movies
jason gould movies

Around the same period, he performed on the indie pop soundtrack for Scrooge and Marley.

Jason Gould: Biography or rather life story

Little is known about Jason's life. His parents divorced almost immediately after his birth. Little Gould Jason spent most of his childhood in an experimental school. His mother didn't have time to pay attention to her son.

According to Jason, his mother constantly tried to control his every step, even after adulthood. All attempts at independent living were cut off in the bud, so at a certain period of his life, Gould decided to move from Los Angeles (where his mother lived permanently) to New York. Thus, he saves himself from Barbara's interference in his personal life.

Jason has never hidden that he is gay. And in 1996 he marriedathlete and lingerie model David Knight.

Fun facts:

  • When Barbara Streisand found out she was pregnant, she refused a $1 million contract, so after the birth of her son, he was jokingly called “million dollar baby.”
  • The legendary mother did not come to his wedding. She refused to comment on her act.
  • Full name - Jason Emanuel Gould.
  • Gould is still in a relationship with Knight to this day.
Jason Gould photo
Jason Gould photo

What about the legendary mother?

In numerous interviews, Barbara admits that she did not take a proper part in raising her son. She repeatedly said that she saw the child extremely rarely, and that, perhaps, this was reflected in his sexual preferences. But since nothing could be changed, she decided to accept his choice.

Barbara Streisand has been happily married to actor Jace Brolin since 1998. She never had any more children in her entire life. Now Barbara is an exemplary wife, and, for sure, in her heart she is aware of all her mistakes regarding her son. But time has passed, and nothing can be changed.

At the moment, the relationship between mother and son is better. They are more common in real life and even create short-term creative projects.

Recently Gould Jason does not appear not in the movies, not in the musical field. No one knows about his future intentions regarding creativity and career - perhaps he decided to prefer a quieter life, or maybe he will soon surprise us with hisnext appearance? Time will tell, but in the meantime, fans of his work can enjoy Jason Gould's existing work.