Statements about yourself. Truth or lie?
Statements about yourself. Truth or lie?

Video: Statements about yourself. Truth or lie?

Video: Statements about yourself. Truth or lie?
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Each of us is trying to form an opinion about ourselves. And the desire to share it with others is quite understandable. This is necessary in order to find out what impression we make on others. Statements about ourselves characterize us like a litmus test, regardless of whether they are sincere or not. We are not always aware of the goal we are pursuing by saying certain things about ourselves. But in the subconscious there is always a goal. It may be a desire to gain authority, to please, to become the soul of the company for everyone.

Statements about yourself can be divided into several types. These are pretentious, comic and derogatory monologues and remarks.

Pompous statements

Usually very self-confident people with a low level of education speak about themselves with pathos. "I'm the best, the smartest, no one can do it better than me! Without me, no one can do anything. In this world, everything rests only on me!"

It is very difficult to communicate with such people. They do not accept any criticism and do not tolerate any statements about themselves that do not coincide with their own opinion. Sometimes this stubbornness is a sign of mental illness.

Comic statements

Peopletend to tease oneself. Such jokes make the atmosphere in the team more relaxed and comfortable. "I'm so clueless!" Or "I'm just a natural disaster!" Sometimes there are outrageous phrases, such as "I am a bitch", or "I am a monster (monster, vampire).

Here a lot depends on the intonation with which all this is said. As a rule, those who talk about a bitch or a monster do not think so at all. The essence of the statement is once again to draw attention to yourself.

Derogatory statements

As a rule, people suffering from numerous complexes tend to like this. They scold themselves with or without reason. The meaning of the statement is always the same: "I am the worst of all, I can do nothing, I will never succeed." They sincerely think so and suffer about it. It is very difficult to get them out of this state. Such words are one of the signs of depression. In especially severe cases, one has to resort to the help of psychologists.

Opinion about yourself when writing a resume

When compiling a resume, in addition to professional experience and business qualities, sometimes they ask you to talk about your features, hobbies, character traits. The way it is presented is valuable information for experienced personnel officers. No need to write frivolously. It is necessary to write the truth, speak only about those qualities of character and hobbies that can help in the work. Everything should be stated concisely and concisely. Statements about yourself in the genre of jokes in this case are unacceptable.

Writers about themselves

Many writers left opinionsabout himself in his diaries and memoirs. In their works, they sometimes put these thoughts into the mouths of lyrical heroes. The protagonist of the author is not always the main character. Sometimes this is the most unexpected character. Sometimes the author reveals it himself, sometimes you have to guess. Literary criticism deals with this, and the conclusions of critics are sometimes the most unexpected.

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov. 1891
Anton Chekhov. 1891

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in his letter to Olga Leonardovna Knipper writes:

If I have a gift that should be respected, then, I confess to the purity of your heart, I have not respected it until now. I felt that I had it, but I was used to considering it insignificant. () I have hundreds of acquaintances in Moscow, between them there are about two dozen writers, and I can’t remember a single one who would read me or see an artist in me …

Is this our opinion about Chekhov now? But, probably, Chekhov writes sincerely. And the fact that we still open this miracle of his stories anew every time, he did not imagine. Or did he assume?

Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Mayakovsky. 1925
Vladimir Mayakovsky. 1925

In 1922, Mayakovsky wrote a biography book "I myself". He talks about himself, his family and friends in an inimitable manner.

I am a poet. This is what is interesting. I am writing about this. About the rest - only if it was defended with a word.

In many of his poems, the author himself is guessed behind the lyrical hero.

Marina Tsvetaeva

Marina Tsvetaeva. 1926
Marina Tsvetaeva. 1926

In verse Marina Tsvetaevaoften writes in the first person. And often about myself.

One - of all - for all - against all!

"…there is nothing new in me except my poetic responsiveness to the new sound of the air"

This new sound of air is also felt in her "The Tale of Sonechka". And hardly anyone will dispute that Sonechka Goliday has a lot from Marina herself.

Sergey Dovlatov

Sergey Dovlatov
Sergey Dovlatov

When you read Sergei Dovlatov, it seems that everything he writes is written about himself. Of course, much of the author is present in his characters. But still, absolutely identifying the author and the characters is not worth it. In his notebooks, Dovlatov writes:

God gave me what I've been asking for all my life. He made me an ordinary writer. Becoming him, I was convinced that I claim more. But it was too late. God does not ask for more.

Now we know that Sergei Dovlatov is far from being an ordinary writer. His books were cited. It is read and re-read all over the world.

Studying the history and biographies of great people since ancient times, we often come across wise sayings. Some of them have become figures of speech, such as Descartes' words:

I know that I don't know anything.

Or Einstein's phrase:

I'm too crazy not to be a genius.

People's statements about themselves, whether sincere or sly, provide psychologists with rich material for research. They help to penetrate deeper into the secrets of the inner world. What we say about ourselves plays a very important role in how weperceived by others.