Cult films - list. Cult horror films
Cult films - list. Cult horror films

Video: Cult films - list. Cult horror films

Video: Cult films - list. Cult horror films
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Before you start listing cult films, you should decide what is meant by this concept. These are films that have become the subject of reverence for one or more groups of fans. As a rule, such films are not popular at the box office, but for some subcultures or groups of people they are iconic.

cult films
cult films

A bit of history

Cult films first appeared in the middle of the last century in the United States. It was at this time that grindhouses began to become popular - cinemas showing low-budget films in the science fiction or horror genre. In the early 70s, a phenomenon called "midnight cinema" appeared - nightly screenings were arranged in some cinemas, but they were radically different from those tapes that were shown during the day. Such sessions attracted fans of unusual cinema more, many people reviewed the same tapes almost every day. In the 1980s, this phenomenon disappeared. It is believed that re-cult films appeared thanks to QuentinTarantino, who purposefully shot tapes in the style of the same "midnight movie". To date, there are no specific criteria for cult status, however, the paintings provided below can be assessed by critics as such.

The Devil's Advocate (1997)

cult movies list
cult movies list

Despite the fact that this painting by Taylor Hackford came out relatively long ago, many people are revisiting it today. The plot is really captivating. Once a lawyer named Kevin won a high-profile case in court, after which he was offered a position in a reputable New York law corporation. He had to protect those people who are actually guilty, but rich. In return, Kevin receives a luxurious apartment, an appropriate salary, millionaire friends, etc. But his wife is restless, she is tormented by nightmares in which her friends turn into scary creatures. Husband and wife are moving away from each other, she wants to leave this city in order to preserve the honor of her husband and family. Will her plans come true?

Reservoir Dogs (1991)

Films of cult directors amaze the viewer with the depth of the plot, and this tape from Quentin Tarantino is no exception. The picture tells how crime boss Joe Cabot assembled a team of criminals who had not met each other before. They had to come up with the perfect plan to rob a jewelry store. However, from the very beginning, for some reason, everything went wrong, as expected, and the robbery turned into a terrible bloodbath.

"Brother" (1997)

cult horror films
cult horror films

Cultfilms, the list of which is simply impossible to compile (there are so many of them), were also successfully shot by Russian directors. So Aleksey Balabanov created a picture that amazed the world and showed him Russia in the days of banditry, total devastation. A film about a young guy - Danil Bagrov. He came from the army and can not find his place in this life. Realizing that in the province where he was born, nothing really shines for him, the hero of the film goes to St. Petersburg to his brother. What awaits a guy who is sure that happiness is not in money and social status?

Star Wars Saga

There are cult films that just don't need a description. This saga broke all possible records of popularity during its existence. It was she who saved the CenturyFox industry from imminent bankruptcy. And all fans of science fiction are still reviewing its series to this day.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

This is another legendary Quentin Tarantino painting where all 6 parts were split, mixed and shown in the wrong order. This picture received "Oscar", "Palme d'Or" and about forty other awards. The film was a resounding success, considered a milestone in cinema.

The Matrix (1999)

all cult films
all cult films

This is a cult action movie, filmed in the genre of fantasy, the main character of which leads a double existence. During the day he works as a programmer, and at night as a hacker. One day, a strange message came to his computer, after which all unimaginable events begin. Herethe future is intertwined with reality, people are fighting with the so-called intelligent machines. The film deserves to be seen, but more than once.

"Requiem for a Dream" (2000)

The action of the picture includes three seasons: summer, autumn and winter. The film contains quite a lot of violent scenes, as it tells about drugs and their mortal danger. The picture is not recommended for viewing by persons under 18.

Forrest Gump (1994)

films of cult directors
films of cult directors

There is hardly a person who has not seen this film or heard about it. Robert Zemeckis made a successful film about an amazing man who had to go through a lot to understand who he really is. The action of the picture begins with Forrest's childhood, it shows his whole hard life, full of ups and downs. To tell the full plot is to deprive a person of the opportunity to appreciate this masterpiece.

Cult Horror Movies

If we talk about this genre, then we can safely single out 10 films that are considered cult and are popular with horror fans.

  1. Night of the Living Dead (1968). Thanks to this tape by George Romero, the world knows what zombies are.
  2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). A film about a family of cannibals who terrified others and used a chainsaw to do so.
  3. "Jaws" (1975). After seeing this picture, taken by Steven Spielberg, many could not swim in the sea. It was kind of the starting point for the next blockbusters.
  4. "Halloween" (1978). Storyabout a guy who killed his sister and ended up in a prison for psychos. Later, he comes out and continues to commit murders.
  5. "Friday the 13th". A film about how terrible a mother's revenge for the death of a child can be.
  6. "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Who doesn't remember Freddy Krueger and his knife gloves?
  7. cult horror films
    cult horror films
  8. "Hellraiser". A film about an otherworldly being created by a man.
  9. "Progeny of Chucky". This is a story about a bloodthirsty doll that has been possessed by the soul of a dead killer.
  10. "Predator". In this tape, Schwarznegger and Ventura are fighting against the alien.
  11. "Saw". The story of a maniac who forced his victims to solve strange puzzles to save lives has become a real brand.


As we have already said, it is impossible to list all the cult films, there are so many of them. This includes the following tapes: Blade Runner, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Scarface, Trainspotting, Terminator, Horrible Doctor Phibes, etc. If you look at all these films, be sure to stop at some of those that you want to watch again.