BC Fonbet: how to win, results and feedback from players
BC Fonbet: how to win, results and feedback from players

Video: BC Fonbet: how to win, results and feedback from players

Video: BC Fonbet: how to win, results and feedback from players

Fonbet is one of the most popular bookmakers in Russia. Working since 1994, the Fonbet bookmaker has established itself as a reliable, official organization in which it is really possible to win. Few people know how to win at Fonbet. Like any "gold mine", Fonbet has its own secrets for beginners.

About bookmaker

BK "Fonbet" is one of the leading betting companies in Russia and CIS countries. There are more than 100 player clubs in Moscow. Another 82 Fonbet clubs are located in the regions of Russia.

"Fonbet" is one of the certified, legal bookmakers in the Russian Federation. This means that players can be sure of their payouts: the official bookmaker never fails with payments.

Since 2016, the Fonbet bookmaker has been actively developing on the Internet, allowing players to place bets online on the official website. try your luckclub members can using smartphones. Download the free mobile application "Fonbet" available in the App Store and Google Play.

do they win in fonbet
do they win in fonbet

Not all players are interested in the history of the bookmaker. But everyone dreams of learning how to win at Fonbet. The official bookmaker guarantees that the conditions for all participants in the gaming process are equal. This gives beginners and experienced players the opportunity to count on luck in the game even with minimal cash investment.

Advantages of BC "Fonbet"

At Russian Gaming Week in 2018, the office was recognized as the best bookmaker, including online betting. But the awards for the club is not the main thing. BC "Fonbet" is one of the most popular bookmakers. Taking sports betting since 1994, the office almost immediately became popular with Russians.

The main advantages of the club are legality and reliability. BC "Fonbet" adheres to the policy of fair play. At the same time, the company does not delay payments in case of a successfully played bet. Players can receive cash already within 1 hour from the moment of registration of the application.

But before you get acquainted with the conditions of winning, you need to know how you can win in Fonbet. There are some tips from regular players that can slightly increase the chances of winning. But we should not forget that no secret of the game guarantees a 100% win.

Features of the game in the bookmaker's office "Fonbet"

Legality of BC "Fonbet"is confirmed by participation in the international organization Federbet. The purpose of the union of bookmakers is to prevent and suppress match-fixing. The bookmaker, which is a member of Federbet, guarantees fair betting and random results.

A feature of the games in the bookmaker's office "Fonbet" is accessibility. To try your luck, you should apply to one of the 182 clubs with a passport or register on the official website.

It is important not to confuse Fonbet with twin clubs. Thanks to its reputation and popularity, the club has won the trust of hundreds of thousands of players in Russia and the CIS countries. The success of the office attracts illegal clubs that create clone pages. In this way they try to lure players to them, and many newcomers register on other pages by mistake.

is it possible to win in toto fonbet
is it possible to win in toto fonbet

Games on the official website or in Fonbet clubs allow you to count on winnings in any case.

Rules of the game in "Fonbet"

There are several variations of games in the bookmaker's office "Fonbet". Any one allows you to get a big win if the player is lucky.

To find out how you can win at Fonbet, you should study the types of bets online and in clubs:

  1. Single bet. Calculated on the outcome of one selected event. The winnings depend on the coefficient: the higher it is, the more profit the player will receive. It is allowed to make several single bets on one or different sports at the same time. On the tongueFor professional players, a single bet is also called a single bet.
  2. Express. The most popular type of betting. It is a set of single bets. You are allowed to include no more than 30 events. Each individual bet in an accumulator must not be directly related to the event of one game. In case of success, the winnings are equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by all the odds in the accumulator. If at least 1 event was guessed incorrectly, the player loses money.
  3. Super Express. It differs from the usual express by the number of events - 15 events. You can count on winning by guessing at least 9 outcomes.
  4. The system is a combination of parlays. The maximum number of sports events in the system should not exceed 16.

Which sport to choose for betting? Tips for beginners

Persons who bet on sports are also called bettors in betting slang. A beginner bettor, before starting a bet in Fonbet, must decide which sport can bring him good luck.

What experienced bettors advise (they are also called cappers):

  • choose the sport that has at least minimal preferences;
  • stay betting in one sport at least 15% of the time;
  • don't bet on the kind in which the player does not understand at all. Of course, luck can overtake a better even in this case, but 8 out of 10 bets made "at random" lose immediately;
  • do not change sport more than once a week;
  • follow the selected teams and players, be interested in the situation on the worldsports arena in this type of confrontation.

Careful selection of competition is one of the secrets of how to play Fonbet correctly in order to win. Do not be upset if the first choice of a sport turns out to be unsuccessful. Almost 78% of cappers failed at least 7 times during the first year of the game. Persistence helped them become successful and lure good luck in the game.

Basics of the single-player game: football theme

One of the easiest options to try your luck at the Fonbet bookmaker is a single bet. You can deposit cash in Fonbet in the amount of 10 rubles. The maximum win is limited by the terms of the bet.

Betting on a single event, the player has more chances to catch luck. This is a good solution for beginners and those who prefer moderate risk. In BC "Fonbet" the most popular are football singles - bets on the most popular sport.

is it possible to win super express in fonbet
is it possible to win super express in fonbet

How to win in Fonbet on football?

  1. Betting only on known teams.
  2. Follow the situation in the League for 3-6 months.
  3. Give preference to consistently playing teams. It is not necessary to bet only on the leaders - they often lose too. A team that occupies the middle of the standings, but shows quality football, can also bring good luck to the better.
  4. Choose simple bets. For example, for the victory of one team.
  5. Don't bet the whole pot without being sure of100%.

The last tip isn't just for football bettors. All professional players agree that it is better to bet only part of the pot. Otherwise, the player may lose everything without having time to enjoy the excitement of betting. A quick loss is dangerous because of the desire to recoup at all costs.

A player who is about to bet on a football event can choose from the following options:

  • on the outcome of the game or half;
  • for the result;
  • to win a tournament or league;
  • for the success/failure of a particular player;
  • on the professional skills of a football player;
  • for pen alties/corners/fouls during trial.

You can bet on a football event offline or during the game. Betting online is called "Live".

Real-time betting

Players who bet constantly can be divided into 2 categories:

  • lovers of real-time betting;
  • those who bet exclusively offline.

In the first case, the player bets in "Live" - directly during the game. This betting format has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of betting online on the basis of Fonbet bookmaker:

  1. The ability to watch the broadcast of the game directly on the website or in the Fonbet office.
  2. Assessment of the apparent advantage of any participant in the gameplay.
  3. Watching how the odds of a bet change and why it happens.
  4. Widebet selection range, from the outcome of 1 half (game, period, etc.) to the result of the entire game.
how to win on fonbet live
how to win on fonbet live

Bets in "Live" are limited by the time of the game. As soon as the game period ends, the opportunity to place a bet disappears. But this does not mean that a player can bet on the team's victory 2 minutes before the end of the game. Fonbet provides equal conditions for all bettors, so bets are accepted at least 5 minutes before the end of the game process.

Live wins: is it real?

Not always a bet during the game justifies itself. Often the result of a seemingly obvious match can change at the last minute. How to win on Fonbet in Live?

The first thing a player should not forget is that the final result is known only after the end of the last minute. Therefore, do not despair if during the half-time or period the situation does not unfold as expected.

Example: It's very common for top tennis players to make embarrassing mistakes, such as on the serve. This can lead to losing the game or even the set. But in the course of the game, 78% of the time tennis players from the top ten pull themselves together and win at least one set. At the same time, the stakes for their victory in a set after an unfortunate loss may be lower than for a frankly weak player.

how to win at fonbet
how to win at fonbet

There are some tips on how to win at Fonbet by betting only on events in thereal time:

  • bet on the result of the favorite at the end of the match. In 7 out of 10 cases, the favorite shows its advantage throughout the entire half. In 10% of the outcomes, players and teams of the top level "pull out" the victory at the end. It is especially important to bet at the beginning of the tournament: in the battle with teams of a weaker class, the favorites always look more confident and prove their advantage at the end of the game.
  • bet on the outcome of one half 5 minutes before the end. Of course, sport is characterized by unpredictable play. But in most cases, the results are achieved in the middle or early game, and not in the last seconds.
  • don't pay attention to odds that are too high. This is the beauty of excitement: hitting the jackpot with minimal investment. But less than 0.0001% of players become lucky. Most of those who dream of a jackpot with a bet of 100 rubles are left with nothing.

The main advice when playing in "Live" is considered to be the time to close the line in "Fonbet". This means that the player himself must understand, feel at what point he should make a bet. The best time is when the odds for his favorite to win are higher than the average (for example, in the process of losing a small game). In this case, you can hit a small jackpot, without much risk.

Puls betting: a quick way to get big winnings

The favorite of regular players are bets on several events at the same time, or parlays. The chances of winning on accumulator bets are much lower than on single bets. Butplayers can increase the size of their pot by 3-4 times with just one successful bet. This is what attracts regular players of Fonbet. In addition, the bookmaker regularly holds express bets with increased odds, which further increases the winnings of bettors.

Do express bets win in Fonbet? This question is of interest to almost everyone who has registered with a bookmaker. Winning an accumulator is important for beginners, who immediately gain self-confidence after it.

fonbet toto how to win strategy
fonbet toto how to win strategy

How best to bet on express events in order to win at Fonbet bookmaker:

  • Choose just one single with a high odds. It will be the main excitement of the game.
  • Increase the size of the total odds with "win-win" bets. Of course, none of the betting analysts will give a 100% guarantee that an event with a low odds will actually happen. But a bet with odds of 1, 1-1, 2 turns out to be winning in 81% of cases.
  • Do not bet more than 5 events at the same time. You can hit the jackpot with 15 ordinars in the coupon, but it is better to increase the bank gradually by including 4-5 events in the accumulator.

The main rule of gambling is also relevant - do not bet all-in. These are some of the main points that reveal how to win at Fonbet correctly on express bets. In addition, almost every experienced capper has his secrets, which are not told to others.

How not"burn out" on bets?

It is not recommended to choose games in which the ending is almost always unpredictable as singles or express bets. For example, esports is not the best option to include in accumulator.

Now Rocket League is gaining popularity - a network novelty from Psyonix for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Despite the ability to watch online broadcasts, more than 89% of bets on the "Rocket League" increase the income of "Fonbet", not the players.

Those who want to know how to win in "Rocket League" on "Fonbet" should follow the participants of "football on wheels" (that's how fans jokingly called the game). Every year there are leaders who consistently show results throughout the season. It is recommended to bet on them with odds no more than 1, 4.

How to win toto in Fonbet: strategy, features

Tote, or toto, in Fonbet bookmaker attracts the attention of players not by chance. Toto is a super parlay bet. Despite the similar name, with express it has only the general inclusion of several ordinars in one coupon. The bookmaker offers millions to Super Express winners, but is it really possible to win in Fonbet toto?

Unlike parlays, super parlays include teams that are chosen not by the player, but by the bookmaker. Fonbet Super Express consists of 15 matches. To succeed, you must guess at least 9 outcomes out of 15.

how to win infonbete
how to win infonbete

Is it possible to win super express in "Fonbet"? Of course, and this is proved by the results of the winners, which are published daily on the main page of the club. Players are also pleased with the fact that it is not necessary to guess 100% of the outcomes - no more than 6 mistakes can be made to receive cash on a coupon.

The strategy (how to win in "Fonbet" on superexpress) includes simple tips without a systematic increase in rates and constant investments:

  1. Study the success of the football club in the season. It is more difficult to get a win in the super parlay, since little-known football teams from the lower divisions or amateur leagues are offered for analysis. An analysis of the game practice of each participant of the super parlay will allow you to assess the chances of winning.
  2. Choose real results. Betting everything on the win of the favorite in each of the options is also wrong, but here there is a high probability of guessing the outcome.
  3. Don't rush to choose. After analyzing 5-6 teams, some players put the result for the rest of the positions "at random". As a result, they do not get the required 9 successful predictions out of 15.

You can make a prediction in the Fonbet super express for the victory of one of the teams (P1 or P2) or a draw. Is it possible to win the Fonbet super express by betting only on a draw? In 99% of cases, this is impossible, although it promises a very big win.

Experienced players admit that winning the superexpress is like winning the lottery against Fonbet. It turns out extremely rarely, but the results justifywaiting for 100%.

Player reviews about BC "Fonbet"

Reviews about the chances of winning in Fonbet are contradictory. And this is easy to understand: luck does not smile at everyone, and more than 2/3 of the players do absolutely nothing to win bets, except for drawing up a game coupon. How to win at Fonbet remains a mystery to them. Therefore, they write negative reviews that the office deceives its players or delays payments.

More than 78% of Fonbet club members are satisfied with the work of the bookmaker. Acting officially in Russia, the bookmaker values its reputation. The reliability of the company is proven by payments without delay and adherence to the policy of fair play. Feedback from regular players confirms this.