How to draw Tinker Bell step by step. General provisions

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How to draw Tinker Bell step by step. General provisions
How to draw Tinker Bell step by step. General provisions

Video: How to draw Tinker Bell step by step. General provisions

Video: How to draw Tinker Bell step by step. General provisions
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The heroine of several full-length cartoons of the series "Fairies" - little Ding, fell in love with many. She is interesting, “alive”, has her own ideas about life and is very talented. And there is no secret in how to draw a Tinker Bell fairy. You just need to know a few basics of body construction and the signs of the character himself.


Of course, you will need a pencil, an eraser and a piece of paper. Initially, before drawing Tinker Bell, it is worth determining in what position the fairy will be, how much space on the sheet it will take. When these little things are thought out, you can start drawing the frame.

little fairy
little fairy

What is this? The basis for the image will be a combination of ovals, circles and sticks. Probably everyone remembers the children's saying "Stick, stick, cucumber …", and in many ways it explains the basics of drawing living beings.

So, where the head will be located, you need to draw an ellipse, it will help to correctly distribute the proportions. The neck and spine is a curved line showing the bend and position in space. But all the joints onthe body needs to be marked with circles, this method will help to make the character proportional.

Move on

You should not try to make the character recognizable immediately after creating the frame. The next step is drawing the body. It is necessary to determine where and what roundness the fairy Dinh Dinh will have. Think about what she will become in the end - slim or slightly plump. In the full-length cartoons themselves, you can see, of course, if you look closely, that the character is a little overweight.

When the body is finished, you can proceed to the head. To understand how to draw a Tinker Bell correctly, you need to outline not only the middle of the fairy's face, but also the shape of the head, the placement of the eyes and nose. This also applies to the ears and mouth. In order not to end up with a crooked smile or squint, this stage should be given increased attention.

Sweet Ding
Sweet Ding

Character development and personality

What is the difference between the selected character and the rest? What are the characteristics of her personality? All this must be remembered at this stage. You can start with both the body and the head. So, before you draw Tinker Bell in a recognizable way, you need to remember a few individual qualities and habits:

  • The fairy's hairstyle is "bump", but there is a rather lush bang. Here you need to pay special attention to the fact that the ball of hair can unsuccessfully “move out”, giving the impression that it is on its side. Therefore, it is worth estimating what position in space it occupies and where it comes into contact with the head.
  • The fairy wears a dress of leaves. Actually in the verythe outlines of vegetation are not very noticeable in the cartoon. Sometimes it seems that it is just a fabric. But if there is a desire to give "realism", then you can try to draw streaks.
  • Fairy shoes are simple flats. But small white pompoms, which the character loves very much, will make them recognizable.
  • Wings are drawn quite simply, but do not forget that they have a peculiar pattern.
  • Simple character pose
    Simple character pose

When the character is fully drawn, you can start coloring. Everything is simple there, green, blue (for the eyes) and yellow. But in order for the drawing to seem complete, you need to paint the skin, you can apply shadows. In general, with due diligence, problems with how to draw Tinker Bell should not arise. But still, the result depends on the skill and perseverance of the artist.