Cat Findus: the plot of the cartoon, the history of creation
Cat Findus: the plot of the cartoon, the history of creation

Video: Cat Findus: the plot of the cartoon, the history of creation

Video: Cat Findus: the plot of the cartoon, the history of creation
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Childhood is the most beautiful, fun and carefree time in the life of every person. During this period, the child explores the world with pleasure, learns new and interesting things, makes his first friends and acquaintances.

On the other hand, it is at this time that the main character traits are born, their own opinion and their own, albeit childish, perception of the world appear. During this period, parents should especially try to surround the child with only good, useful information that will bring up a real personality in him. The main thing here is not to overdo it, making the child's life boring and monotonous.

Many psychologists have long been saying that at this age children should learn information not from textbooks, but from funny instructive cartoons, movies, fairy tales. Firstly, visually everything is perceived faster and easier. Secondly, it will be more interesting for the child to study, he will have a really sincere desire. Today we will consider information about the wonderful series of books and cartoons "Cat Findus and Petson". So let's get started.

History of Creation

First, let's remember the history of creationbeautiful cartoon "Cat Findus".

The idea to paint this picture originated in the early 1980s. The first series of the book was published in 1984. It is worth noting that the name "Cat Findus" combines both the book and the cartoon at the same time. The first, of course, was the printed edition, which made an incredible impression on the children and their parents of that time. The author of the work was the writer Sven Nurdqvist. The man was born in Sweden, he devoted his whole life to children's literature. Sven Nurdqvist became known worldwide thanks to this work. Now the writer is married and has two children.

The author of the cartoon was the talented director Egmont Carnan, but in his films he took the illustrations of the writer as the basis.

Plot description

The story of Petson and Findus the cat (photos are presented in the article) has long been known and popular all over the world. Now many consider it a classic of children's literature and cinema.

The picture tells about a lonely old man whose life was filled with sadness and loneliness. At one point, everything changed when a box with a small kitten appeared on the threshold of his house. They became true friends, and kindness and comfort reigned forever in the old man's house.

findus cat
findus cat

Short stories in the book and cartoon tell about the lives of two friends. In the old man Petson, many parents recognize themselves, constantly loaded with household chores, problems, a little grouchy and sometimes too serious. The Findus cat is an unusual prototype of a fast and cheerful child. Allbooks are based on the relationship of fathers and children, this topic is presented here with incredible lightness and good humor.

Description of the main characters

As we have already mentioned, in the book or cartoon "The Cat Findus and Petson" there are two main characters. Let's take a closer look at them.

Old Man Petson

cat findus and petson
cat findus and petson

The man was a farmer, he was a little eccentric, absent-minded, but very kind. It is worth saying that Petson is a wonderful friend who constantly comes to the aid of Findus the cat. He is always on the job. His main passion is to make something with his own hands, often he becomes the creator of strange and impossible devices. In most episodes, the old man is dressed in large gray pants, a white shirt, and a dark brown vest. A distinctive feature is a large yellow hat. Old man Petson lives on the edge of a small Swedish village.

Cat Findus

about the Findus cat
about the Findus cat

Initially it was supposed to be another clumsy old man, but soon the writer decides to slightly change his original idea. Now Findus is a talking cat who constantly gets into trouble. By nature, he is kind and cheerful. He got his unusual name from Old Man Petson. After all, he found a kitten in a box of "Findus. Green peas," the name of a popular food brand in Sweden. The kitten has a striped orcas and is constantly dressed in beautiful green pants.

Description of secondary characters

We have already learned about the old man Petson, about the cat Findustoo. Now you need to pay attention to secondary characters:

  1. Chickens. The only female faces in the cartoon. Their main job is to gossip, sort things out and chat. Some of them are named Soffy-Moffy, Stina-Fina, Henrietta, Henny and Mul-Fia.
  2. Mukla. Mysterious creatures that live in the house of the old man Petson and constantly steal the things he needs. They love to laugh at their friends and watch the happenings in the yard. As new episodes are written, the myuklams are given an increasing role.
  3. Gustavson, his wife and son Axel. The neighbor and his family are extremely curious people who, watching what is happening in Petson's yard, spread rumors throughout the village. Sometimes the old man deliberately tells them ridiculous stories for the sake of laughter, which they believe.

Cartoon in books. Main dates

As we already understood, several books were first published, and then a cartoon was created. Let's see the chronology of the movie printed on paper sheets:

  1. 1984 "Birthday Cake". Kitten loves to celebrate his birthday 3 times a year. To please a friend, Petson travels to the city for flour, but many adventures happen along the way.
  2. 1988 "Petson is sad". The old man's mood completely disappears, so the kitten constantly wants to cheer him up. In the end, Findus succeeds and they go fishing together.
  3. 1989 "Christmas at Petson's house". There are real winter frosts outside, friends are afraid to go out. Unfortunately, Petson accidentally twists his leg,It would seem that Christmas is spoiled, but everything is changing quickly.

Screening of the cartoon. Main dates

findus cat photo
findus cat photo

So, let's look at the main dates in the history of the cartoon "Findus the Cat and Petson":

  1. 1999 Released the first series of the film, which in 2000 was nominated for the Finnish award "Starboy" (Starboy).
  2. 2000 year. The movie Pettson och Findus - Kattonauten is released, based on which the computer game was created.
  3. 2005. The third part of the cartoon called Pettson och Findus 3: Tomtemaskinen.
  4. 2009. Pettson & Findus 4: Glömligheter.
  5. 2016 year. "Petson and Findus. The best Christmas ever"
  6. 2018 year. "Petson and Findus. Findus moves in".

It is worth noting that due to the incredible popularity of the cartoon in Europe, all episodes are divided into small parts lasting 11 minutes and released on TV screens.

Reviews about the cartoon

cat findus cartoon
cat findus cartoon

So let's mention some reviews. It should be said right away that none of the viewers could find any flaws in this wonderful cartoon, so let's talk about the most important pluses:

  1. Great illustrations. Initially, the author dreamed of becoming an artist, but soon discovered another talent in himself. In the film "Cat Findus and Petson" he was able to combine everything, filling the book with magnificent illustrations, and the cartoon with beautiful episodes.
  2. Funny and kind stories. They have no lustblack humor, insults. Everything is as fun as possible.
  3. Instructive and interesting stories. Each episode or part of the book is a great way to lift your spirits and have a little laugh.

Ages suitable for this cartoon and book

cat findus and petson cartoon
cat findus and petson cartoon

So, in the end, let's find out for what age the book and cartoon "Findus the Cat and Petson" are suitable. Since they have the same meaning, because the printed work was simply filmed, this movie is suitable for both children and adults. As for the youngest viewers, they should be introduced to this picture at about the age of 3-4 years.

It is worth saying that the cartoon is also interesting for school-age children, who also like to laugh at interesting stories about the lives of friends.

It is better for younger children to read a book, so you can quickly captivate them. Special mini-books and series have been created for kids under the age of 3.