How to win on football betting: useful tips

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How to win on football betting: useful tips
How to win on football betting: useful tips

Video: How to win on football betting: useful tips

Video: How to win on football betting: useful tips
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Gambling people often wonder how to win on football bets. Everyone knows that bookmakers earn pretty decent amounts on this, but beating them is not so easy. Although there is still such a possibility. It is necessary to approach this issue very carefully so as not to be left with nothing.

The article provides information about which bet wins more often in football, how to deal with bookmakers and whether it is worth betting on this sport at all. The tips below are sure to come in handy for gamblers, so you need to rely on them if you want to get the most out of your bets.

how to win in fonbet betting football
how to win in fonbet betting football

General recommendations

Many experts give practical advice on how to win on football betting. The most common of these is readiness for defeat. No matter how strange this phrase may sound, it is really worth listening to. Its essence is that in the absence offunds with which the player is definitely ready to say goodbye without worsening his financial condition, it is better to postpone bets for a while. A better career is a very unsafe thing, so you need to start it with a good start-up capital. The player must be mentally prepared for the loss of all bet funds, but at the same time, he must not "spit" on the outcome of the match.

People are often interested in how to win at Fonbet betting on esports (football), since this company is considered one of the leaders today. Everything is simple here - betting statistics will help you achieve the best result. It is recommended that each player conduct it independently or simply download it from the Internet. The first option is considered more preferable, because, as a rule, their schemes win more often. This statistic makes it possible for a person to understand what size bets should be made, how many bets are required to win, what type of bet should be chosen, and so on. For example, the analysis of bets on totals will make it possible to understand what benefits are derived from this and it is possible to correct them, improving your position.

An equally important point in winning bets is a thorough study of the rules of the selected bookmaker. Since they are different in each company, the player will need to accurately determine the specific bookmaker and carefully remember what it requires and what it limits. In addition, some bookmakers have their own bets, which are considered unique, because it is impossible to find them on other sites. It is likely that the player will lose on his ownnegligence, because he did not study the rules or did not fully understand them. In this case, the office will never take the side of its client.

Another tip from the pros is to be careful when buying predictions. Now many users are engaged in such activities, so finding them on the Internet is not difficult. Even the bookmaker sites themselves offer their customers paid predictions, which, by the way, most often burn out. If you find a specific specialist who is well versed in sports betting, in particular football, you should carefully study his statistics and, if possible, read the reviews.

As a rule, bookmakers attract the attention of customers with all sorts of promotions and bonuses. They promise to get more money, which is actually true. People who decide to seriously engage in eSports betting should pay attention to bonus and promotional offers, thanks to which there will be a chance to receive a certain amount as a gift, which can be bet in the same office, as well as get a double prize if you win on one or another football event.

virtual football betting how to win
virtual football betting how to win

Football specific

Now it's worth talking more specifically about how to win on football bets in Fonbet and other popular offices. Since this sport is known in all countries, a fairly large number of people spend money on it. This means, first of all, that in case of a win and a correctly chosen strategyyou will be able to get not only a good amount of money, but also respect from other players.

The following is information on how to win on football betting. Six tips will help even beginners quickly figure this out, as they are all quite clear.

Choosing a bookmaker

First of all, when answering the question of how to win on football bets in Fonbet and other offices, you should find out about these same bookmakers. To date, there are more than a hundred of them, so each user has a very good choice. But at the same time, some of them have a bad reputation, others often have technical problems, and some give too high a coefficient. Therefore, as a result, there are very few truly worthy places for sports betting.

Dealing with how to bet on football in order to win, in parallel, it is worth noting several popular offices. These include:

  1. Fonbet. One of the leading Russian bookmakers is famous for having an offline mode of operation. It was founded in 1994, reached the Internet already in 1997, and at the beginning of the 21st century launched a live betting mode.
  2. MarathonBet. A fairly popular office with a lot of advantages, today it is considered a significant link in the entire Russian betting market. Here, customers are offered the widest selection of events and types of bets.
  3. "1xBet". A relatively young, but rapidly progressing office is famous in the largest cities of Russia. She started her activity on the Internet in 2011 andthroughout its existence, it has been able to achieve considerable success, thanks to which it is loved by modern players.
  4. William Hill. The well-known bookmaker, which does not need a special introduction, is considered the world's largest bookmaker. It has a million-strong army of players who happily place bets and earn decent amounts on them.
  5. "League of rates". A really high-quality Russian office differs from its competitors with excellent odds and a chic site where you can spend time. The bookmaker has been operating since 2007 and for more than 10 years it has managed to make millions of people happy with winnings at simple football events.
  6. "Parimatch". The so-called "old-timer" of online football betting began active work at the beginning of the 21st century. It offers people to earn money on various sporting events and even win real prizes in numerous promotions.
  7. "Melbet". The Russian bookmaker, which started operating in 2012, offers its customers a truly high-quality service. Here, every player enjoys watching matches and their outcomes.
  8. "Leon". The company, which began operating in 2007, is now known throughout Russia and even beyond its borders. It is advertised on many YouTube channels, so it is very popular among both youth and adult players.
how to win live football betting
how to win live football betting

All listed offices provide an opportunity to bet on football. And most importantly, they work honestly and do not deceive their customers,really improve their financial condition. Although there are negative reviews about every bookmaker, this eight has the minimum number of them. Here it is best to try several options, and only then, relying on your own experience, choose the right one. Of course, it will take quite a lot of time, but at the same time, the chance to earn more on bets will increase significantly.

Pot Allocation

The second tip on how to win at football betting is the distribution of the betting pot. First, it is worth learning that it is impossible to guess the outcome of the match with 100% probability. Quite often it happens that the favorites draw an equal score with outsiders, so it is best to divide your amount into several parts. Experienced players place bets on only 5% of their bank. This makes it possible to protect yourself from "draining" the full amount due to the winning of the remaining bets.

Select League

Another important tip that answers the question of how to win on live football betting is the choice of several leagues. Experts strongly recommend doing just that in order to keep track of the brightest favorites. At the same time, they tend to avoid the fourth and third divisions, in which fixed matches are quite possible. The best leagues to date have been: Bundesliga, Primera, Premier League.

how to win fonbet betting eSports football
how to win fonbet betting eSports football


Beginners often interested in how to win at sports betting(football), as a rule, are confident that the coefficient indicates leaders and outsiders. But this is a serious mistake. In fact, the coefficient only acts as a formula for the popularity of playing football clubs. It can be used to determine which team has more fans and which will be bet on more often.

Strong clubs, as a rule, get odds from 1, 1 to 1, 3. But at the same time, they often draw or completely "merge" the match. But the most optimal coefficients were recognized as those that exceed 1.5.

With a quick understanding of this scheme, the answer to the question of how to win on betting on virtual football can be found much faster. Experienced players, of course, are aware of the peculiarities of the coefficients, but beginners will have to spend time dealing with them.

how to win football sports betting
how to win football sports betting

Free Predictions

While looking for an answer to the question of how to win on betting on virtual football without finding it, people just want to get a free prediction and try to bet according to it. Of course, such options exist, but it is recommended to use only proven ones.

The most common site with completely free predictions is ZuluBet. It works mainly on the surebets strategy and brings about 75 percent of winnings. In addition, here you can check your own forecasts.


To date, experienced users have been able to highlight the most winning bets onfootball. Although there are quite a few strategies in reality, it is best to pay attention to the following:

  1. "Dogon". This scheme implies betting on matches of equal importance. It is important here that the probability of winning is close to 50 percent. If the bet does not work, you will need to double your deposit and continue with this scheme until the initial spending is reimbursed. At the same time, you should not take more than seven such steps.
  2. "Forks". Here the main idea is to bet on several events at the same time in the same match. The main thing is that they contradict each other. Here the coefficient must be chosen more than 2. For example, it can be a bet on both playing teams, where the chance of winning is 77%.
  3. "Ladder". Its essence is a series of bets on matches with minimum odds. For example, the number of corners - on them the coefficient, as a rule, does not exceed 1, 2. It is important to remember that just one wrong bet instantly destroys the entire so-called ladder, which will have to start all over again and waste time.
  4. "The Clairvoyant". Although this strategy is not very popular, there are a very solid amount of winnings with its help. It consists in using all kinds of services with statistical information about the victories of teams, on the basis of which it is possible to make at least approximate calculations of the probable outcome of a particular match.
how to bet on football to win
how to bet on football to win


About how to win on football bets, reviewsleft by many experienced users who spend almost all their time on the websites of their favorite bookmakers. They note that all the methods listed in the article are correct. Many people have achieved great success thanks to these tips. Of course, someone initially tried to make his own path to success, and he really succeeded, but there are only a few such players.

Despite the use of different methods for winning football bets, all people who have been able to secure a regular income in this way say that beginners especially need to heed advice on strategies, statistics and bookmaker selection. They consider these three points to be the most important, although other recommendations play an important role in this matter.

As for ordinary users, they also respond positively to the above tips. They point out that after studying all these nuances and applying knowledge in practice, they managed to beat the bookmaker and hit the jackpot the first time. It is for this reason that they advise all people who do not want to just spend their money to immediately use this information and go that way.

how to win on football betting reviews
how to win on football betting reviews


The article has information that really answers the question of how to win on football betting. Although, according to the standard, the bookmaker has a considerable advantage over each of its clients, with the rightapproach to the game, anyone can win.

Of course, the bookmaker sets events, outcomes and odds on its own, but even so, using the tips given in the article, it is possible to take a good amount of money, thereby confusing the bookmaker. The most important thing that every gambler needs to remember is to remain patient and sincerely believe in himself, because only in this case bets on football can be made real income.