The best historical films: list
The best historical films: list

Video: The best historical films: list

Video: The best historical films: list
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Historical films will always be in great demand among viewers. Moreover, they are designed for a very wide audience, which includes people of all ages, regardless of their gender and social status.

The uniqueness of historical films lies in the fact that they tell about the most significant events that happened to humanity in the past, which could directly affect the development of the whole world.

List of the best historical films

Compiling a list of the best historical films is a very difficult task, since each viewer can have their own individual opinion on this matter. It is rather difficult to give an objective assessment of this or that picture if you do not base it on your own perception.

However, properly selected films, telling about the fateful events in the life of entire countries and continents, may well replace even textbooks for children. In some films, the game of the main characters and the plot are chosen in such a way that the author manages to convey the essence of the time that is described in the work.

The list of the best historical films includesthe following:

  1. "Troy". It mentions the life of people in antiquity and very clearly shows their way of life. Everything that was dear to the Trojans - their customs, inexhaustible desire to fight for their ideals, love for their loved ones - all this is displayed in this picture.
  2. "Spartak". Despite the fact that this film was made a long time ago (in 1960), it describes an unusual uprising of gladiators led by Spartacus. It clearly illustrates the unbending will of those slaves who had to die in the arena during the next entertainment of their masters, in the struggle for their own freedom and life.
  3. "Apocalypse". This picture could not be included in the list of the best historical films. The screenwriter managed to harmoniously convey to the viewer all the experiences that the civilization of May experienced, anticipating the imminent arrival of another culture in their place - no less bloodthirsty than they themselves were.
  4. Waterloo. The film was filmed with a large number of people, so scenes with extras were used. It tells about the historical significance of the Battle of Waterloo for many European countries.
  5. "King". One of the best historical films tells about the controversial actions that Ivan the Terrible did in an effort to conquer new lands. It also shows the erroneous policy of the tsar, who got involved in the bloody Livonian War, which exposed all the reserves of Russia to the limit.
best historical film
best historical film

Features of Historical Documentaries

Documentaries, inUnlike fictional ones, they are based only on bare facts, so there is less room for the screenwriter's imagination to fly. And in order to put together all the small facts and interestingly tell the viewer about certain historical events or about famous people, you need to have considerable talent. Very often, interesting video materials, audio recordings, photographs were used here, which have an important semantic component. The main characters are often told in chronological order.

Modern documentaries and brief descriptions of them

If we take into account the latest developments from the world of cinema regarding the historical genre, it is worth highlighting the following works:

  1. "Putin". Filmed in 2018 and tells quite fully about the childhood of Vladimir Vladimirovich, covering in detail his school years. A little later - a feature of the professional activities of the current president of Russia in the service of the KGB, and also mentions his colleagues at work. And, of course, a lot of attention is paid to Putin's family life.
  2. "World Order 2018". The plot is based on the fact that Vladimir Putin was interviewed by journalists after any key events in the life of the country.

Documentary films about the life of the USSR

The program "The other day", hosted by Leonid Parfyonov, can be safely attributed to documentaries about the life of the USSR. In each separate series, the most important events from the life and cultural development of Soviet citizens are touched upon here, and any significant discoveries in a particular field of science are presented in the form of facts. not forgotten andunique sports achievements achieved by athletes from the USSR. But, of course, the author of this unique "documentary series" does not forget to mention the political life of the state as a whole, focusing on the most significant actions of its then leaders.

The best historical films about antiquity

A modern person can learn about ancient times only from dilapidated books or obtain important information regarding the features of a particular era only from the results of special studies. However, quite a lot has been told about the life of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Indeed, in these countries, culture was transmitted through literature. Therefore, numerous works of poets of that time, various thinkers and philosophers have survived to this day.

Among the best ancient historical films are Caligula (1979), Pompeii: New Secrets (2016), Odysseus (1997).

historical movies best movies list
historical movies best movies list

Films about the Middle Ages - a tribute to the tradition of that time

It is hard for a modern person, generously endowed with all the benefits of civilization, to imagine life in the Middle Ages. But it’s not so hard to do this through the film, in any case, to feel all the drama that the director wants to convey.

Selecting the most significant artistic paintings about that unusual era is quite difficult, given how popular this variety of this genre is. However, in the list of the best historical films about the Middle Ages, you can add:

  1. "Macbeth". Filmed relatively recently - in 2015. Tells the audience about how desperately for the sake of power in Scotland, the Queen values \u200b\u200bthe relationship with her lawful spouse. Seeing her rivals in other women and feeling jealous of them, she decides to take drastic steps to phase them out.
  2. "Robin Hood" (2010). This story is about one of the archers from the army of Richard the Lionheart, who decided to fight against the Norman invaders, taking away their material values.
  3. "Tristan and Isolde" (2005) is one of the best historical films about the Middle Ages. This is a gripping love story between Princess Iseult and Tristan, a British Army soldier. The story takes place after the fall of the Roman Empire.
best historical films
best historical films

Films about the Great Patriotic War

It is hard to imagine a more significant and bloody event for our country than the Great Patriotic War, which took the lives of millions of people. Therefore, a movie made on this topic will always touch the audience to the core with its unusual plot. A lot of films made on this topic have become real classics of historical cinema.

From the many different films about the fight against fascism, the following can be added to the list of the best historical films:

  1. “Only old men go into battle” (1973). We are talking about brave military pilots who, in desperate battles, destroy the Nazis in the blue sky. In their free time, they have fun spending their leisure time, joking with each other. The director managed to betray all the simplicity of the Soviet guys that was inherent in them, but also at the same time show how faithful they remain to their homeland until the very end.
  2. "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" (1972). The picture is deservedly included in the list of the best historical films. It is about fearless anti-aircraft gunners who fought against fascist saboteurs. The story is very touching and sad. She has not left any spectator indifferent yet.
  3. "They fought for their homeland" (1975). This work shows very clearly the feat of a Soviet soldier who defended his land from a stubborn enemy. The last role in this film was played by actor Vasily Shukshin, who died suddenly during filming.
historical pro movies list of the best
historical pro movies list of the best

About the exploits of scouts

The high-quality work of the intelligence service made it possible to win the largest battles and prevent possible human losses. Therefore, many popular films have been shot about the exploits of these people. The most famous among them is the series "Seventeen Moments of Spring", filmed in 1973.

Here the story is about the main character - the Soviet intelligence officer Isaev, who successfully works behind enemy lines under the name of Stirlitz. Stirlitz's task is not easy - to report to the leadership of the USSR about which of the highest leaders of the Reich is secretly negotiating a possible peace treaty with England and the USA.

historical pro movies list of the best
historical pro movies list of the best

Features of historical series

In historicalTV series describe events in more detail than it happens in films. Perhaps, thanks to this fact, a person is better able to understand the essence of everything that once happened.

Among the most popular series of this genre are the following:

  1. "Versailles". The multi-part film tells about how the formation of the "king-sun" was carried out, who dreamed of achieving absolute anarchy.
  2. "Isabella". No wonder this picture is included in the list of the best historical films. "Isabella" is a story about the whole life of the Spanish Queen of Castile, which clearly shows the civil war within the state, as well as the war with Granada.
  3. "Vikings". Tells about the multiple raids of the ancient Vikings on the territory of modern England.
best historical films of 2017
best historical films of 2017

Best historical films made in 2017

In 2017, quite a lot of interesting historical films were shot that deserve the attention of the audience. The following films can be added to the list of the best historical films of 2017:

  1. "Gold". Events take place in 1538. It was then that the Spanish king calls on all the best warriors to fulfill his will and sends an army into the jungle in search of the lost city.
  2. Mohawks. In 1812, American soldiers carry out mass murder, robbery and violence, not at all fearing retribution for their such actions. The massacre of the inhabitants of the conquered territories becomes commonplace for them.
  3. "Taxi driver". The dictator despises with all his heart those who fightby organizing a rebellion against his authority. Therefore, all peaceful student demonstrations run into armed opposition.
historical films about the middle ages list of the best
historical films about the middle ages list of the best

The role of historical films in modern culture

It is hard to underestimate the role of all historical films in the development of the culture of modern society. After all, it is impossible to be a wise person without knowing the sad experience of his predecessors. So it is necessary to do with history. And in order not to repeat the mistakes of previous generations many times, it is necessary to learn important lessons from them and move on. After all, progress does not stand still, and constant improvement is helped by the knowledge that was previously obtained by our ancestors. Therefore, all the good that they have achieved must be preserved, and also improved if possible!

How the viewer perceives historical films

The viewer can perceive certain historical films in completely different ways, taking into account his political or religious beliefs. However, the only thing he should understand is the main idea of the director of a certain film work, what exactly he wanted to convey to the general public with his film.

You can discuss various historical facts for hours, but at the same time everyone will remain with their own views on important facts from the life of mankind. Therefore, films are not able to change the philosophy of a person, but it is quite possible to present useful information for him!

In this regard, a wise person looks and perceivesany historical films as a source of information. After all, from them he can learn something new, useful for him to develop his own horizons!