How to draw Chipollino with children

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How to draw Chipollino with children
How to draw Chipollino with children

Video: How to draw Chipollino with children

Video: How to draw Chipollino with children
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It's not difficult to draw the characters of your favorite cartoon or fairy tale. It is not required to observe the correct "human" proportions. It is only important to depict some unique features. This makes the character recognizable.

For example, let's ask ourselves a question: how to draw Chipollino? A cheerful and cheerful boy is a favorite of children. They know him from books and cartoons. Children will love to take part in this little drawing lesson.

How to draw Cipollino with a pencil
How to draw Cipollino with a pencil

What you need

First of all, take a sheet of paper. The most comfortable for little artists will be medium grit. It's nice to draw on it.

Let's show the kids how to draw Chipollino with a pencil. Therefore, we will prepare simple and colored pencils. They can be of varying degrees of hardness. Solid draw thin lines. Soft ones will be useful to us for creating shadows and shading.

A soft rubber band will also come in handy. It is convenient to remove unnecessary lines with it.

Usually, a special stick is used to blend the hatching, but a piece of plain paper will also work.

Let's be a little more patient and take a good mood with us.

Some secrets

Before telling how to drawCipollino, let's reveal a few "secrets".

It turns out that anything can be depicted with a few simple geometric shapes - circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. A house, for example, is a few rectangles and a triangle. This makes it much easier for artists to draw complex subjects.

Draw the sketch with the thinnest strokes. If you need to erase them, thin ones will be erased more easily.

Mark a sheet of paper. It will immediately become clear where to place the picture.

It's very easy to portray Cipollino! You need to draw an ordinary bulb with eyes, mouth and nose. And then draw the body.

How to draw Cipollino
How to draw Cipollino


Let's draw the head and body first schematically. We draw the head in the form of a small onion. Below we denote the collar with wavy lines. From it starts a rectangle down. This is the torso. At the bottom, the rectangle diverges into two parts with the letter "L". Got legs in trousers. Now we draw the feet. We use small ovals for this. One looks "to the right" and the other looks to the left.

You can draw hands behind your back or one in your pocket.

Let's depict our Cipollino on the face with circles of eyes, eyebrows and mouth with arcs, a nose with a small oval. The eyes can be drawn as large ovals. This will make him look more like a cartoon.

The hairstyle is very simple - onion arrows.

Now add the details. Any. Anything your fantasy tells you. Cipollino is a boy from a poor family. We draw a patch on the trousers. Come up with a pattern on the shirt.

Now take colored pencils andbeautifully color our drawing.

What is the background? Maybe this is Pumpkin's godfather's house? Or Countess Cherry Park?

Add shadows for volume. We make hatching with a soft pencil and gently rub it with a stick or paper.

How to draw Cipollino with a pencil
How to draw Cipollino with a pencil

Your kids now know how to draw Cipollino. But there is also Signor Tomato, Prince Lemon, godfather Pumpkin, Cherry with Strawberry. In the same way, now you can draw the heroes of "Cipollino" side by side. Now your little artists know all the secrets for this.