Monuments in St. Petersburg: names and photos. Workshops for the manufacture of monuments in St. Petersburg
Monuments in St. Petersburg: names and photos. Workshops for the manufacture of monuments in St. Petersburg

Video: Monuments in St. Petersburg: names and photos. Workshops for the manufacture of monuments in St. Petersburg

Video: Monuments in St. Petersburg: names and photos. Workshops for the manufacture of monuments in St. Petersburg
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St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) is the second largest metropolis in the Russian Federation after Moscow. From 1712 to 1918 it was the capital of Russia. In this article, we will consider the most famous monuments of St. Petersburg. The city has a rich cultural heritage.

St. Petersburg monuments
St. Petersburg monuments

Architectural monuments in St. Petersburg

The historical architectural sights of St. Petersburg can be divided into several parts. This is especially convenient for those who study the history of the creation of the city, as well as for guides and people who independently get acquainted with the Northern capital.

Religious buildings. These include:

  • Orthodox cathedrals,
  • churches,
  • monasteries.

Most famous places of worship:

  • Alexander Nevsky Lavra;
  • Smolny Monastery;
  • Church of the Savior on Blood;
  • Kazan Cathedral;
  • Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  • Cathedral of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called;
  • Basilica of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Gardens and parks:

  • Summer Garden,
  • dacha I. G. Chernyshev "Alexandrino",
  • Botanical Garden,
  • Mikhailovsky Garden,
  • Babushkin Park,
  • Moscow Victory Park.

Palaces and houses:

  • Marble Palace,
  • estate "Sosnovka" (Dacha Chernov),
  • Vorontsov-Dashkov's dacha ("Shuvalov Palace"),
  • Gryphon tower.
production of monuments in St. Petersburg
production of monuments in St. Petersburg

Architectural ensembles:

  • Palace Square,
  • St. Isaac's Square,
  • Peter and Paul Fortress,
  • Art Square,
  • Ostrovsky Square,
  • Senate Square,
  • Sennaya Square,
  • Suvorov Square,
  • spit of Vasilyevsky Island,
  • University embankment.

Architectural ensembles of the suburbs of St. Petersburg:

  • Gatchina,
  • Oranienbaum,
  • Pavlovsk,
  • Peterhof,
  • Strelna,
  • Tsarskoye Selo.

In this article we will take a closer look at several famous sculptures and architectural structures of the Northern capital of the Russian Federation. Next, we will talk about several monuments that reflected the great achievements of the Russian people.

Moscow triumphal gates

In the place where the monument is now, there used to be an outpost. The attraction got its name because the road leading to the Russian state began here. The triumphal arch was erected in honor of the victory of the Russian army over the Persian and Turkish soldiers.

architectural monuments in St. Petersburg
architectural monuments in St. Petersburg

Narva Gate

In St. Petersburg there are many monuments that are dedicated to victories over the enemies of the valiant Russian army. The most beautiful of them is the Narva Gate. They were made and installed in honor of the defeat of the French army in 1812. The troops returned to Russia after the complete defeat of Napoleon's army. The winners had to go through this arc.

The architectural monument was erected in just a month. The materials from which the gates were made were the most primitive: wood and alabaster. Initially, the Narva Gate was a wide arch with a chariot at the top. The names of all the guards regiments that took part in the fighting were inscribed on the pylons of the monument.

After 10 years, the monument completely dilapidated and began to collapse. The city authorities decided to demolish the gate and build new ones according to the same project, but in a slightly different place. The monument was erected near the bridge over the Tarakanovka River. The new Narva Gates have become larger. Decor elements have changed.

monument to Peter in St. Petersburg
monument to Peter in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg there are a huge number of monuments to the great figures of Russia.

Monuments to Pushkin in St. Petersburg

A. S. Pushkin's work is loved and revered all over the world. It would be strange if there were no monuments to him in St. Petersburg. The young years of the poet passed here: studying at the Lyceum, the first creative impulses, the first love, dedication to adulthood and recognition of his genius.

Monument in the courtyard of the house-museum

The death of the famous poet also occurred in St. Petersburg. Her silent witness was the first floor of the Volkonsky house on Moika, 12. Now a museum in memory of the poet has been organized here. A monument was erected next to him in 1952.

Relics are stored in the house:

  • death mask of Alexander Sergeevich;
  • medallion with lock of hair;
  • personal items.

The majestic statue is cast in bronze. The size of the monument is about three meters in height.

The best monument to Pushkin on Arts Square

The opening of the monument was timed to coincide with the 250th anniversary of the city of Leningrad. The statue is in front of the State Russian Museum. The monument looks majestic and is a real masterpiece. Petersburgers believe that this is the best gift to the city in all the years of its existence.

Monument on the street of the same name

This is the first monument to the poet in the city. It was erected in 1884. On the sides of the pedestal are inscribed excerpts from The Bronze Horseman and Monument. The date of birth and death of the poet is also immortalized here.

Anna Akhmatova mentioned this cultural heritage of the Northern capital in her memoirs. In Soviet times, the leaders decided to demolish the monument. A crane drove up to the statue, which was not allowed by the children playing in the street. They just started screaming and crying. The foreman didn't know what to do. I called the director, and he replied that he would have to leave the monument to the kids.

Monument to Pushkin in Tsarskoye Selo

The residents of Tsarskoye Selo really wanted a monument to the great poet in their area. The competition was opened, and the mission to determine the winner fell on the shoulders of Nicholas II.

workshops of monuments in St. Petersburg
workshops of monuments in St. Petersburg

Monument to Peter in St. Petersburg

On the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress there is a monument to Peter I. The sculpture is located to the left of the central alley. It was installed in 1991. Its prototype was a wax figure made by the Italian Rastrelli immediately after the emperor's death.

The cast of the head of the lord was made during his lifetime, and the proportions of the body were measured after his death. The wax figure became an exact copy of the autocrat. It is still in the museum "Winter Palace of Peter I". The author of the sculpture M. Shemyakin repeated exactly the facial features, the shape of the skull and the size of Peter's head. The emperor's body was enlarged 1.5 times. Because of this, the sculpture seems a little strange.

Production of monuments in St. Petersburg

The production of monuments in St. Petersburg is a fairly developed industry. Such architectural structures are ordered in memory of the deceased or to perpetuate an event. Monuments are made from different materials:

  • metal,
  • natural material,
  • stone chips,
  • polymer granites.
  • concrete.

Metal sculptures

Monuments made of bronze look dignified and expensive. Over time, their appearance only gets better, as the sculpture acquires a touch of antiquity. Bronze is not subject to corrosion, which is considered its main advantage. The technology for making bronze monuments is quite complicated, so the work is expensive.

Metal can be used to make structures of any configuration and complexity. The metal is easily painted in any color. Mainthe problem with the material is that it is susceptible to corrosion, but modern processing methods can avoid trouble. Metal sculptures made using modern technologies will please the eye for many decades.

St. Petersburg monument workshops also use natural materials:

  • Granite. Stone sculptures are aesthetic and durable. Granite is not afraid of precipitation and mechanical impact. The main disadvantages of this material are the high price and the complexity of manufacturing.
  • Marble. Elite expensive material. Differs in special plasticity. Works from it look chic.
  • Tree. Products from it after processing by professionals look modern and aesthetically pleasing. A huge minus is fragility.

Monuments in St. Petersburg are made of stone chips, concrete or polymer granite:

Concrete. To make sculptures from this material, the concrete mixture is poured into special molds. In some cases, craftsmen use structural reinforcement.

Polymergranite - a mixture of granite chips and polymers. This is the waste that remains in the manufacture of granite sculptures. Monuments from it are not so beautiful, but durable. A huge plus is the low cost of products.

monuments to Pushkin in St. Petersburg
monuments to Pushkin in St. Petersburg

Stone crumb. The manufacturing method completely repeats the one presented above. Instead of polymer granite, the main filler is waste from the production of stone products.

Where to apply for the manufacture of a monument in St. Petersburg?

To order a sculpture or monument, you can contact the following addresses:

  • Granmaster monument making workshop, 95 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Workshop "Monuments", prosp. Stachek, 73, letter A, pom. 12H, St. Petersburg.
  • Aleksey Danilkin Monument Workshop, 16 Varshavskaya Street, Russia, St. Petersburg.