Mini-sketch on a military theme. School scenes on a military theme
Mini-sketch on a military theme. School scenes on a military theme

Video: Mini-sketch on a military theme. School scenes on a military theme

Video: Mini-sketch on a military theme. School scenes on a military theme
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Victory Day celebrations are held annually in all schools in the city. The students draw scenery on their own, look for costumes and prepare songs. A school scene on a military theme will develop a patriotic spirit in boys and girls and will allow them to show acting talent. The event is designed to be held in an assembly hall with modern equipment.

Scene "What do you know about the war?"

Three students of different grades line up in a row: third, seventh and eleventh. The purpose of this miniature scene on a military theme is to show how similar and different the idea of war is in children of different ages.

funny scenes on a military theme
funny scenes on a military theme

Third grader: War is when soldiers go to the front - many - tens, hundreds, thousands. They are fighting for the freedom of my brothers and sisters. Mothers sew warm clothes for soldiers, older girls cook food, boys - shells, machine guns. All this is then sent to the front. War is always bad, but our country is alwayswins!

Seventh grader: War is when the forces of the entire Soviet state are concentrated on the battlefield, when all people become brothers and sisters and strive for a common goal - to defeat a common enemy.

11th Grader: War is a mindless treacherous event that rich powerful people arrange for their own benefit. Such was the government of Nazi Germany, which, through the enslavement of the USSR, wanted to enslave the whole world.

(This war-themed scene is accompanied by illustrations of battles on an interactive whiteboard).

Eternal flame made of paper is a necessary attribute of the event

scene on a military theme
scene on a military theme

A scene on a military theme cannot do without the main element, which is a symbol of the memory of the deceased soldiers. The eternal flame is located on the squares of most Russian cities, and at events of this kind, its presence is simply necessary. Children can easily make this attribute on their own, and besides, it will be safe. To make an eternal flame, you will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Star pattern.
  2. Foil cardboard.
  3. Red paper napkins.
  4. Scissors, glue.

You need to circle the star template and cut it out. Glue gold or silver foil cardboard on top. Next, bend it along the lines and give a voluminous stable shape. In the center of the star, you need to make a small hole and thread an eternal flame made of red napkins into it. Fix the resulting structure withusing a toothpick.

The sentimental production of "Farewell to Mother"

A slide with a slowly burning candle turns on. Two women enter the stage: a daughter and a mother. The script for the war scene and the names are subject to change, but the idea remains the same.

miniature scenes on a military theme
miniature scenes on a military theme

- Do you remember, mother, when the alarm was announced to us - the well-known voice of Levitan did not want to share joy with us, citizens of the Soviet Union; did not announce the beginning of graduation parties at school … Then, on June 22, we all learned from him about the worst thing we could expect - about the beginning of the war. I love you, mother, more than anyone in the world: you are the only one left with me, my dear, my blood. But know that I cannot forgive papa's death, and with all my female hatred I will go against the enemy, and nothing will stop me! (raises his hand proudly).

- Can you alone, daughter, stop our fierce enemy? Can you find the one who left us alone in the whole wide world, you my blood? Do not leave your mother, stay with us in the village! (hurries to hug her daughter, wiping away her tears).

- Yes, if everyone reasoned like you, mother, there would be no one on the battlefield, the German would exterminate every single one! But I will go, mother, by all means go and join my fighting girlfriends! (bows at her mother's feet, crosses herself, kisses her mother and silently leaves).

And so Gnilitskaya Nina Timofeevna, the hero of the Soviet Union, went into battle, saying goodbye to her mother forever.

(A burning candle goes out on the slide. A scene onmilitary theme ends with a moment of silence. An enlarged image of Gnilitskaya Nina Timofeevna appears).

KVN on a military theme

Several people take turns taking the stage with short remarks. Mini-KVN will allow teachers and parents present in the assembly hall to relax, this is a much better solution than staging a scene on a military theme. The funny stories are based on both fiction and facts from the lives of soldiers.

school scene on a military theme
school scene on a military theme

1. - Why don't girls stay long in the army?

- Because an old-timer is called "grandfather", and the fair sex will never want to be called that.

2. A soldier who ate a whole can of stew under the covers alone during lights out can commit any crime.

3. - Doctor, where am I going to join the army with my curvature of the spine!

- With your diagnosis, comrade, it will be especially convenient for you to shoot from behind a corner!

4. - Why did you join the army? Didn't get into university? Do you want to defend your homeland from enemies? Or the desire to find real comrades?

- No, no, no! No one asked for my consent!

5. –Three thousand and thirty, get out of order!

- Comrade Major, my name is Zozo!

A small scene on the military theme "Irreplaceable fighter"

The best traits of a man's character are laid in the army - endurance, honesty and unquestioning fulfillment of his duty. This scene on a military theme will demonstrate the situation that can develop with a soldier on guard duty. A task -under no circumstances leave your seat.

a small scene on a military theme
a small scene on a military theme

The general approaches the sentry and asks:

- What time is it, fighter?

- Half past two, Comrade General!

- And your colleagues have been sleeping for a long time, soldier! Don't you feel like it?

- No, Comrade General!

- You go get some rest, I'm still waiting for the company commander, I'll stand guard - no one will get into the warehouse.

- I have no right to violate the order given by Comrade Major, Comrade General!

- Set aside! Disobedience is punishable by your demobilization!

The major comes up and inquires about the situation that happened on guard, to which the general replies:

- Irreplaceable fighter! Under no circumstances did he retreat from the guard! On my orders, I will grant you three days off!

Mini-sketch on the military theme "Cunning Shooter"

mini scene on a military theme
mini scene on a military theme

The production is played out among natural scenery. Military exercises are going on in the field. The general approaches the target, the center of which is shot through with several bullets, and asks the captain:

- Fedor Ilyich, tell me, whose target is this?

- Corporal Sokolov, Comrade General!

- Good shooter. On my behalf, I order him to be transferred from the infantry to the sniper platoon!

- Comrade General, Sokolov will not suit you!

- Drop objections! Why not?

- So he shoots first, and then draws the target…

Conclusion of the event

After viewing all the numbers,presented by children, the administration has the right to note which skit on a military theme was the best and reward its participants. The school choir comes out and performs patriotic songs, and children with a musical education play along with the phonogram on musical instruments. Next, veterans of the war - great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers of the students are invited to the stage, who are presented with bouquets of flowers and memorable gifts.